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List of Wizards & The Things They Find Fucked Up

Essentially, a list of characters (or games if the character page doesn't exist) in this format: "I'm _________ and _______ fucked up."

Let this be a warning: Never let boredom and Giant Bomb memes be your motivators.

List items

  • "I'm Gandalf, and sending tiny people to do my work for me is fucked up."

  • "I'm the Eggplant Wizard, and turning tiny winged boys into vegetables is fucked up."

  • "I'm the Wizard of Yendor, and watching @ eat a % from a & was fucked up."

  • "I'm Harry Potter, and the colors from my raver glowstick wand look fucked up... der der dee der der dee der der dee-"

  • "I'm Elminster, and the fact I'm officially dead in 4th Edition D&D is fucked up."

  • "I'm Anders, and THE UNHOLY VENGEANCE THAT WILL BE WROUGHT UPON THE TEMPLARS WILL BE MIGHTY INDEED. FEAR ME AND DESPAIR ...that. That whole thing right there is fucked up."

  • "I'm Xzar, and I'm kind of fucked up."

  • "I'm Verdelet the blind sage from Drakengard, and this entire fucking game is fucked up."

  • "I'm Firiona Vie, the chick from the EverQuest boxart, and Felicia Day stealing my likeness for her web series is fucked up."

  • "I'm Gwonam and having my dialogue endlessly turned into memes by YouTubers is SQUADALAAA"

  • "I'm Diablo 3's wizard, and the fact that they chose the demon hunter over me to go hunt that demon is fucked up. Also, where is Diablo 3?"

  • "I'm Jeane, and these fanservice outfits look fucked up."

  • "I'm Magus, and that Glenn dude looks frogged up."

  • "I'm Lillet Blan, and this time loop is I'm Lillet Blan, and this time loop is I'm Lillet Blan, and this time loop is I'm Lillet Blan, and this time loop is I'm Lillet Blan, and this time loop is-"

  • "I'm a Black Mage, and the speed of this keyboard solo is fucked up."

  • "I'm a magical gun wizard, and this sick skull shirt that Vinny's dad lent me is fucked up with bloodstains."

  • "I'm from the moon, and I'm sorry if you people really don't like my delivery. The only direction I got was 'we're doing Borderlands but don't want it to be obvious, so do an impression of what the opposite of Claptrap would be like'."