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    WCW vs. the World

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 28, 1997

    WCW vs. the World is less about official licenses, and more about the large numbers of wrestlers, moves, and options. Only 14 actual WCW (World Championship Wrestling) wrestlers are in the game, with the emphasis drawing from six wrestling federations from around the world.

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    WCW vs. The World is a wrestling game published by THQ and developed by the AKI Corporation; it is the first game they had developed that was released outside of Japan. As the title implies it features some key WCW superstars and pits them against wrestlers from five different wrestling federations. The game features 14 WCW superstars and 39 other superstars from around the world. All of these 39 superstars are under alias names because THQ was not able to obtain the rights to use their names.

    Wrestling Leagues

    The game features wrestlers from 6 different wrestling federations including WCW:

    WCW (World Championship Wrestling)

    Empire Wrestling Federation (All Japan Pro Wrestling)

    • Bear Breath (Gary Albright)
    • The Count (Stan Hansen)
    • Fujigami (Tatsumi Fujinami)
    • Kapuna (Toshiaki Kawada)
    • Mongrel (Jumbo Tsuruta)
    • Sam Song (Kenta Kobashi)
    • Samoa (Giant Baba)
    • Siberia (Steve Williams)
    • Wu Fang (Mitsuharu Misawa)

    Samurai Wrestling Federation (Pancrase / Universal Wrestling Federation)

    • 200 Wins (Yoji Anjoh)
    • Akira (Akira Maeda)
    • Billy Gaijin (Scott Norton)
    • Kaiji (Yoshiaki Fujiwara)
    • Konaka (Shiro Koshinaka)
    • Moma (Nobuhiko Takada)
    • Sherlock (Ken Shamrock)
    • Thunder Dome (Bas Rutten)
    • Uraki (Masakastsu Funaki)
    • Yamagiwa (Kazumo Yamazaki)

    Dead or Alive (Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling / WAR)

    • Blackheart (Tarzan Goto)
    • David Harley (Sabu)
    • Habanero (Hayabusa)
    • Kim Chee (Koji Kiato)
    • Puchteca (Atsushi Onita)
    • Saladin (Genichiro Tenryu)

    Independent Union (Michinoku Pro Wrestling)

    • Black Belt (TAKA Michinoku)
    • Black Ninja (The Great Sasuke)
    • Mukluk (Kensuke Sasaki)
    • Shaolin (Jinsei Shinzaki)
    • El Bolador (Hiroyoshi Tenzan)

    Neo Strong Wrestling (New Japan Pro Wrestling)

    • Abispa (Jushin "Thunder" Liger)
    • Bad Blood (The Great Muta)
    • Bolt Jamison (Kensuke Sasaki)
    • Dakota (Hiroshi Hase)
    • Dojo (Shinya Hashimoto)
    • Mad Oahu (Riki Chōshū)
    • Mongol (Keiji Mutoh)
    • Overdose (Road Warrior Hawk)
    • The Turk (Dynamite Kid)

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