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    The leader of the Pokémon gym in Saffron City, and holder of the Soul Badge. She uses psychic-type Pokémon.

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    Sabrina is a master of the Psychic type pokemon, and is the sixth Gym Leader of Kanto in both the first and Second Generations. She received a major redesign in HeartGold/SoulSilver, giving her a more casual look.


    Pokémon Red/Blue, and FireRed/LeafGreen

    She Gives TM46 - Psywave (TM04 - Calm Mind in Fr/Lg), 4257G (4300G in Fr/Lg) and the Soul Badge.

    Pokémon Yellow

    • Abra - Lv. 50
    • Kadabra - Lv. 50
    • Alakazam - Lv. 50
     She Gives TM46 - Psywave, 4950G and the Soul Badge. 

    Pokémon Gold/Silver/ Crystal

    •  Espeon Lv. 46
    • Mr. Mime Lv. 46
    • Alakazam Lv. 48
     She Gives 4800G and the Soul Badge when defeated.

    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver

    Gym Battle

    • Espeon - Lv. 53
    • Mr. Mime - Lv. 53
    • Alakazam - Lv. 55 
    She Gives 6600G, TM 48 - Skill Swap, and the Soul Badge when defeated.

    Fighting Dojo Rematch (Sunday, Midday)

    • Alakazam - Lv. 60
    • Mr. Mime - Lv. 56
    • Jynx - Lv. 54
    • Wobbuffet - Lv. 53
    • Gallade - Lv. 53
    • Espeon - Lv. 58
    She gives 6360G when Defeated.

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