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    The Legend of Dragoon

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Dec 02, 1999

    A young man sets out on a quest to save his childhood friend who has been kidnapped and locked in a prison. What he doesn't know is that the journey that lies ahead of him and the significance of his Father's red stone that was left behind.

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    General Information

    The Legend of Dragoon is a traditional Japanese RPG developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. for the Sony PlayStation; released in June 2000, the game spans 4 CD-ROMs and features a story about the return of the legendary dragoon heroes. The game also features a unique battle engine called "Addition" (see the Battle System section) which allows for timed button presses to create elaborate chains of attack moves. The game does suffer from a few problems in the area of translation and dialogue and this is often mentioned by critics of the game.


    Dart Field

    Dart Feld
    Dart Feld
    • Age: 23
    • Race: Human
    • Hometown: Neet
    • Weapon: Sword
    • Dragoon: Red-Eyed Dragoon

    When Dart was 5 years old his village was attacked by a fiend known as The Black Monster. During this attack Dart lost both of his parents along with the destruction of Neet. All that he has left of them is his father's warm, glowing red stone. Now, 18 years later, Dart lives in Seles along with his childhood friend, Shana. One day while Dart is out in the forest he is suddenly attacked by a giant dragon. He is saved by a mysterious lady by the name of Rose. He then learns Seles is attacked as he rushes there he sees the village is in ruins and Shana has been taken to Hellena Prison! Dart then sets out on a journey to Hellena to rescue is friend. Dart controls the Red-Eyed Dragoon, a fire based Dragoon. The Red-Eyed Dragoons are chosen leaders of Dragoons.


    • Age: 10,000+
    • Race: Human
    • Hometown: Unknown
    • Weapon: Rapier
    • Dragoon: Dark Dragoon

    Not too much is known about the mysterious Rose. She has a kind heart as well as a cold heart at times. She saved Dart from death from the dragon, Feyrbrand. Rose is very beautiful and clever. She has a vast knowledge of the Dragon Campaign and Dragoon Spirits. Dart runs into Rose again when she saves him and Lavitz from the giganto, Kongol. There Rose teaches Dart how to unlock the power of the Dragoon and how to use it. Rose joins the team even though she acts like she could care less about them. Rose holds the power of the Dark Dragoon, whose magic can drain foes of their health and even lock them in a death dimension.

    Lavitz Slambert

    Lavitz Slambert
    Lavitz Slambert
    • Age: 34
    • Race: Human
    • Hometown: Bale
    • Weapon: Spear
    • Dragoon: Jade Dragoon

    The head of the First Knighthood of Basil. Lavitz is a strong warrior with a kind heart. He loves his mother and country and will do all he can to protect it. Lavitz is King Albert's most trusted soldier and best friend. Lavitz joins Dart in Hellena Prison. Lavitz is breaking out and Dart is looking for Shana. After the two team up they storm the prison, save Shana and defeat the evil warden, Fruegal. Lavitz acts like an older brother to Dart and Shana. He can't help but tease Dart about his childhood sweetheart, Shana. The Jade Dragoon is passed to Lavitz after Greham, the man who killed Lavitz's father, is defeated. The Jade Dragoon controls the power of wind and has magic that shields the team from attacks.


    • Age: 18
    • Race: Human
    • Hometown: Seles
    • Weapon: Bow and Arrows
    • Dragoon: White-Silver Dragoon

    The childhood friend and sweetheart to Dart. Shana has always been a kind-hearted, caring individual. She is taken from Seles during the attack on it by Imperial Sandora and sent to Hellena Prison. After she is rescued by Dart and Lavitz she picks up a bow and arrows and decides to join them, even if it's against Dart's wishes. Shana holds the power of the White-Silver Dragoon, a healing Dragoon. She is chosen by the Dragoon Spirit when she was deadly poisoned and Dart and his friends sought out the stone to heal Shana. Instead it healed and chose her to control it's Dragoon Spirit.


    • Age: 60
    • Race: Human
    • Hometown: Rogue
    • Weapon: Fist and Claws
    • Dragoon: Violet Dragoon

    Haschel is a long time friend of Dart's. Haschel has been on a quest of his own, searching for his run away daughter, Claire. Haschel runs into Dart and his friends in Lohan while competing in the Hero Competition. A master of martial arts, Haschel is a great asset to the team with his weapons mostly being knuckle attachments due to his specialization in hand-to-hand combat. Along he can come off as serious, he is care-free the majority of the time. He is often cracking jokes and picking on other team members to lighten the mood. Hashcel is the master of the Violet Dragoon, which he gains after Emperor Doel is defeated at the hands of Dart. The Violet Dragoon is a master of thunder and lightning attacks.


    • Age: 26
    • Race: Human
    • Hometown: Bale
    • Weapon: Spear
    • Dragoon: Jade Dragoon

    The kind king of the kingdom of Basil. While Albert was still just a boy his father, King Carlo, was murder by his own brother, Doel. Now Doel is the Emporer of Serdio and the leader of the Imperial Sandora army. Although Doel is the Emperor, Albert is the rightful king of Serdio. Albert is kidnapped and held prisoner in Hellena Prison because he is in possession of a key item that the mysterious hooded man is in seek of. Albert is rescued by Lavitz along with Dart and the gang, though during the rescue Lavitz falls in battle and the Jade Dragoon passes to Albert. Just as with Lavitz, Albert controls the power of the Jade Dragoon and it's power over wind.


