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    Bale is the first major town you travel too in The Legend of Dragoon. This is the home of Lavitz and King Albert.

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    Area Information

    Item Shop
    Healing Potion 10G
    Angel's Prayer  30G
    Mind Purifier     20G
    Body Purifier    10G
    Spear Frost       10G
    Meteor Fall        10G

    Weapon Shop
    Bastard Sword      60G
    Shiny Bow             50G
    Scale Armor          50G
    Leather Jacket      50G
    Sallet                      40G
    Poison Guard        200G
    Panic Guard          300G
    Faint Guard           200G
    Courage Charm   300G
    Knight Shield        200G

    Stardust Locations
    Room in basement (use boat)
    Weapon shop: near Spears
    In the well
    Lavitz's kitchen
    Castle: 3rd floor, top-left room
    Castle: 1st floor, fireplace

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