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    DmC Devil May Cry

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Jan 15, 2013

    DmC Devil May Cry is a reboot of the series from developer Ninja Theory, featuring a redesigned Dante and a new take on the franchise's fiction.

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    The new Dante.
    The new Dante.

    DmC: Devil May Cry is a hack-and-slash action game developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 15, 2013 (and later released for the PC on January 25, 2013).

    A complete reboot of the Devil May Cry series (and the first not developed internally by Capcom), the game brings a new original story, as players take the role of a young punk (and demon hunter) named Dante (who is soon revealed to be a Nephilim). With help from a witch named Kat and the freedom fighter force named The Order (led by Dante's long-lost Nephilim brother, the intelligent Vergil), Dante must cleanse the demonic grasp of Limbo City (a dreary dystopian city with a twisted side).

    A 'Definitive' edition was released in 2015, which included numerable gameplay tweaks and additions, most of which were fuelled by fan feedback.


    DMC continues the Devil May Cry series staple of stylish, fast, and hectic combat. In this new iteration, the world is separated into the human plane and limbo, a dark, twisted mirror image of the real world populated by demons. Story and exposition are often told in the real world where humans are clueless to the demon subversion in their everyday life. Most action in the game takes place when Dante is pulled from the real world into limbo and usually has to fight his way out by getting to a point where the two worlds overlap or defeating a boss. The world of limbo presents a twisted version of the real one tasking Dante with navigating deadly falls, distorted architecture and often gravity-defying situations where the use of his "grappling hook" ability very often comes into play.


    Dante's beginning moveset and arsenal consist of his sword (Rebellion) and his guns (Ebony and Ivory). As the player progresses through the game Dante gains access to new angel and demon weapons, that effectively act as modifiers of his base sword Rebellion, accessed holding one of the two triggers for each weapon.

    Just like in previous iterations enemies can be launched into the air and juggled with lengthy periods of time. The game also features two dedicated evade buttons as another button dedicated to attacks that launches enemies in the air. Another change of Ninja Theory's game is that the game no longer features a lock-on button, due to it, previous attacks that were done using it now must be done combining double forward motion and the main attack button.

    Combat is scored and ranked in both a letter format and numerical value. The more "stylish" the combo the higher the letter grade and each combat encounter is ranked separately with an overall score presented at the end of each "level."

    Style Rankings

    • D - Dirty
    • C - Cruel
    • B - Brutal
    • A - Anarchic
    • S - Savage
    • SS - SSadistic
    • SSS - SSSensational

    Players are encouraged to mix up their attacks in order to attain higher letter grades ranging from D to triple S as the higher the score the more experience you receive which in turn can be redeemed to unlock new abilities and attacks for all the weapons you possess. Scores are tracked on worldwide leader boards and are segregated by difficulty level.


    Levels follow a familiar pattern for the genre. The player will enter an area which populates with monsters and must be cleared before you can continue onward.

    The game is broken up into a total of 20 missions:

    • Mission 01: Found
    • Mission 02: Home Truths
    • Mission 03: Bloodline
    • Mission 04: Under Watch
    • Mission 05: Virility
    • Mission 06: Secret Ingredient
    • Mission 07: Overturn
    • Mission 08: Eyeless
    • Mission 09: Devil Inside
    • Mission 10: Bad News
    • Mission 11: The Order
    • Mission 12: Under Siege
    • Mission 13: Devil's Dalliance
    • Mission 14: Last Dance
    • Mission 15: The Trade
    • Mission 16: The Plan
    • Mission 17: Furnace of Souls
    • Mission 18: Demon's Den
    • Mission 19: Face of the Demon
    • Mission 20: The End


    Below is a list of abilities that Dante can use, along with possible upgrades when applicable. Some of these abilities are available from the start of the game.

    • Jump
      • Double Jump
      • Enemy Step
    • Evade
      • Demon Evade (Levels 1 & 2)
      • Angel Evade (Levels 1 & 2)
    • Angel Boost
    • Ophion Angel/Demon Lift
      • Payoff (Levels 1 & 2)
      • Kicker (Levels 1 & 2)
    • Leap
    • Devil Trigger


    Main Characters


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    The so-called terrorist of Limbo City, Dante is the son of a union between an angel named Eva and a demon named Sparda. He is one of two Nephilim remaining alongside his brother Vergil. He is a brash loudmouth and a womanizer. Mundus fears Dante and considers him a loose end in his plans for absolute domination. Dante's signature weapons are Rebellion, a longsword left to him by his father, and a pair of customized handguns called Ebony and Ivory, though he will acquire several more weapons over the course of his adventure.