    • Age: 16
    • Race: Wingly
    • Hometown: Wingly Forest
    • Weapon: Large Hammer
    • Dragoon: Blue Sea Dragoon

    Meru is a bright and cheery young girl from the city of Donau. She claims she's the most popular dancer in the city. Meru gets easily bored and can become loud and annoying. She loves to poke fun of people and play pranks on Albert and Dart. Meru joins the party to guide them through The Valley of Corrupted Gravity and from there she stays wtih them in their quest. Meru holds the power of the Blue Sea Dragoon after Lenus is defeated and loses the power to control the Dragoon Spirit. The Blue Sea Dragoon controls the element of water and ice.


    • Age: 37
    • Race: Giganto
    • Hometown: Land of Gigantos
    • Weapon: Axe
    • Dragoon: Gold Dragoon

    Kongol is first seen attacking Dart and Lavitz in Hoax. Also again right before the gang confronts Emperor Doel. While Kongol was a child his home land, The Land of Gigantos, was attacked and destroyed by Bandits. Doel saved Kongol and in return Kongol became a strong warrior for him. After Doel is defeated Kongol changes his path to good and saves Dart and his friends from a giant falling pillar. He then joins them in their journey. Kongol is an amazingly strong, but some-what slow warrior. He wields a giant battle axe and swings it with quick speed. Kongol is chosen by the Gold Dragoon spirit in Lohan. Though, you have to buy the Spirit from a greedy vendor first. The Gold Dragoon is the Dragoon over the element of earth. It holds the power to bring meteors down onto your enemies.


    • Age: 25
    • Race: Human
    • Hometown: Deningrad
    • Weapon: Bow and Arrows
    • Dragoon: White-Silver Dragoon

    Miranda joins the gang after Shana becomes too ill to control the White-Silver Dragoon anymore and it's passed to Miranda. The First Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau and a loyal servant to Queen Theresea. Miranda is a strong willed girl who was abandoned by her mother when she was young and then her father dying soon after. She then ran to Deningrad to preach about love. She was adopted by Queen Theresa and then made the First Sister. As like Shana, Miranda acts as the healer with the White-Silver Dragoon. In combat, there is no difference between the two.


    Map of Endiness
    Map of Endiness

    The Legend of Dragoon begins with the small town of Seles being raided by the Sandora, who are searching for a teenage girl named Shana. The main hero,

    a young man named Dart, returns to the area to find out that Seles, which is his home town, has been burned to the ground by the Sandora. In addition, he learns that Shana has been sent to the horrible Hellena Prison. After Dart rescues Shana and meets a Basil knight named Lavitz Slambert, the larger story begins. In the nearby town of Hoax, Dart discovers that he has the Red Dragon Crystal and is capable of becoming the Red Dragoon.

    As the story continues, more of Dart's companions are chosen by the dragoon spirits, allowing them to turn the tide in the Serdian War. During a battle, one of the party's dearest friends is killed by a mysterious man named Lloyd. For various reasons, including revenge, the party sets out to chase Lloyd, which leads them to realize that they have been drawn in to a much bigger situation than they originally imagined. As the legendary dragoons, they must protect the world from an even greater threat than civil war!

    The Legend of Dragoon is told in chapters. Each chapter takes place on one disc - spanning a total of 4 discs. Below is a list of the chapters and the locations and events that are ventured throughout them.

    Chapter 1: Serdian War

    Legend of Dragoon discs
    Legend of Dragoon discs
    • Seles
    • Forest
    • Hellena Prison
    • Prairie
    • Limestone Cave
    • Indel Castle
    • Bale
    • Hoax
    • Marshland
    • Volcano Villude
    • Nest of Dragon
    • Lohan
    • Shrine of Shirley
    • Hero Competition
    • Hellena Prison Revisited
    • Kazas
    • Black Castle

    Chapter 2: Platinum Shadow

    • Twin Castles in Fletz
    • Barrens
    • Donau
    • The Valley of Corrupted Gravity
    • Land of Gigantos
    • The Legendary Wingly
    • The Phantom Ghost Ship
    • Lost Memory
    • Village of Lidiera
    • Undersea Cavern
    • Fueno
    • Prison Island
    • Happy Banquet

    Chapter 3: Fate & Soul

    • Furni
    • Evergreen Forest
    • Deningrad
    • Neet
    • Wingly Forest
    • Divine Dragon awakens
    • Kadessa
    • Mountain of the Mortal Dragon
    • The 3rd Divine Moon Object: Moon Mirror
    • Kashua Glacier & Tower of Flanvel
    • Snowfield
    • Vellweb

    Chapter 4: Moon & Fate

    Battle System


    The addition system.
    The addition system.

    One of The Legend of Dragoon's major features is its Addition combat system. This system allows skilled players to continue to add damage during pre-set character specific attack moves (Addition Attacks) by timing presses of the X button. These button presses are timed with a blue timing square that spirals from the edges of the screen towards a stationary blue box that is centered on an enemy. Each character type (except for the archer) has multiple additions that the player can choose from, each requiring more button presses than the last. These additions have several benefits, including more damage, less damage, and SP gain.

    There is also the possibility of counter attacks during these additions which are signaled by a different sound the color of the timing square turning red. At this point, O must be pressed instead. If not then the addition is cancelled along with the character who attacked taking damage.

    Each attack played out with different timing. These patterns could be memorized after a small amount of practice. In dragoon form the characters' addition attacks worked quite differently. These attacks were governed by a circular indicator with a small point at the top. One button press caused a glowing light to begin moving clockwise around the circle. The player's goal was to press the X button as the light hit the small point at the top of the circle. Three fully successful presses would launch a fully powered dragoon addition. Pressing the button at the wrong time would launch the attack prematurely, and therefore do much less damage.

    Battle Commands

    Attack: During the teammate's turn they attack a single enemy with their weapon. All characters besides Shana and Miranda will start their additions. Shana or

    A look at the battle system.
    A look at the battle system.

