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KiraKira Curtain Call is a fan disc of KIRAKIRA. KiraKira Curtain Call was first developed and released in Japan for Windows PC by Overdrive on August 14, 2008. It was later translated and released in English by MangaGamer on April 30, 2010.


First Stage

Several years have passed since the amateur band Second Literature Club spent a summer touring Japan and performing live. When Shikanosuke and his friends graduated from Oubi Academy, the legends they left behind drew several experienced musicians to seek entry into Oubi Academy. Every year, these excellent musicians seek to join the Girls Light Music Club, which inherited the name of Shikanosuke's band, and every year they give high quality performances rivaling the original.

Meanwhile, the Boys Light Music Club has faced nothing but decline. As a club whose only goal was to enjoy music, they've fallen low in comparison to the Girls Light Music Club. Souta Honda was also a member of the Boys Light Music Club, but Souta needed to put on a better performance than the Girls Light Music Club. The reason behind his drive was Yui Yoshimoto, the vocalist and guitarist of the current Second Literature Club. Yui was Souta's unrequited love and his greatest rival who always outdid him. Souta always challenged Yui, saying, "If I can outperform you, then you'll have to go out with me!" The stage for their contest was the upcoming Cultural Festival.

"If I can put on a better performance than the Second Literature Club, then Yui will realize how cool I am!"

Souta was full of drive, but the rest of the club was the same as ever. What will happen at the Cultural Festival? What will happen to Souta's one-sided love?!

Second Stage

After he graduated from Oubi Academy, Murakami formed his own band, HAPPY CYCLE MANIA, just like he always wanted. The band overcame many troubles and was finally gaining ground as a popular band when a new trouble arose! Their vocalist, Aki, made her solo debut as a professional singer, leaving their band without a vocalist. Murakami thought, "Well, this happens often enough to any band in the industry. We'll figure out something," but he just couldn't seem to move forward. He found himself worrying about their past, their future, and the more he worried, the more he got stuck in a slump. Murakami stopped acting like his usual self, the band grew edgy, and they began to face the threat of disbanding.

Each band member begins to think about their ideals and their dreams, but what answer will Murakami find when they all come together? What lies in store for HAPPY CYCLE MANIA and Murakami?

Main Characters

Souta Honda

Souta Honda
Souta Honda

Souta is a second-year student of Oubi Academy, and claims to have a "Blazing Rock Soul". He is always passionate, and gives everything his all. However, because he is a little misguided, he dyes his hair, wears punk fashion (leather jackets, offensive cotton shirts, leather accessories with studs and rivets, etc.), and ends up hated by most girls. His grades are average, but because of his extremely unbalanced diet, he lacks stamina and can barely do any exercise that requires endurance. He is aware that he acts strange and does a poor job at communicating with others, so he always feels frustrated. He wants to pour that pent-up frustration into his band and use his songs to express his feelings.

Yui Yoshimoto

Yui Yoshimoto
Yui Yoshimoto

Yui is a second-year student of Oubi Academy. She is Souta's unrequited love as well as his greatest rival. She is a tomboy and has always been one step above Souta in everything they did. As a result, Souta is always telling her, "When I overcome you, you'll have to go out with me! I'm the one who loves you!" She usually acts obedient and a little slow, but when she gets mad, she becomes just as unreasonable as she used to be, surprising even Yuko. Her weakness is dirty jokes.



Murakami appeared in the original game as Shikanosuke's best friend. He was always easygoing, positive, and lived without regrets. After graduation, he worked part time to earn his living and started his own band, HAPPY CYCLE MANIA. After many winters, his band finally became popular, but their vocalist, Aki, was scouted for a professional debut and now he worries about their future. He still remains easygoing and positive.


As a visual novel, KiraKira Curtain Call is heavy on narrative. It features a linear story path and very few dialogue options.

System Requirements

Required CPU:Pentium III 800MHz
Recommended CPU:Pentium 4 1.4GHz
Required Memory:256MB
Recommended Memory:384MB
Required Resolution:800x600
Required Colors:16bit colors
Recommended Colors:24bit colors
Required Graphics:4MB VRAM
Recommended Graphics:32MB VRAM
Required HDD Free Space:1GB
DirectX:DirectX 8.1, Direct3D


Producer / Original Character DesignerNarasaki Fujimaru
Draft ScreenarioShinji Katakura
ScenarioRen Shinya Setoguchi
ComposerTeam NGX / milktub / Second Literature Club band

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