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    Introduced in MK III, these new finishers would turn your character into an animal that would then kill and maim your opponent, thus ending the round.

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    Kitana turns into a rabbit and then viciously mauls the opponent. The rabbit then drags the opponent off-screen.


    Reptile surprisingly doesn't turn into a reptile at all. He turns into a monkey who chases his opponent away.


    Raiden, fittingly,  turns into a electric eel. He wraps himself around the opponent, electrocuting them until they explode.


    Kano transforms into a giant tarantula which then wraps his 8 legs around the opponent and squeezes until the opponent is a bloody mess.


    Sektor turns into a giant bat, cutting off his opponent's head using his wings.


    Kabal transforms into a rhino's skeleton which rams the opponent off-screen using its large horn.


    Sonya transforms into a giant hawk, she lifts her opponent off-screen. Screams can be heard and bloody chunks fall back to the floor immediately afterward.


    Mileena turns into a skunk and sprays the opponent with a green gas. The opponent then goes stiff and falls to the ground.


    Sindel turns into a large wasp which then chases and stings her opponent away.


    Strkyer transforms into a T-Rex which then bites the opponent in half. (This is very similar to Liu Kang's finisher in MK II in which he turned into a dragon and proceeded to bite off and eat the upper half of his opponent) This was reused as his "Animality" for this game.


    Sheeva turns into a large scorpion which then stings the opponent and causes them to explode into a shower of blood and body parts.

    Shang Tsung

    Shang Tsung transforms into a snake, eating his opponent whole.

    Liu Kang

    Liu Kang turns into a giant dragon and bites off the top half of his opponent.


    Jade transforms into a cat and proceeds to runs circles around the opponent. The opponent spins so much they explode.


    Jax turns into a lion and mauls and maims his opponent.


    Cyrax transforms into a shark, whose fin is the only thing you can see on screen. The fin then disappears and reappears behind the opponent, the shark then leaps out and eats the opponent.


    Nightwolf stays true to his namesake and turns into a wolf who then mauls and eats his opponent alive.


    Sub-Zero turns into a polar bear who mauls his opponent.

    Kung Lao

    Kung Lao transforms into a spotted leopard who mauls and eats his opponent alive.


    Smoke turns into a giant bull who rushes and rams the opponent off-screen.


    Scorpion ironically transforms into a deadly penguin. The penguin lays an egg under the opponent and walks away while the egg explodes, killing the opponent.

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