    Miranda will only shoot one arrow at the chosen enemy.

    Guard: When this option is chosen the teammate who uses it will gain 1/10 of their maximum HP. As well as taking half the normal damage taken from enemy attacks the next time they're attacked. While you're guarded you're also protected from status abnormalities, besides instant death.

    Items: Gives the player the option to use healing items or magic attacking items with their turn.

    Escape: Gives you the chance to flee from battle. Please note that this doesn't guarantee a successful escape. This command is inactive during boss battles.

    Dragoon: When a teammate builds up 100 SP they have the ability to transform into a Dragoon. Use this command to transform the character into their Dragoon state which has its own set of battle commands. Each player can build up their SP meter to their number of their Dragoon Level. If Dart is a level 3 Dragoon he can store up to a level 3 Dragoon, which gives him 3 turns as a Dragoon until he has to change back to his normal state.

    Special: When all characters in the battle have at least one Dragoon level built up you can transform all of them to Dragoon in one turn. The battle background will change to a special background depending on the character used when this command is done.

    When a character has transformed into a Dragoon their battle commands are different than when they're in their normal state. They lose all commands besides a melee attack command and a magic attack command.

    Dragoon Attack: The Dragoon character will charge up their addition which is done completely different than normal additions. If not fully completed the addition will be stopped prematurely and deal less damage.

    Dragoon Magic: The Dragoon character chooses between their unlocked Dragoon magics to use. Every time a magic is done it takes an amount of the MP meter. Every magic takes different amounts. The only way to replenish MP in battle is to use MP items, which only non-Dragoons can use on other characters.

    Battle Cursor

    Status Abnormalities

    PoisonLoss of HP every turnBody Purifier
    StunDisables attackBody Purifier or getting attacked
    Arm BlockingDisables physical attackBody Purifier
    DispiritedDisables Dragoon transformationMind Purifier
    ConfusedRandom actions usedMind Purifier
    BewitchmentAttack allies and heal enemiesMind Purifier
    FearDefense drops 50%Mind Purifier
    Instant DeathTargeted character diesAngel's Prayer or certain Dragoon Magic

    In-Depth Plot Summary (Spoilers follow)

    Tens of thousands of years ago, a magical land was developed by the divine creator Soa. Soa planted a Divine Tree that bore 108 different fruits. Races came from these fruits. The mighty dragons were the 105th race, the humans were the 106th, the magical Winglies were the 107th, and the 108th were a mysterious race which was called Virage, which was supposed to be the god of destruction. But why would any creator want to destroy their greatest masterpiece?

    What he doesn't know is that squirrel will be what kills us all.
    What he doesn't know is that squirrel will be what kills us all.

    The story begins as a mysterious dark-haired woman overlooks green fields. It becomes evident that she is secretly following a giant green dragon who is later revealed to be Feyrbrand. Below the woman in the fields sits the hero, Dart, who is thinking about the current war. Before he can think too deeply, he hears a roar and a bevy of footsteps rushing towards him. Two guards approach Dart and begin to question him, but are interrupted by Feyrbrand. Knowing that the dragon is far more powerful than himself, Dart flees with the jade dragon quickly pursuing. When it looks like all hope is lost, the dark-haired woman saves him. She reveals herself to be Rose. She updates Dart on the current status of his hometown, Seles, and that it has been attacked. Still confused, Dart rushes back to Seles.

    He arrives to find the village decimated. After fighting off the commander of the attack, he talks with the survivors. They reveal to Dart that his childhood friend, Shana was captured by Emperor Doel and is being held in Hellena Prison. After running through what seems to be a maze of a forest, Dart arrives at Hellena Prison. He is able to enter by sneaking in behind a traveling merchant and his cart. After sneaking his way past the guards in the prison, he makes it to the main prison cells. As he arrives, he meets up with the Head of the FIrst Knighthood of the Kingdom of Serdio, Lavitz. It is revealed that the warden of the entire prison is a cruel man named Fruegal. Lavitz and Dart fight their way past his soldiers and find the key to Shana's cell. After some brief reminiscing, they are ambushed but quickly dispose of more guards. Dart, Shana, and Lavitz make their way back towards the main entrance but not without facing off against the big man himself, Fruegal. After Fruegal is disposed of, the three friends escape into the forest.

    As they are escaping, Lavitz is injured and they find cover after the guards are disposed of. It is now that Dart reveals that he has been chasing after something called the Black Monster. He seeks revenge against the monster for murdering his parents. In order to arrive at the nearest town, the group has to go through Limestone Cave where they eventually encounter Urobolus, a giant snake. Just as Urobolus goes down, he makes one final attempt to attack Shana. All of a sudden, a blue beam appears from Shana and annihilates the snake, then passes out.

    Once they arrive in the town on the other side of the cave, Bale, Dart, Shana, and Lavitz go look for the King of the land, King Albert. After spending the night at

    Bad Kongol, BAD!
    Bad Kongol, BAD!

    Lavitz's mother's house, the trio head out for the town of Hoax. When they arrive, they meet up with the commander of the town's army, Kaiser. It is decided upon that Lavitz and Dart aid the town's defense against what seems to be a dragon attack. In the middle of the night the town is attacked by the Sandorans. After a difficult battle against an elite Sandora, Dart and Lavitz have to face off against his commander, the last of the race of the Gigantos. The Giganto is revealed to be a fiercely loyal servant to the evil emperor Doel named Kongol. As Dart jumps towards Kongol to finish him, Kongol knocks him down. Fortunately for Dart, Rose shows up and saves him again by awakening a dormant power inside of Dart, the Red Dragon Spirit. After Dart and Lavitz are mended back to full health, Rose will join the party. She explains very little, especially about herself. Before leaving Hoax she trains Dart in the art of Dragoon.

