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    Meru is the a stereotypical ditzy girl from The Legend of Dragoon, with a hidden past as well. She obtains her Dragoon Spirit after defeating Lenus.

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    Meru is an energetic, ditzy, and cocky character that the party meets while in bandit country. When Dart and the group meet her, she seems like a damsel in distress, but she can really hold her own. And with a massive mallet in tow, it's no wonder. While she may seem small and fragile, Meru is actually an excellent fighter, relying mostly on her speed and agility to take enemies down. Meru joins the party mostly by self-invitation, with some of the other members finding her a bit too annoying.

    As it turns out, Meru is a Winglie. She chooses to hide her wings so that she may live peacefully amond the humans. Ever since her flight from the Winglie village she grew up in, she has been outcast and shunned by the rest of her people. After leaving, she inspired another Winglie girl to do the same, only her adventure resulted in her death at the hands of humans, to which almost all the other Winglies blame on Meru. Meru seems more like a peacemaker; when most Winglies hate and avoid humans, she felt they could all get along and live together in harmony.

    Meru eventually becomes a Dragoon, just like the rest of the party. She obtains her stone, the Blue Sea Dragoon spirit, after the previous owner, Lenus, is killed by the team. The spirit recognizes her, perhaps having a penchant for Winglies (which the party is still unaware of). Like everyone else, her Dragoon skills are limited to 4 magic spells and d-additions. Her magic is:

    • Freezing Ring: 50% Water damage; single target (10 MP)
    • Rainbow Breath: Heals allies 50% HP and status recovery; all allies (20 MP)
    • Diamond Dust: 50% Water damage; all enemies (30 MP)
    • Blue Sea Dragon: 100% Water damage; single target (80 MP)

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