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    Access Software, Inc.

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    Access Software was know for their legacy of golf sims as well as the Tex Murphy adventure games, Amped snowboarding and Top Spin tennis. Most recently known as Indie Built before their closure.

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    Access Software was a Salt Lake City, UT based game developer started in 1982 by Bruce Carver.

    Access Software began creating golf simulation games for the PC with the Leader Board golfing games. These games kicked off the legacy of Access Software golf sims which also included the Microsoft Golf sim series and most notably the award winning Links series of golf games.

    Although they published many games throughout their 24-year lifespan they were mainly known for their Links series of games and three other popular franchises: the Tex Murphy series of adventure games, the Amped series of snowboarding games, and the Top Spin series of tennis sims.

    Access Software was purchased by Microsoft in 1999, likely to retain the popular Links series of games as a Windows and Xbox exclusive series. Access Software became known as Salt Lake Studio at this point and was later renamed Indie Games. Indie Games was sold to Take-Two interactive in October 2004, then renamed Indie Built Games, finished development on Amped 3 and Top Spin 2 and was then dissolved completely in early 2006.

    Previous Access Software employees including Access Software Co-owner Chris Jones now create the TruGolf line of golf sims.


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