    Shortly after the group left Hoax, they arrived in the Marshlands. The group navigates the wet marshes and across tree branches to make their way to Volcano Villude. They make their way through the extremely treacherous volcano to meet up with a member of the 108th species, a Virage. After the Virage is defeated, Dart and the others are able to save someone other than themselves, a merchant hanging by his fingertips over a river of lava, Dabas. Dabas gives Dart a gift and invites him to his shop in Lohan. As the squad approaches the way out of the volcano they are attacked by a giant firebird, Piton. After a tedious victory (and receiving the Red Eye Stone), the team find their way into a forest called the Dragon's Nest.

    As soon as they enter the forest, it is easy to tell that it has been poisoned. Shana is almost overwhelmed by it when it comes to be known that the poison is none other than the dragon's from the beginning, Feyrbrand. Eventually they encounter not only Feyrbrand, but also Greham. Greham was Lavitz's father's best friend until he betrayed him and caused his death. Surprisingly Greham seems to be more powerful than the dragon. As Greham is close to death, the spirit of the green dragon leaves him and finds a new master in Lavitz.

    Now is when the three dragoons (and Shana) find themselves in their first large town, the aforementioned Lohan. The team goes to the doctor to see why Shana is so sick. From what the doctor can tell, she is fine and that it might be a mental state and says the only thing that can save her is the almost completely extinct Dragini Plant. After paying their friend Dabas a visit and stocking up on supplies, the team makes their way past a branch blocking the path and make their way to the Shirley Shrine. When they first enter the area, Dart, Lavitz, and Rose's dragoon spirits resonate. After solving many puzzles, the group encounter Drake, a guardian of the shrine. When that difficult and tedious battle is over, Shirley appears. All she wants to do is talk and talk they do. Once she hears what she wants to out of everyone, she gives Dart the Silver Dragoon Spirit. Since the Dragini Plant cannot be found, the Dragoon Spirit is the only thing that can save Shana. Before they depart, all that Shirley asks of them is that they heal Drake since he had always been a faithful servant.

    Once they return to Lohan, they give the Shana the Dragoon Spirit and she makes a full recovery. Not only is she ok but she is also a dragoon. As a side-note, the doctor tells you of a hero contest that will be taking place shortly. Dart and the others make their way to the auditorium and he registers. While he is there he meets up with his old friend Haschel who is a ninja master. They met while Dart was pursuing the Black Monster and he now joins the party. After making it through the first four rounds, Dart gets annihilated by a man in black named Lloyd. Once the tournament is over, Dart gets some alone time with Shana and they go play games at a carnival-type event. When everyone is leaving Lohan, a wounded soldier hobbles in and as he dies, informs Lavitz that King Albert had been captured by the enemy and would be killed in the morning.

    Hellena Prison
    Hellena Prison

    The squad gets to take a trip down memory lane because the King is being held where Shana was at the start, Hellena Prison. While there, they have to fight Jiango who is the guardian of the prison. Once they make it past him, they run into none other than Fruegal. This time, though, he brought back-up in the forms of Goftas and Rodriguez, a dog and bird respectively. Once Lavitz deals the final blow, he sees a cloaked attacker threatening King Albert. Lavitz rushes toward the man turning into a dragoon in mid-air, when at the last second he is stabbed through the heart by a sword that is called the Dragon Buster, specifically designed to kill dragons and dragoons. Although when the man stabs Lavitz his hood falls off to reveal that he is none other than Lloyd from the hero contest in Lohan. With his dying breath, Lavitz entrusts everything he has worked for to Dart and his dragoon spirit founds a new master in Albert. Albert then proceeds to explain the state of his kingdom and the war.

    After hearing the information, the group heads out to the Kazas where Albert's evil uncle, Emperor Doel resides. Once the team makes it through several secret passages they emerge in the throne room only to find the completely new armored Giganto, Kongol. After a strenuous battle, Dart and the others head upstairs and find the Emperor. Even though Doel is royalty doesn't mean that he's fragile. Not only is he a skilled swordsman but is also the master of the thunder dragoon spirit. Once he is defeated, he tells you where Lloyd is headed and his dragoon spirit is inherited by Haschel.

    The team works off of their tip from Doel and heads to the nearby town of Fletz. Dart only briefly catches a glimpse of the Princess of the town Emille. Apparently she used to be sweet and caring but has turned bitter and mean. After being recommended to go to several people to find out information about the princess, they decide to rest for the night then head out to the Barrens in the morning. More on Princess Emille later.

    So after getting a good night's rest, Dart and Co. head out to the Barren's on their way to the town of Donau. Before they can arrive there, they encounter Mappi, a member of the Gehrich gang. Mappi is an extremely fast martial artist which helps in his profession of being a thief. After he is defeated, Dart goes in for the final blow only to hold back once Mappi asks for mercy. Once Dart lets his guard down, Mappi knocked away his dragoon spirit. Mappi escapes with it. When

    The Flower City, Donau
    The Flower City, Donau

    the confrontation is over the team arrives in Donau. Apparently the mayor's son is about to be married but has not returned from when he tried to confront the bandits. The worried fiance gives Dart a letter to give to the mayor and he agrees to help in any way possible. Once they are supported by the mayor, they are told that the bandits' hideout is in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. There is one problem though. They need permission from the King of Fletz to enter. As the team leaves the mayor's building, they see a platinum-haired girl being harassed by bandits. After a few moments she knocks them all out and introduces herself to be Meru who is a dancer in the town who carries around a giant hammer. After seeing the ragtag crew, she becomes excited to tag along and joins the party. Once they return to Fletz and find a way to get into the castle, they find the King of Fletz who allows them permission to enter. Albert is pulled aside by Princess Lisa (Emille's sister) and is told that Emille's change in personality happened six months ago after a horse riding accident.

