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    Kitana is a warrior princess from the realm of Edenia. Although she appears youthful, she is actually well over 10,000 years old. She is a key character in the forces of good in the Mortal Kombat universe.

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    MK Kitana and Mileena, her evil clone and nemesis in the series, in MK Armageddon
    MK Kitana and Mileena, her evil clone and nemesis in the series, in MK Armageddon

    Princess Kitana first entered the Mortal Kombat world as the step daughter of Shao Khan. As Shao Khan's daughter, she was extremely faithful to him and even trained to be one of his top personal assassins. When Kitana found out the truth that Shao Khan was responsible for the death of her biological father, she swore to take back her homeworld of Edenia from Shao Khan and dethrone him once and for all. Kitana would continue to secretly plot against Shao Khan while working alongside him waiting for the perfect moment to exact her revenge. Though her plans to overthrow Shao Khan would not go unnoticed by her twin sister Mileena.

    In the events of Mortal Kombat II tournament, Princess Kitana began contacting warriors from the earth realm seeking their assistance to help her with her ruse to bring about Shao Khan's downfall. The thunder god Raiden and the rest of his allies would become people of interest to her cause, particularly Liu Kang, the current Champion of Mortal Kombat. Mileena, realizing that her twin sister has turned against Shao Khan, attacks Kitana in rage. Kitana was able to overcome Mileena and ultimately defeats her twin killing her in the process. Shao Khan learns of his step daughter's betrayal and captures Princess Kitana while all of earth's fighters manages escapes Outworld.

    Mortal Kombat III would come about when Shao Khan unleashes his all out invasion of the Earth realm. As Shao Khan focuses his attention on the invasion of Earth realm, Kitana is able to free herself and regroup with Liu Kang and earth's heroes. At this time, Shao Khan resurrects Queen Sindel on Earth's realm, allowing him to cross the border between Outworld and Earth. Kitana learns of Shao Khan's plan and resolves to free Queen Sindel, her mother, from his control. Shao Khan soon learns of Kitana's escape and sends two of his best assassins to recapture Kitana, her childhood friend Jade and the vile Reptile. Kitana is able to sway her friend to join her cause to restore Edenia and to overthrow Shao Khan, and the two of them team up and defeat Reptile. Shao Khan and his generals would ultimately be defeated by earth realm's heroes and Kitana is able to rescue Sindel from Shao Khan's hold. Together, Sindel and Kitana restore Edenia and frees it from Shao Khan's grasp. Kitana bids farewell to Liu Kang and leaves back to the realm of Edenia.

    Peace was not to last, and a new dark power surfaced in Mortal Kombat IV. Shinnok, an evil Elder God, and Quan Chi, a powerful dark sorcerer, would team up and bring about destruction to Outworld. Edenia was not spared and was once again captured. Princess Kitana is able to escape once again and reunites with Liu Kang and earth's warriors. Liu Kang and the alignment of good are able to overcome and defeat Shinnok, Quan Chi, and the Netherealm forces. Kitana would also run into a resurrected Mileena, and would once again defeat her. Kitana throws Mileena into prison in hopes that she will one day reform her dark ways. As another tournament comes to a close, Kitana asks Liu Kang to stay in Edenia with her by her side so that they may rule Edenia together as king and queen. Liu Kang declines telling her that his place and purpose was on earth realm as Earth's protector and champion.

    It is at this time when Kitana learns that Shao Khan is still alive and is actively trying to regain his throne to Outworld. Kitana is able bring peace to the feuding Shokan and Centaur warriors, and bring them all together into an alliance against Shao Khan. The alliance is able to withstand much of Outworld's forces, but Prince Goro would soon be killed by Noob Saibot and the Shokan army would falter because of their lost. As things seem grim, news of Shao Khan's sudden demise would bring things to a halt. Kitana is able to return back home to Edenia, hoping that she and her people can now live in peace. Unfortunately, bad news would soon follow as an old ally, Kung Lao, informs her of the the death of Liu Kang and the formation of the Deadly Alliance. A grief-stricken Kitana would once again join the front lines of battle against the Deadly Alliance between Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. Kitana and most of earth's warriors would eventually fall due to the Deadly Alliance...

