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    A recurring antagonist in the Devil May Cry series. Vergil is the half-demon son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, and twin brother to Dante.

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    Vergil is the twin brother of Dante and like him is also a half-demon and half-human. A son of the legendary dark knight Sparda. Vergil disagrees with many of Dante’s methods, his fun loving spirit/immaturity, use of firearms, and disregard for power in particular. Vergil is cold blooded, ruthless, and arrogant, and such arrogance tends to place him in battles he is unable to win, which is what ultimately leads to his tragic downfall against Mundus.

    Vergil is a playable character in the Special Editions of Devil May Cry 3 and 4.


    Devil May Cry

    Nelo Angelo
    Nelo Angelo

    Devil May Cry, the first game in the series (not chronologically) was Vergil’s first appearance in the series. Whilst on, Dante is confronted by the mysterious Nelo Angelo, a large individual clad in gothic armor; under the control of Mundus. During their first fight, Dante is bested by Nelo Angelo, though upon seeing Dante’s amulet, he relents and flees. However, Dante goes on to win their second fight. When Dante comes across Nelo Angelo for the third and final time, he removes his helmet, revealing that he is Dante's twin brother...Vergil. Dante defeats Vergil once again, and Vergil disappears in a display of energy…leaving only his half of the amulet. It is up to the player to decide if he truly died or not. The amulet left behind coincides with Dante’s and Force Edge (Sparda’s legendary sword, now owned by Dante) to unlock Force Edge’s true form, the Sparda Sword.

    Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

    Vergil in DMC3
    Vergil in DMC3

    Vergil’s first appearance was in DMC1, chronologically however, DMC3 is Vergil’s first video-game appearance. In this installment, Vergil is arrogant yet far more mature than Dante, he acts as the main protagonist whose main goal is to acquire more power.In the Special Edition, Vergil’s cutscene shows him in a library in which he meets Arkham for the first time. Vergil comes to a reluctant agreement with Arkham, Vergil needs Arkham’s knowledge of the Temen-ni-gru (a huge tower dormant for millennia, essentially it is a gateway between the human and demon world), and Arkham seeks the story of Sparda. Vergil appears as a boss fight three times, each time more challenging than the last as Vergil acquires new weapons. His signature katana, Yamato, previously owned by Sparda appears in all three; Beowulf, the gauntlets and greaves, appear in the second, and Force Edge, Sparda’s signature weapon, in the third fight.Dante is bested in their first fight; in turn unlocked his dormant Devil Trigger but losing his half of the amulet. Their second fight is interrupted by Lady, and soon after, Arkham/Jester, whom Vergil previously betrayed (though Arkham had plans to betray Vergil anyway). Vergil also loses Beowulf after this fight, leaving them for Dante. Whilst in the demon realm, Vergil aids Dante in destroying Arkham, who has absorbed Sparda’s power through Force Edge and the amulets and becomes a monstrosity. Straight after, the two battle for the final time, with Vergil uttering one of his most famous lines, “I need more power”. Vergil loses out, dropping Force Edge before falling (purposefully) of the cliff and plunging into the underworld.

    In a bonus cut-scene, Vergil is shown in the underworld, making his decision to take the fight to Mundus (the main antagonist of DMC1, whom Sparda defeated millennia ago), saying “if my father did it, I should be able to do it too”, before sprinting off to battle. It is safe to assume Vergil lost this battle due to the events of DMC1. He also lost the Yamato sword, which wasn't seen again until it was found by Agnus prior to Devil May Cry 4.


    Default costume
    Default costume
    • Vergil - Vergil's default costume.
    • Coatless Vergil - Vergil's default costume without the coat.
    • Corrupt Vergil - Vergil's corrupt form, whose DT is that of Nelo Angelo.
    • Super Corrupt Vergil - Corrupt Vergil with infinite DT.
    • Super Vergil - Vergil's default costume with infinite DT.

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

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    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition was announced in December 2014. In addition to improvements to the original version of Devil May Cry 4, Vergil was announced as a playable character. This would later be confirmed as Vergil being playable in the full game, both during Nero's and Dante's playthroughs. DMC4SE Vergil is largely based on his DMC3 version, complete with a concentration mechanic, allowing Vergil to become more powerful the higher his style ranking and the longer he fights without getting hit by an enemy.

    Other Appearances

    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Vergil appears as playable character.He is seen fighting against Wolverine in games trailer and in his ending he slashes Wolverine with Murasame Blade and says humans and mutants can't understand the true power of this blade and turns in to his devil form.

    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Quotes

    Pre-Fight Quotes

    Vergil vs:

    Ghost Rider: "You? Judge me? Hmph."

    Dante: "Sorry I was late for the party"

    Trish: "How repulsive."

    Vs Vergil

    Ghost Rider: "Long have you played with fire, boy -- but now, you're playing with Hellfire."

    Iron Fist: "A dragon will always beat a demon-spawn, boy."

    Thor: "I sympathize with Dante, I too know what it's like to have a wicked brother."

    Shuma-Gorath: "I'll eviscerate you, half-breed!"

    Phoenix: "Now you're REALLY playing with fire, boy."

    Magneto: "Your appearance reminds me of my son. Let's see if you boast his speed in battle."

    Victory Pose Quotes

    Vergil vs:

    Dante: "Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness."

    Trish: "Never show that face before me again."

    Ghost Rider: "The Flames of Revenge? Couldn't even melt a marshmellow."

    Vs Vergil

    Iron Fist: "I think your brother would've put up a better fight..."

    Shuma-Gorath: "You are an embarassment to demons everywhere!"

    Thor: "May Hela have mercy on your soul."