    The squad eventually make their way out to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity, they are greeted by none other than a Virage. Once they have searched the area they find themselves going to the Home of Gigantos. When Dart and the others arrive, they encounter a gangster with Haschel's same martial arts techniques. Once he is defeated he tells Haschel that Gehrich's chamber is behind a large circular rock. Haschel musters up all of his strength to break the rock. While everyone is looking around and Meru is tending to him, he knocks Meru over the head when she isn't looking and runs off. Once Dart and Co. head north they see Haschel arguing with Mappi and Gehrich. It turns out that Haschel was Gehrich's master. After defeating the thieves, Haschel deals one final blow on Gehrich that knocks him into a giant structure. Just before the structure crushes everyone, Kongol shows up and saves the group. Like a plaything, Kongol throws the giant weight aside. After seeing the friendships between the party members he decides to make peace with Dart and joins the party. A regretful Gehrich dies in Haschel's arms. Before he takes his final breath, he does tell Haschel that Princess Emille is actually a criminal named Lenus. Before they leave Dart recovers his stolen dragoon spirit. The mayor's son who they find there invites the group to the wedding.

    After the ceremonies are complete, the team returns to Fletz as a Coming of Age Ceremony is happening and Emille will inherit the important Moon Dagger. Dart and the others sneak into the castle and find Princess Lisa who says that her sister must be somewhere in the castle. Once they find her, they quickly return to the King's Chamber. Dart reveals who Emille actually is and Lenus tells everyone that she is actually a Wingly. Lenus' strong magic almost takes out the party, but as she is about to be finished, she escapes by flying out the window (as the name implies, Winglies have wings and can fly in case there was confusion) with the moon dagger. Their only hope of cutting her off was hurrying to Illisa Bay. In order to get there, they board a ship called the Queen Fury back in Donau. After the party talks to each other for awhile, their ship is broadsided by a ghostly ship aptly named the Phantom Ship.

    The Ghost Ship Commeth
    The Ghost Ship Commeth

    The party boards the ghastly vessel and searches for the captain. Along the way they find many items and treasure on the ship. Once Dart finds the key to the captain's quarters they are face to face with the Ghost Captain of the ship and his four knights. After a tedious battle against the ghosts, the ship begins to sink and the party hops back on the Queen Fury. Everyone that is except for Dart and Rose. They fall and black out. Once the view is back, Rose has an unconscious Dart on her lap. She will recall someone named Zieg and notice that Dart reminds her quite a bit of him. Then she will have a full on flashback about the Dragon Campaign, when the Winglies and Virages were fighting the Dragoons and dragons 11, 000 years ago. Apparently she was alive back then and fought in the battle. One of the Dragoons that died was someone quite close to her named Zieg.

    Once Dart wakes up he and Rose head to the nearest town of Fueno. They see that the Queen Fury has docked and rush into the town to find everyone at the hotel. When the reunion is over, the captain of the Queen Fury tells the party where he has heard that Lenus went next. The crew heads to the Island of the Jailed Dragon and on that, the Undersea Cavern. Once they make it deep into the cavern, they encounter not only Lenus but also Lloyd. Apparently Lenus and Lloyd are lovers and she gives him the Moon Dagger. Lloyd then goes on to tell Dart that he is the Black Monster. After that Lloyd leaves Dart and the others to fight Lenus. Lenus is apparently the master of Blue Sea Dragon spirit. After the dragon and the beauty are defeated, Meru inherits her dragoon spirit.

    The crew then returns to Fletz to see the real Princess Emille take her place on the throne. After a thank you from the King the party disperses. Shana and Dart walk out to the terrace and Shana confesses her true love for Dart much to his surprise. Not much else is accomplished as they are hurried into the party. Later that night, Shana and Dart share their first kiss.

    The next day the team moves on to the city of Furni, only to see a group of mercenaries getting ready to head on into a forest to look for a boy named Teo and to kill his pet wolf, Kamuy, who has become violent. Dart and Co. volunteer to help. Before they do, though, they go to see the mayor and try to find out more information. They are invited to stay for dinner by the mayor and his daughter named Fa who hasn't talked since she was attacked by Kamuy. After dinner, Shana sings Fa a lullaby while Haschel listens. Showing an odd curiosity he asks Shana where she had learned the song and said it was Dart. The reason Haschel is curious is that his daughter Claire composed that very song. Oddly Dart's mother sang him that song when he was a child. After that Dart and Shana go to sit on the roof and look at the Moon. Strangely Shana faints when she looks at it...

    The next morning the team goes to Evergreen Forest to search for the wolf and the boy. Once they confront them, the team has no choice but to take down the wolf. After the battle Teo is extremely sad about the loss of his beloved pet, but Shana restores the wolf to his old, normal, lovable self using her dragoon spirit. When they are done in the forest, Rose says that she will meet up with the party later but has to go running errands, being as mysterious as ever. Meru is very homesick and says she needs to visit her family so she also departs from the party. Next stop is the massive city of Deningrad.

    Once the crew gets there they speak to the priest then goes to the library. The librarian is amazed that Dart is the second survivor of the massacre at Neet. The


    perspective then changes to Rose as she approaches a grave where a few guards and two women are standing. One of the women is Sister Luanna who apparently is the other survivor from the day when the Black Monster decimated the town. Apparently she lived because she was blind and that anyone who didn't see what happened did not need to die. The perspective then changes to Meru who is at her home in the forest. She is greeted by her fiance who is ecstatic to see her. It is also apparent that he is a Wingly. It is revealed the Meru is actually a Wingly! He then reminds her that the rest of the city won't be as happy since it is taboo to leave their home on their own free will. She is quickly greeted by a number of Winglies including her mother and father and is then thrown out of the city.

