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    Also known as the Legendary Dark Knight in the Devil May Cry universe and father of Dante and Vergil. Sparda serves a prominent role in each of the DMC games.

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    Not much is known about Sparda's past, but it is known that two thousand years ago, he lived in Hell as a part of Mundus's Demon Knights, and considered to be one of his top generals. Mundus launched a full-scale invasion of the Human world and brought destruction to the land. However, at some point in time, Sparda had pitied the humans and decided he would fight with them and rebel against the Mundus. Sparda went on to defeat Mundus's demon armies, as well as some of the powerful demons that appear throughout the Devil May Cry series. He eventually would take on and defeat Mundus, and drove him back into the Demon World. Sparda went on to seal the gateway with his sword and his own demonic powers so that the human world could be saved. Nothing much is known after that, but it is known that Sparda ruled over the humans for the next two thousand years. In the twentieth century, he met and fell in love with a human named Eva. He had two children with her, identical twins Dante and Vergil. Sparda disappeared, and is believed to have died.

    Sparda wielded the Yamato and the Force Edge as his weapons, and used dual handguns, Luce & Ombra, much like Dante's Ebony & Ivory. He gave Eva the amulet he wore, and she gave a half to both Dante and Vergil. His demonic powers were said to be extremely powerful, as some said his surpassed Mundus, being able to defeat him and seal off the portal to Demon World. Some say that Dante has surpassed even Sparda himself when he fought Mundus two millenia later.


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