    Ghost Rider: "You make deals with the devil, sometimes you end up with him."

    Magneto: "Shame you're not a mutant. You'd make a good addition to my Brotherhood."

    Phoenix: "Perhaps if I'm not too busy, I'll take care of Mundus, too."

    After-Match Win Quotes

    Vergil vs:

    Akuma: "You claim to be a demon, but you know nothing of true demonic power. Such mockery will not be forgiven."

    Strider Hiryu: "Those ersatz life forms you summon have no soul, and hence no power to stop me."

    Dante: "Still denying your heritage, brother? Wake up and embrace the legacy our father left for us!"

    Shuma-Gorath: "It would appear that even an Old One is no longer a match for me. My power is growing."

    Phoenix: "There is a darker power that lies dormant in you. Why do you hesitate to embrace it?"

    Ghost Rider: "Power is everything. Without it, existence is futile"

    Vs. Vergil

    Akuma: "Now you have witnessed what a true demon can do."

    Dormammu: "I see much more potential in you than in your brother."

    Ghost Rider: "Best control your demonic half, boy. Or I'll do it for you."

    Nathan "RAD" Spencer: "Rumors of me not being able to jump were exaggerated. You should adapt to your opponent if you wanna win."

    SNK vs Capcom : Card Figthers DS

    Vergil appears as a charachter card in this game.

    Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble

    Vergi appears as Nelo Angelo as Dark Hero Jet Blacks EX colour

    Weapons and Abilities



    Vergil’s primary weapon in DMC3 is his katana, Yamato, said to cut through anything. It also said to be so fast it is invisible to the human eye. It is a memento from Sparda, Vergil’s father. When it was last seen in DMC4 it had been broken in half, only to be restored by the blue demonic power (rumored to be the soul of Vergil) in the right arm of Nero.

    Yamato Combo - Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.

    Aerial Rave - X, Triangle, Triangle

    Rapid Slash - Hold R1, Forward, Triangle

    Upper Slash - Hold R1, Back, Triangle, Triangle

    Judgement Cut - Hold Triange, Release Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

    Dark Ki - Taunt near an enemy to earn DT orbs (with Yamato equipped)


    Vergil weilding Beowulf
    Vergil weilding Beowulf

    A set of powerful gauntlets and greaves, which Vergil earned from defeating the demon, Beowulf. These make Vergil into a powerhouse, with a mix of speed and power.

    Beowulf Combo - Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

    Starfall - X, Triangle

    Lunar Phase - Hold R1, Forward, Triangle

    Rising Sun - Hold R1, Forward, Triangle

    Force Edge

    Force Edge
    Force Edge

    This weapon is used in conjunction with Yamato. Force Edge is Sparda’s signature sword, with hidden potential.

    Force Edge Combo - Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle Helm Breaker - X, Triangle

    Stinger - Hold R1 Forward Triangle High Time - Hold R1 Back Triangle Round Trip - Hold Triangle, Release Triangle

    Whilst the sword is being thrown, Judgement Cut can also be charged.

    Summoned Swords

    Vergil's summoned swords
    Vergil's summoned swords

    Magically summoned swords in the shape of Force Edge. These can be summoned at almost any time and have a good rate of fire once upgraded.

    Summoned Swords - Tap Square Spiral Swords - Hold Square

    Sword Storm - Hold R1, Forward, Square

    Blistering Swords - Hold R1, Back, Square

    Dark Slayer Style

    A warrior fallen from grace. The power of darkness gives birth to new weapons and skills. This is Vergil’s only style.

    Air Trick - Circle Trick Up - Hold R1, Forward, Circle Trick Down - Hold R1, Back, Circle


    Devil Trigger

    Being a half demon, Vergil has superior strength, speed, reflexes, flexibility and resistance to damage than any human. As a carrier of the Devil Gene also has access to “Devil Trigger”, which temporarily unleashes his demon form, increasing his speed and strength even further. It also adds Yamato's sheath to Vergil's left arm.

    Nelo Angelo

    Vergil in Devil Trigger
    Vergil in Devil Trigger

    Following his failed attempt to defeat Mundus, Vergil was corrupted and controlled through a forced transformation into a demon called Nelo Angelo. This increases his power but also ensures that he won't reach his father's power and to think for himself. Nelo Angelo uses a demonic sword and is still able to use his Summoned Swords but is easily incapacitated by things that remind him of his past life as Vergil, such as the amulet he shares with Dante.

    Alternate Versions

    DmC Vergil

    As with Dante, Vergil exists in Ninja's Theory's alternate DMC universe as seen in the game DmC Devil May Cry. Vergil's hair color, clothes and style remains largely intact, though his allegiance in this story has changed from pro-demon to anti-demon. However his personality is slightly altered to more starkly contrast against Dante's.


    Ninja Theory Vergil
    Ninja Theory Vergil

    In DmC, Vergil is the leader of The Order, a organization devoted to the liberation of the human race against the demonic tyranny of Mundus and his legion. Like Dante, he is a Nephilim (a devil-angel hybrid) who wields a memento from his father Sparda, the Yamato.

    Vergil sends Kat to bring Dante to him, thus setting the events of the game into motion.After revealing the truth of their parental lineage, Vergil enlists Dante into The Order. Eventually, he and Dante emerge victorious against Mundus.

    After Mundus' death, Vergil reveals his true intention. Rather than liberate the human race, Vergil planned to usurp Mundus' throne and subjugate the humans ounce more. Horrified by this revelation Dante battles Vergil, eventually running Vergil through with the Rebellion. Dante, after pleading from Kat, spares him and Vergil departs dejectedly stating, "I loved you brother."


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