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Area Information

Holy Ankh

Item Shop
Healing Fog          30G
Healing Breeze    50G
Sun Rhapsody     50G
Angel's Prayer     30G
Depetrifier            30G
Mind Purifier        20G
Body Purifier       10G
Spark Net            10G
Thunderbolt        20G
Charm Potion       4G

Weapon Shop
Tomahawk             300G
Spear of Terror      300G
Diamond Claw      300G
Breast Plate           250G
Master's Vest         250G
Soul Headband    200G
Jeweled Crown    200G
Stardust Boots      150G
Protector                200G
Bravery Amulet    300G
Destone Amulet   400G
Armor of Legend  10,000G

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