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The second-most basic strain of the Chimeran Virus, (above only the primitive and weak Menials) Chimera n Hybrids are the result of Humans infected with the virus and transformed into savage killing machines. Although the Hybrids appear to be mindless, they are at least intelligent enough to use weaponry and operate vehicles and other machinery. Each Hybrid is the result of a single Human being being "upgraded" with the viral Chimeran DNA. The transformation process increases their strength and obedience, and, in Resistance: Fall of Man, gave them the ability to see through walls. On the downside, it also massively increases their aggression; by themselves, Hybrids aren't capable of tactics much more complicated than "run straight at the enemy while shooting at them". However, when lead by a more intelligent strain of the Chimera, such as the Angels or the new strain represented by Daedalus, they are capable of following orders and carrying out dangerously effective strategic manoeuvres. In combat, Hybrids are universally armed with the Bullseye, the standard assault rifle of the Chimeran forces. They also carry Hedgehog grenades, but do not use them very often.
One of the negative side effects of the transformation (from a purely tactical standpoint; getting transformed into an alien grunt is never a good thing no matter how you spin it) is that the changes speed up the host's metabolism to an unheard of degree. On the one hand, this is part of what lends them incredible physical strength and agility, as well as their trademark health regeneration - any wound that does not out and out kill a Hybrid, they can recover from. On the other hand, the host body was never meant to sustain that level of metabolic activity; left alone, the Hybrid would "burn itself out" and die within days of transformation. Unfortunately for the Human race, the Chimera have found a way around that problem; every new Hybrid is given a "Heatstack", a cybernetic implant that serves as a cooling unit, artificially regulating the body's temperature. Originally, in the era seen in Fall of Man, the Heatstacks were only able to delay the issue for a certain amount of time. This, combined with the fact that the transformation process somehow caused the body to grow continuously, meant that every Hybrid would eventually transform into a savage, decaying Gray Jack if they survived combat long enough. Gray Jacks were no longer intelligent enough to use weapons, and instead used their germ-infested razor-sharp claws to tear Humans to shreds. As of Resistance 2, however, the conversion process seems to have been improved, and Gray Jacks no longer appear. The expected lifespan of a Hybrid in this case is unknown. 
In Fall of Man and Resistance: Retribution, unlucky humans were infected with the virus by Crawlers, which would overwhelm their victims and travel into their bodies through the mouth. This caused them to pass out, whereupon they would be collected by Carriers and brought to the nearest Conversion Centre, where advanced Chimeran technology ran an 'assembly line' where infected Humans were transformed into Hybrids and other strains. By Resistance 2, however, this method had been replaced with a more organic process, where Spinners would inject Human victims with a more advanced version of the virus, and then encase them in a meaty 'cocoon'. The transformation occurred naturally inside the cocoon, albeit in an incomplete manner: the Chimera who emerged from the cocoons were wild and savage Grims, not yet equipped with Heatstacks and only able to attack their enemy with melee attacks, similarly to the Gray Jacks. It is unclear what exactly happens to transform Grims into Hybrids.  
Later on in all games, the player encounters Advanced Hybrids, who have surgically-implanted armour plating in their skin, are stronger and have a slightly higher intelligence, and carry the more powerful Bullseye Mk. II rifles. It is unknown whether Advanced Hybrids are former Hybrids who have been 'upgraded' somehow, or if they are an offshoot of the main Hybrid strain. 
Hybrids appear in all three Resistance titles to date, and are expected to make an appearance in the upcoming fourth title, Resistance 3. In Resistance 2, the team-based competetive multiplayer modes cast half the players on the Chimeran side, with each player as an individual Hybrid, with a customizable appearance, including body and appearance, extra equipment, and various Heatstacks. It is also possible to unlock a Hybrid costume for LittleBigPlanet, and two of the characters in the "Heroes of Playstation" DLC pack for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which features characters from PS3-exclusive games, are Resistance protagonist Nathan Hale and a Chimeran Hybrid.

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