    Back in Deningrad, the rest of the crew watch as the Divine Dragon has broken free. The Divine Dragon is the king of all dragons and was so powerful that not even the Winglies in their glory days with their magic could not stop it. Only option they had was to seal it in the Mountain of the Mortal Dragon thousands and thousands of years ago. When the squad is ready to leave Rose and Sister Luanna show up and rush to the castle where Queen Theresa resides, a very good friend of Sister Luanna. Once everyone meets up with the Queen it is revealed that there are only two items that can stop the Divine Dragon - the Dragon Buster which Lloyd currently has and the Dragon Block Staff. Both belong to the Winglies. Meru then shows the way to the entrance of the Forest of the Winglies. As the party leaves however, they notice Shana is not with them. When they go back to find her she is very weak on her knees in a room off to the side of the throne room. Dart hurries to her side when she says she is too weak to move on. At that moment, her White Silver Dragoon spirit left her and found a new master in the Queen's right hand woman, a fierce warrior whose name is Miranda. Shana wakes up in time to say good bye and tell Miranda to take care of everyone while she stays in Deningrad to recover.

    Meru leads them to the Wingly village and they are lead to the Ancestor who teleports them to the Forbidden Land where the Dragon Block Staff is located. After going through puzzles and one nasty Virage, the team come to the staff and try to take it. It is then revealed there is a guardian of the staff called the Grand Jewel. After a tough battle, the party emerges victorious. As they are returning to be teleported back to the Wingly Forest, they see none other than the Divine Dragon fly by overhead towards Deningrad. Dart and the others hurry back to the Wingly Forest where they are quickly teleported to Deningrad by Ancestor Blano and Meru's parents.

    They arrive too late, the city is decimated. Thinking quickly of the Queen and Shana, the group sprints to the castle. Shana and the Queen are found safe and sound. Apparently the same beam that emitted from Shana against Urobulus, happened again and saved them. Looking at the damage of the attack, Dart knows that they cannot idol and decides it is time to go to the Mountain of the Mortal Dragon. Rose had said earlier that even the Divine Dragon seemed out of Lloyd's hands and she was right. Just as the team arrives at the mountain, they see Lloyd fighting the Divine Dragon only to fly off (he is a Wingly) and leave the battle to the heroes. As Dart hits the dragon with the final blow, Lloyd shows up and takes the spirit of the Divine Dragoon. Dart and Rose pursue him but Lloyd hits them with a fireball and they fall into a hole below. Rose mutters about the Moon Child, Black Monster, and a Virage Embryo before going unconscious. She then dreams of Neet those 18 years ago on the night of the Black Monster attack. Dart's mom is shown and looks slightly familiar. Once her and Dart regain consciousness, Meru comes and picks them up.


    Miranda finally decides to speak of Mille Seseau's (the region that Deningrad is in) moon artifact just like Tiberoa's (the region that Fletz is in). The artifact of the Mille Seseau region is the Moon Mirror. It is revealed that the queen has it which means that she is probably Lloyd's next target. Before the crew arrives at the Crystal Palace of Deningrad, you will see Wink (a friend of Miranda's who had been saved from death by Lloyd) attacked by a Wingly when Lloyd saves her again. He is injured in the battle, though. When they finally do get to the palace, she has already been kidnapped by Lloyd along with the Moon Mirror. It is revealed that Lloyd has gone to Kashua Glacier. Before they can get too far, they are encountered by a giant snow monster called Windigo. After Windigo goes down, the team finds a maze of teleporters. Once they reach the end they find Lloyd and Queen Theresa. This prompts a battle against the Wingly himself. Fortunately for the heroes, the Divine Dragon Spirits doesn't recognize him as it's master. When the hard fought battle is finished, Wink takes a finishing blow from Dart that was intended for Lloyd. Lloyd reveals that he is working for a man named Diaz and Shana has been taken.

    As the crew continues to wade through the snowy glacier, they come across an old abandoned Fort Magrad. By the entrance is a large stone tablet that has Wingly, Giganto, and Human writing on it, although each one is too archaic for its respective race to understand. Although Rose can read it. Eventually the team comes across the Polter Armor which is the remains of the souls of dead soldiers. Once the enchanted armor is destroyed, Dart and Co. proceed to the town of Vellweb. As the Dragoons are headed toward the west exit of the town, Shirley appears and asks if they can set the souls of the four dragoons that died during the Dragon Campaign. They decide that they will do this but not right now and head to the Throne room to meet Emperor Diaz.

    Shana is there, unconscious. Lloyd will give Diaz the Moon artifacts if he lets her down which he does. Now Diaz explains what he wants. He wants to destroy the current world to bring forth a new one. Lloyd has been lead on the entire time and did not know that this was what he wanted. Diaz then reveals himself to be Zieg...Dart's father and Rose's long lost love. He is not the same Zieg as he used to be, however, as all he wants to do is fulfill Soa's wish of a world of perfection which requires the 108th race to wipe out the other 107. The Winglies were aware of this and tried to cease their own annihilation by severing the ties between the body and soul which gave the Winglies magic, but also created the Black Monster. Along with the dragons and Dragoon spirits, the humans brought an end to the cruel reign of the Winglies. Zieg actually dealt the final blow to the Wingly leader but was turned to stone with the leader's final spell. Over time the potency of the magic faded and the spell wore off.

