Dragoon Armor

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    Magical armor that holds the power of seven elements within itself. Those elements being; fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, light, and dark.

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    There are eight Dragoon Spirits in the game The Legend of Dragoon. Each spirit can transform it's user into a Dragoon which gives them magical armor and abilities. Below is a list of all the Dragoons.

    Dragoon Spirit
     Red-Eyed Dragoon
     Fire Red Water
     Jade Dragoon
     Wind Green Earth
     White-Silver Dragoon
     Light White Dark
     Dark Dragoon
     Dark Black Light
     Violet Dragoon
     Lightning Purple N/A
     Blue-Sea Dragoon
     Water Blue Fire
     Gold Dragoon
     Earth Gold Wind
     Divine Dragoon
     Non-Elemental Gray N/A

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