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    Creatures of unknown origin that were once humans but have now been modified. They are the main antagonists in the Resistance series.

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    The Chimera are a mysterious parasitic alien race that was first encountered by humanity during the year of 1927 by Soviet Russia, eventually conquering the country just three years later in 1930. They were originally assumed to be a new kind of bio-product creating by the Russians to potentially conquer the world. Despite their initial encounter, the Chimera are believed to have existed millions of years ago, as one of the original occupiers of Earth and many more planets. Though it is unclear how the Chimera manage themselves, or what sort of chain of command is employed, what is certain is that they are run by an over-arching Hive-Mind. It serves as the singular motivation of many units of the Chimeran species, though with evidence that certain Chimeran creatures can become feral implies that this motivation can be lost - if not the possibility that certain Chimeran creatures are born outside of the Hive-Mind's will. Feral Chimera are mostly mindless, however, relaying the possible fact that the Hive-Mind is all that keeps the race together.

    Their army is mostly built upon creatures being infected with the small insectoid Crawler Chimera, which when taken to conversion centres are then outfitted and sent out as the Hybrid grunts of the legion.

    Because of the Chimera's presence, World War II is completely avoided and humanity as a whole is forced into a war with the invaders. From there the Resistance video games series begins,

    Resistance: Fall of Man

    It's year 1949, and the Chimera have invaded the European continent, with the UK acting as the last bastion. Through the aid of the US Army, their combined efforts are able to thwart the invasion of England and signify a beacon of hope as they completely eradicate the Chimeran presence within the United Kingdom.

    Resistance 2

    Despite the victory in the UK, the Chimera would still manage to prove a formidable threat, and adapted with new strands of Chimeran creatures. Under the leadership of a large, physic Chimera called Daedalus, the Chimera were able to dominate a large portion of the American Continent, pushing through the United States in the year 1953. Africa, Canada and South America by this time were already taken by the Chimera, increasing their territorial stance across Earth. It was soon revealed that the Chimera were taking over select continents for an array of towers that were all apparently powering the Chimera's Mothership.

    Once Daedalus was killed by the only two remaining SRPA agents, Nathan Hale and Joseph Capelli, and the Mothership was destroyed by a fussion bomb they manufactored earlier, the Chimeran invasion appears like it may finally of been given the shove to better serve humanity. Unfortunately, the fussion bomb actually powered up the towers throughout the world, opening up a portal to what appears to be the Chimera's own homeworld. With the portal open, they were able to reinforce their numbers exponentially.

    Resistance 3

    By 1957, Earth belonged to the Chimera; humanity are now mere pests in the eyes of the Chimera and have been forced into hiding, now only content with trying to survive rather than to evacuate the Chimeran occupation.

    Humanoid Chimeran Strains


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    They are the grunts or the basic soldiers of chimera. They are the most common enemies faced in the game and often easy one-on-one but can be quite a handful in groups. They usually carry the chimeran bullseye weapon.

    Advanced Hybrid

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    These are a stronger, faster and more dangerous version of the standard chimera. They only appear late in the game and seen defending chimeran towers. They carry the chimeran bullseye mark II, which a stronger version of the same weapon which shots are blue coloured ammo.


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    They are a much stronger and durable version of chimera than the standard hybrid and carry the auger which makes them very tough since cover becomes useless. Their name comes from the armour that covers the top of their skull which can make it hard to kill them with headshots with a sniper rifle, since only the lower jaw can be hit for damage.


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    They are the most human-like chimera in terms of appearance and size. They are the working or labour class for the chimera often found in chimeran bases such as the chimeran conversion centers, where they are in charge of processing the infected humans into the chimeran conversion system. Possessing no weapons they are thusly not much of a threat, although the player should keep their distance all the same since they will lunge and try to bite the player.


    Hardfangs are more advanced and better equipped Hybrids, though they lack the self-preservation equipment of the standard Hybrids. This results in Hardfangs most often rushing to kill their opponents before they eventually begin to succumb to the hostile temperature of Earth.

    Long Legs

    Primarily Hybrids but with jet-propelled machinery attached to their legs. Longlegs use their unique abilities to taking huge leaps across the terrain, making them difficult to shoot without a Bullseye tag.

    Sniper Hybrid

    Literally just standard Hybrid units equipped with Deadeye sniper rifles. They also have access to stealth-technology, allowing them to stay hidden from view.

    Wildfire Hybrid

    Standard Hybrid units that equipped with the Wildfire Rocket Launcher.

    Grey Jack

    Grey Jacks are Hybrids that are now far too old and decrepit to wield weapons or act as cohesively as their younger brethren. They are unarmed and because of their age are rather fragile; they make up for that shortcoming with their numbers, however, alongside the same relenting persistence to follow the wishes of the Hive-Mind.

    Massive Chimeran strains


    The Titans are massive, giant-sized Chimera that require a substantial amount of human tissue to eventually create. They act as the shock troopers of the Chimera, being able to withstand an intimidating amount of damage. Because of their great strength and size, they are commonly seen to be equipped with heavy-weapons such as rail-guns and Chimeran rocket launchers.


    The Angels were once high-ranking Chimeran creatures that acted as Generals for the army, controlling batches of Chimeran squads from large distances. After the victory for humanity in the UK, however, they were never encountered again.


    Carries were a sentient type of transport that collected all of the infected humans and took them to the conversion centres.


    Huge, hulking Chimera, the Ravagers are at the forefront of a Chimeran attack, always equipped with a large weapon to match with their size.


    Large gorilla-like Chimera, the Brawler can maneuver throughout the environment akin to its primate look-a-likes. It relies on brute force, though has very little armour making it very susceptible to most kinds of gun fire - particularly explosive because of its large size.

    Animal-like/Feral Chimeran strains


    Crawlers are small beetle like creatures that can infect humans. They are often released through spires that are large missile like structures that are launched into areas where humans are living. Often used to infect large human populations or a last resort attack against human armies when they are gaining the upper hand.


    The leapers are small four legged creatures with tails similar to scorpions. They evolve from crawlers that are not able to infect humans with the chimeran virus. They are easy to kill but they appear in large swarms, which can overwhelm you if not careful.


    A further evolved form of the crawlers, they are pretty much older leapers. They are a little stronger and now roll making them much quicker. Again they are easy to kill but in swarms they can be a bit tricky.


    This four legged beasts will run straight at the player without any sort of self-preservation instincts to halt their advance..


    Grims are feral Chimera, completely separated from the mindset of the Hive. As such, they are completely mindless; they have no weapons besides their own claws, though they make up for it through sheer number and aggressiveness.


    A huge Chimeran creature, almost resembling an insect, Widowmakers are the largest of the Feral Chimera and are a source of trouble for both humanity and the Hive-Mind Chimera.


    Another beast of a Chimera, ''Satan'', as it has been dubbed by the local village close-by, has evolved into a kind of large worm through its incubation within the coal mines.


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