    Zieg then goes on to reveal the true identity of the Black Monster... it is Rose. She did this to eliminate the Moon Child. The Moon Child was the vessel that the

    The Divine Dragon Attacks
    The Divine Dragon Attacks

    God of Destruction was borne into. Except Rose failed, while she did kill Princess Luvia (who she thought was the Moon Child) she had a twin sister...Shana! After all of these revelations, Zieg escapes taking Shana and the Moon artifacts. Lloyd disappears moments after. Without saying anything the crew decide that after seeing the restless soul of Zieg, they should go release the spirits of the four dragoons that died in the Dragon Campaign. On the way there Rose and Miranda get into a fight the end result being a slap to the face of Rose courtesy of Miranda. After they release them they get a tip and head for the hidden city of the Winglies. Rose's choker has magical powers that show the whereabouts of the city. The party is then transported into the city, Ulara. They meet up with someone who seems to be a friend of Rose. The Wingly insists that they stay the night and the party splits up to look around. Rose meets up with Dart and a flashback occurs back to the Death Frontier which is where they had to pass through to get to Ulara. Dart and Rose actually fought it out and Dart won. Rose told him to kill her but Dart says that the Black Monster is dead. After staying the night, the team comes to the conclusion that they should return to Fletz. They are allowed to board the Queen Fury once again to go to Rouge.


    Rouge is a very isolated town on the ocean. It is so isolated that the mayor has no idea about any different species or anything that has happened. The mayor speaks hesitantly of a "stick" in the ocean. As the group is about to leave, there is what seems to be an earthquake in the middle of the ocean. A city reveals itself from the depths of the ocean. Rose recalls an underwater city named Aglis and come to conclude that this is it. In Aglis, the crew has to navigate a labyrinth of teleporters until they find a man named Savan. Savan is about as mysterious as Rose but seems to be acquainted with Dart and the crew. He is a Wingly that was one of the few survivors of the Dragon Campaign. Savan wants to help bring Zieg down but he needs the courage of the team. To prove their courage they all must go through a test (except for Rose since she is already courageous enough). Once he is satisfied he sends the Dragoons to a room to combine all of their courage to create the Psych. Bomb X. When they receive the bomb, they follow Savan who introduces them to one of the guardians Kraken. But just then Zieg shows himself and seems to have control over it. The crew has no choice but to fight it. After it is over, the combined power of the Dragoons started a chain reaction that sets off an explosion. Right before the explosion envelops everyone Savan teleports the party out with his last spell. They find a teleporter that transports them to the Law City of Zenebatos.

    Before Savan was destroyed he made a mention of wings that he would bestow upon the crew. And the crew finds them in the form of a strange looking creature named Coolon who will take them to any major city. After getting laws passed and gaining access to certain areas, the edit to the law the the Dragoons submitted which was "The law prohibiting non-Winglies from going to the Signet Sphere," (there are five Signet Spheres that slowed the flow of magic that was sent to Melbu Frahma which Zieg is now trying to destroy) was denied and the group was found guilty of treason to Soa and are attacked by the judge Kubila and his assistants Vector and Selebus. After a hectic battle, the Signet Sphere is outside but Zieg gets there first. Dart tries to attack but he is no match for the power of Zieg. After the team gets another law passed they can go to Mayfil which is a resting place for the souls of the dead.

    The only reason Zieg would be in Mayfil is for the Signet Sphere. Even the souls of dragons rest here. First the team comes across the ghost of the Jade Dragon, Feyrbrand. The only way to rest it's soul for good to is defeat it again. Once he goes down Dart and the others head through a mini-maze of teleporters and find the Blue Sea Dragon spirit, Regole. Same measures must be taken as before. After proceeding further, their worst fear becomes a reality. They must fight the ghost of the Divine Dragon. After barely making it past it and through a couple more mazes, Dart thinks he sees Lavitz. The figure leaves the room and Dart gives chase. When Dart tries to talk to him, he attacks. It turns out that it was the spirit of Lavitz possessed by the demon named Zachwell. After the battle with Zachwell, Lavitz attacks Dart but he comes to his senses. With his last drop of strength, Lavitz opens the path to the Signet Sphere. When they get there Zieg breaks the fifth and final Signet Sphere. The Earth begins shaking very violently. As the place starts to collapse, Coolon comes to the rescue and saves them. Not long from the beginning of the fight however, Coolon is attacked by a Virage and crash lands near the Divine Tree. In a sad scene Coolon then dies.

    Haschel going Dragoon
    Haschel going Dragoon

    Once they are inside the Divine Tree they encounter a caterpillar named Imago that attacks the party. The creature eventually goes through all the stages of metamorphosis of a butterfly getting increasingly powerful after each transformation. After it is defeated however, the party goes outside to see that as a result of the Signet Spheres being destroyed the Moon has come into contact with the Earth and that is where the heroes must go next. The Moon begins shaking more and more violently. All the party can think of is that if this is the beginning of the end? After everyone whites out, it appears that instead of the moon, the team is on normal ground that leads to a meadow covered in snow. She recognizes the place as a forest in Mille Seseau. A flashback occurs and explains about Miranda's past and why she is so unbending. It turns out that her mother left her when she was just a small child. Before she leaves, she places a rose in front of Miranda. The flashback is over and the rose comes to life! This is one on one between Miranda and The Death Rose. After attacking it enough times Miranda can choose to forgive to end the fight. When the fight with the Death Rose is over, they see a normal looking building. They wonder why all of these places from the Earth are here on the Moon. Haschel enters the house to find a young Claire. She runs away but turns to attack. After Haschel beats enough sense into her, he can give the advice of awakening her Mind's Eye (she is also a fighter like her dad). She then comes to her senses and forgives her father for not always being there for her. Haschel feels much more at peace. Once they exit the building they are met by a Serdio 20 years from the past. When they see the front of the castle they hear people speaking well of Doel. If you question the guard, he tells Dart that Doel has gone to the city of Gigantos. The party leaves the castle, goes through a cave, then walks above the clouds when they are attacked by Rose's dragon, Michael. The party is separated with Dart and Rose gone. Kongol then has a flashback about his home city and seems to be there. He tells the others that he has some unfinished business. Kongol meets up with his older brother and fights him to become a stronger warrior. After Kongol returns, the crew decides to wait at the inn for Dart and Rose.

