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Hoverboards & Humility: Pile of Shame '15

Though many are optimistic about next year, for whatever reasons they may have, I'm safely considering yet another year of plumbing the back catalog for games I missed out on. We gripe that there's so few games being released that A) are fun or B) actually work, but there's also so many venues and markets for gaming these days that it's impossible to be dissatisfied if you extend one's net beyond the increasingly irrelevant AAA industry and are maybe willing to wait a few months for a price drop or Steam sale to stack up a backlog of truly impressive stature.

With all that in mind, I imagine I'll be playing a considerable number of 2013/14 games next year, and possibly many from even further back. These games here, in fact. The ones you're about to see. Like always, I'll be apportioning them into rough groupings with the intent to spread them liberally across 2015's purview. Or something.

tl;dr: These are games I currently own that I'm going to play next year, in all likelihood. Pile of Shame. That whole bit.

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