    Kitana and the other fallen earth realm heroes would be resurrected by Onaga the dragon lord. Now a mindless puppet, Kitana would serve Onaga faithfully in Deception. As Onaga takes control of Edenia, Mileena is also freed from her prison cell by Baraka. Mileena would align herself with Onaga, and would soon pose as her twin sister, Princess Kitana. Onaga would turn his attention to Queen Sindel, knowing that Sindel would not attack her own daughter, he uses the mind controlled Kitana to subdue the queen. Jade manages to free Queen Sindel and the two would escape hoping that they could soon rescue Kitana as well. As luck would have it, the spirits of Liu Kang and Ermac would free the enslaved heroes...

    As Princess Kitana return back to Edenia, she encounters Blaze who convinces her to once again join the fight in Armageddon. This time, she is accompanied by Liu Kang's spirit. The bond that Liu Kang and Kitana share is strong enough to sustain him until he can reunite with his real body. Kitana would soon meet up with Nightwolf who offered to use his shaman abilities to take care of Liu Kang's spirit in her place to which she agrees. Once again, Liu Kang and Kitana say their goodbyes and go their separate ways.

    In Mortal Kombat (2011), Princess Kitana serves her father Shao Kahn loyally. With her childhood friend, Jade, together they enforce Shao Kahn's law in Edenia and help ensure Outworld's victory in the tournament.


    Mortal Kombat II

    Kitana defeats Shao Khan in the tournament and reclaims her rightful place as Princess of Edenia.

    Mortal Kombat 3

    Earth realm and Edenia realm are restored to normal and Kitana and Sindel rule Edenia together.

    Mortal Kombat 4

    Mileena challenges Kitana to a duel for the throne of Edenia, but Kitana isn't having any of it and drops Mileena down a trap door.

    Deadly Alliance

    Kitana holds a traditional Shokan funeral ceremony for Prince Goro, and as he is laid to rest in the molten lava, she secretly wishes that Liu Kang would've chosen to come rule with her in Edenia long ago.


    Returning home to Edenia, Kitana encounters Blaze who warns her of a deadly conflict between good and evil. While Kitana doubts when the fighting will cease, Blaze reminds her "If all goes as planned, your enemies will be destroyed."


    Kitana forms an all female fighting force to defeat the forces of darkness once and for all.

    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

    Seeking refuge from Outworld, Kitana decides to stay in earth realm. The thunder god Raiden grants Kitana and her people an island hidden from mortal eyes called Argus Island.

    Mortal Kombat

    Story Mode - After learning the truth about Shao Kahn and being rescued by Liu Kang, she joins him and earthrealm's fighters against Shao Kahn's forces. Kitana and many others were slain by Sindel during the Lin Kuei's assault on the cathedral.

    Arcade - After defeating Shao Kahn, Kitana decides to welcome Mileena instead of banish her. Together with Jade and Mileena, Kitana forms a powerful team to defeat any new threat that would rise against them.


    • MK II: Kitana first appears in MK lore.
    • UMK3: Kitana returns with basically the same moves and fatalities as before.
    • MK Gold: In this version of Mortal Kombat 4, Kitana maintains her fans but her new weapon is "dual blade."
    • MK Unchained : The MK Deception version for the PSP.
    • Deadly Alliance: Kitana's fan weapons take a larger role in her combat system. Her fighting styles are Eagle Claw and Ba Gua.
    • Shaolin Monks: As one of the bosses and vs mode characters.
    • Armageddon: Kitana returns in a perfected version of her D.A. self. Her fighting style is Eagle Claw and her weapons are the steel fans.
    • Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: Kitana appears with fellow classic MK characters to do battle with DC comic heroes and villains.
    • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Special Attacks / Enhanced

    • Fan Lift
    • Fan Toss
    • Square Wave


    Kitana uses her collapsed fans to impale her opponent's skull from behind, then spins around the victim to gouge their eyes with the blades as well.


    • Fan Slice - Kitana uses both fans to simultaneously remove her opponent's arms, then finishes the victim off with a swift decapitation.

    Alternate Attire

    • Classic Ninja


    Kitana's outfit hasn't changed that much over the years. It has received no major redesigns or radical alterations, but it has slowly evolved, and in some games she has even appeared unmasked.


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