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    Vie de Marli

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    A south american island where Devil May Cry 2 takes place.

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    This was a key location in Sparda's war to defend the human world from the demons of the underworld. The king of hell during this time, Argosax the Chaos, fought a major battle here with a clan of demon hunters allied with the legendary dark knight. Sparda trapped himself and the demon king in a portal to the underworld in order to save Vie de Marli from Argosax.

    An old woman named Matier who participated in the battle still resides here. A corporate sorcerer by the name of Arius set up the conglomerate Uroboros Corporation here, with an elaborate plan to free Argosax and summon him to the island once again. After learning of this, Matier sent her young protege, Lucia, to find the son of Sparda, Dante to help prevent this. History ended up repeating itself and Dante disappeared into an underworld portal to seal away Argosax like his father before him.

    Many years after remerging from the underworld, Dante returned to Vie de Marli to speak with Matier. Dante also reunited with Lucia to defeat a servant of Argosax called Balrog. During the battle Dante shattered his martial arts Devil Arms and upon being defeated by the son of Sparda, Balrog transformed into a gauntlet and greaves imbued with his power. Dante took the Balrog Devil Arm to his battle with Urizen in Red Grave City shortly thereafter.


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