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    Nathan Hale

    Character » appears in 7 games

    Nathan Hale is an American soldier who becomes infected with the Chimeran virus, but somehow is resistant, allowing him to gain some of the positive abilities of the Chimera while still retaining his humanity.

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    Name: Nathan Hale

    Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Birth Date: November 30, 1922

    Date of Induction into Military: April 13, 1945

    Rank: Lieutenant

    Known Family: Unknown birth parents, Frank and Mary Farley (Foster parents; deceased), Susan Farley (Foster sister)

    Project Abraham

    Nathan Hale joined Project Abraham on October 12, 1950. Here we learn many things about Nathan Hale. He is mentally stable, much more so than most of the other volunteers for Project Abraham. We also learn that he has certain resentments towards his father. He is a natural leader, organizing basketball matches and poker games to help the mental state of the other volunteers at the Project. Other interesting pieces of information are that Doctor Cassie Aklin, the "shrink" so to say of Project Abraham, has fallen for Nathan, even though she is already in a relationship with another one of the patients, Lieutenant Glenn Khaner.

    Resistance: Fall of Man

    In the first game in the series, Sgt. Nathan Hale is a member of the United States Army sent to Britain to help them against the Chimera in exchange for a secret weapon that would be vital to defeating the Chimera. Unfortunately, the British forces they were going to meet were ambushed and the US forces were decimated as they landed. It is here that he became infected with the virus, but somehow survives and gains the abilities of the Chimera.

    Later on he helps others in the fight against the Chimera who launch a spire attack infecting all the soldiers and Nathan Hale who passes out. Hale wakes up to find himself in a conversion center, a place where humans were turned into the Chimera. It is here he meets Captain Rachel Parker and they escape from the center together.

    Afterward, Hale leads continuous exploits against the Chimera across Britain, eventually discovering monolithic towers and their importance to the Chimera and their survival. Hale would then highhandedly infiltrate and destroy the main tower in London, effectively killing all Chimera on British soil and releasing their hold. After a fruitless search of the tower's wreckage, he's pronounced killed in action.

    We later find out that Hale is in fact alive, walking through the snowy fields when a squad of soldiers in strange, full body covering uniforms arrive via VTOL and hold Hale at gunpoint, ordering him to climb aboard their vehicle. Hale holds his last grenade, and contemplates detonating it and taking out the soldiers and himself, but ultimately drops it and climbs on board.

    Resistance 2

    The second game picks up immediately after that; upon stepping onto the VTOL, Hale is forcibly sedated, and passes out. When he comes to, he is greeted by SRPA Major Richard Blake, He informs Hale that there are others immune to the Chimeran virus who have been organized into a special military unit, the Sentinels.

    The VTOL takes them to Igloo base in Iceland, where a major Chimeran assault is taking place. Hale and Blake fight their way to Daedalus, the supposed leader of the Chimera. He and Hale share a strange connection, before Daedalus escapes.

    Two years later Hale has become a Lieutenant in control of his own Sentinel squad.

    By the end of the events of the game, unfortunately, Nathan has been totally taken over by the power of Daedalus and his own refusal to leave the fighting to others and go for the medicine needed to fight the Chimeran virus. As a result, his companion, Joseph Capelli, is forced to shoot Hale, ending his story forever.

    Resistance 3

    Hale's Multiplayer Skin in Resistance 3.
    Hale's Multiplayer Skin in Resistance 3.

    Being dead, Hale obviously plays no direct role in the storyline of Resistance 3, and the game follows his mercy-killer, Joseph Capelli, instead. Interestingly, by now Capelli is married to Susan Farley, Nathan's foster sister, with whom he has a son. In addition, the antigens in Hale's blood that allowed him to resist the virus for so long were used by Malikov to create a "cure" to the Chimeran Virus, dubbed the Hale Vaccine, thus saving much of what's left of Humanity from infection and raising Nathan Hale to the status of a legendary hero.

    One of the pre-order bonuses for Resistance 3 is a special multiplayer skin for the Chimeran team that depicts a theoretical Nathan Hale had he been allowed to further progress along the Chimeran mutation.


    • Regeneration of Health
    • Heightened reflexes
    • Ability to heal himself using sym-bacs


    In addition to his roles in the Resistance series, the "Heroes of Playstation" DLC pack for the unrelated game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which features characters from other Sony-exclusive franchises, Nathan Hale in his human form, wearing his Resistance 2 SRPA uniform, appears as a playable character for the "Heroes" team in team-based multiplayer modes, with his counterpart being a Chimeran Hybrid, who appears on the "Villains" team.


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