    Dart and Rose venture through unknown territory only to meet Michael at the end. Michael was apparently born from the very first dark dragon. After they dispose of the dragon they eventually find their way to the inn with the others. The party decides to go back to Doel's castle. Only Albert is allowed in. Doel had known that he would come and they fight. Once that is overwith, the Dragoons find a path that was blocked before. The path shatters and the only person who can get across is Meru. Inside the room is the Archangel who is angry at Meru and thinks she is a traitor. Once the Archangel is defeated, the path is rebuilt and the rest of the crew can join Meru. The team proceeds when Dart hears whispers from Shana! They head through the door only to be met by a relative of the virage that was found in the Forbidden Land. Once the Virage is beaten, Dart is questioning whether or not that could have been Shana. He puts it in the

    Yes, yes you have.
    Yes, yes you have.

    back of his mind and they continue down the path where they encounter not only Shana but also Zieg. Zieg then proceeds to take Dart's Dragon spirit for himself. The spirit still recognizes Zieg as its master from the days of the Dragon Campaign. A battle ensues and shortly after, all is revealed. Melbu Frahma, the Wingly Emperor had been living in Zieg's body all along. When Zieg killed Frahma, Frahma trapped himself in the Dragon Spirit and as a side effect, Zieg was petrified, but most certainly not dead. After the spell wore off, Zieg was fine. This explains how Zieg lived for 11, 000 years and married Claire and had Dart. The night Rose (as the Black Monster) attacked Neet, Zieg went to defend it. But when he activated his dragoon power Frahma took over his body completely. While the prophecy said that the Moon Child (in this case Shana) would be the god of destruction, Melbu Frahma takes her place and is merging with the Virage Embryo. For right now Shana is safe. Before the battle begins Lloyd appears! He has come to get revenge on Frahma for misleading him. The Divine Dragon spirit has finally allowed Lloyd to become its master and he is now the Divine Dragoon! But now even the power of the Divine Dragon can defeat Frahma. After missing at first, Frahma stabs Lloyd through the heart. Before he dies, he gives Rose the Dragon Buster and Dart the Divine Dragoon Spirit. Since Zieg still has the Red Eyed Dragon spirit, Dart is now the Divine Dragoon. After an extremely tough battle Frahma is defeated. Dart flies over to check on Shana when Melbu rises up again not dead yet. Rose and Zieg tell the others to get out as the two unleash an enormous attack on Melbu Frahma but also trap themselves in the process. The rest of the team make it out. As they watch the Moon explode they know that the two lovers had sacrificed themselves together to bring peace to the world.

    Playstation Network Release

    On December 22, 2010 Sony released The Legend of Dragoon on Playstation Network in Japan. On May 1, 2012 the game came to the US Playstation Network as a PSOne Classic for the price of $5.99. As of now there is no word on a UK release.


    On April 11, 2012 it was released that Sony Computer Entertainment had a Legend of Dragoon sequel planned in Japan, but the project was cancelled before announcement.

    Legend of Dragoon Soundtrack

    Disc One (72:17)

    The Legend of Dragoon
    The Legend of Dragoon

    1) If You Still Believe -The Legend of Dragoon Main Theme- 5:57

    2) Title 0:27

    3) Ruined Celes 2:34

    4) World Map 1 1:06

    5) Village of Tragedy 1:03

    6) Hellaina Prison 1:13

    7) Battle 1 1:30

    8) Lloyd's Theme 1:14

    9) Dart's Theme 1:27

    10) Grassy Plains 1:25

    11) Royal Capital 1:33

    12) Uneasy State 1:06

    13) Enemy Attack 1:09

    14) Hokes Village 1:18

    15) City of Commerce, Lohan 1:18

    16) Riding on a Positive Rhythm 0:48

    17) Boss Battle 1 1:25

    18) Imperial Capital Kazas 1:15

    19) World Map 2 1:17

    20) Peace Between Hills 1:49

    21) Meru's Theme 0:53

    22) Royal Castle 1:26

    23) Shana's Theme 1:32

    24) Together in Peace with You 1:02

    25) Ghost Ship 1:26

    26) Battle 2 1:31

    27) Sorrow 1:25

    28) World Map 3 1:08

    29) Whispering of the Trees 1:25

    30) Reminiscence 1:02

    31) Crystal Palace 1:30

    32) A Dragon Killed in Action 1:43

    33) Boss Battle 2 1:16

    34) Crystal Palace 1:22

    35) Forbidden Land 1:07

    36) Silver Land 1:22

    37) Jeek's Theme 1:19

    38) Boss Battle 3 1:59

    39) World Map 4 1:16

    40) Frontier Village 1:19

    41) Twilight of Rose 1:08

    42) Shana's Anxiety 1:11

    43) Dead City 1:12

    44) Requiem 1:08

    45) Death Frontier 1:25

    46) Last Battle 1 1:43

    47) Last Battle 2 0:26

    48) Last Battle 3 1:32

    49) Last Battle 4 1:49

    50) Ending 2:45


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