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    The Masked Man and leader of the Order, Vergil is a vigilante freedom fighter rebelling against Mundus' rule over humanity. He is the twin brother of Dante and the face of the revolution. Mundus isn't aware of Vergil's existence, believing Dante to be the only Nephilim, something Vergil and Dante plan to use to their advantage. Vergil carries Yamato, a katana given to him by his father, Sparda, but relies on his mind more often than combat. He is also highly intelligent and skilled in electronics.


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    Kat is a member of the order and practices a form of modern-day Wiccan arts. She was rescued by Vergil from her abusive step-father and brought into the Order. By combining her spells into spray cans, she is able to cast them almost instantly. Using stencil glyphs and graffiti, she is able to help Dante in and out of Limbo.


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    Using a human vessel, Kyle Ryder, Mundus is the king of the demons and keeps mankind in his stranglehold. He is responsible for the death of Dante and Vergil's mother, Eva, as well as the subsequent exile and imprisonment of their father, Sparda. An ancient prophecy states that only a Nephilim can slay the king of the demons, so Mundus is obsessed with killing Dante and ending this threat against his rule at all costs.


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    Lillith is Mundus' mistress and mother of his demon spawn. She is a loyal servant and is always looking to find ways to appease her lover. She also runs a high-profile nightclub that panders to the elite and wealthy.


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    Phineas is a prisoner of Mundus kept in Limbo. He helps Dante awaken his true potential power and guides him on his path through Limbo.


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    Limbo City is a world filled with demons and vices. Being under constant surveillance by Raptor News and financially held together by the sales of Virility, a soft drink created by Kyle Ryder which is Mundus in human form, and using the secret ingredient of a 1200-year-old Succubus. Enter the hero of DmC, Dante, a young and wild demon hunter who spends most of his nights in clubs and fraternizing with strippers inside taxi cabs. He is under constant watch and is being tracked by a Hunter demon until his trailer is eventually found parked outside of a carnival. Kat is able to wake Dante before his home is destroyed by the grappling hook of the Hunter and causes him to jump through the remains while getting dressed for combat.

    After regaining all of his items, Dante is asked by Kat to meet her boss since he already knew so much about him. It is revealed that The Masked Man and leader of The Order, is his twin brother, Vergil. Unable to convince Dante of his past, Vergil asks to show him and takes them back to their childhood home where they left and had their memories wiped at the age of seven. Dante is able to relive the memories of the attack on their home and gains the ability to use Angel and Demon weapons, given to him as memoirs under his parent's separate paintings. After recognizing that Vergil is his brother and recalling the dialogue had between them when they first met, Dante decided to join The Order as long as it means killing Mundus, the man who ripped out his mother's heart and ate it. Being the product of two different upbringings, Dante combines his strength with Vergil's intellect to take down Mundus.

    Vergil's plan to drive Mundus out of hiding is to destroy his voice, Raptor News, and his financial backing, Virility soft drinks. After destroying the source at Virility soft drinks, Dante encounters Phineas while en route to Raptor News. After helping regain his vision, helps Dante reaches a new level of potential using knowledge from previous Nephilim. He also tells Dante that the real way to drive Mundus out is to capture his mistress and slay her along with Mundus' spawn hidden within. While successfully taking down Raptor News, it is revealed that The Order's base of operations is under attack, along with Vergil and Kat. Dante is able to meet up with his brother in limbo, along with helping Kat using spray-painted stencil glyphs into the server room. After destroying the terabytes of important information Vergil had stored, he attempts to leave Kat to the swat team kicking in the door. Dante then helps Kat prepare to be captured with the promise of returning for her once he is out of limbo, only to watch her shot in the shoulder and kicked viciously

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    Mundus then sends a ransom asking for Dante in exchange for Kat, unknowingly admitting that he doesn't know the status of Vergil besides leading The Order. The plan of capturing the spawn of Mundus is set in motion as Dante enters Limbo's nightclub run by Lilith, the mistress of Mundus. After capturing Lilith, Dante organizes a trade for Kat. During the switch, Lilith is shot and killed by Vergil, and Dante rescues Kat during the ensuing firefight. This enrages Mundus, who causes rifts of limbo to appear within the city while exercising his power. After escaping Mundus' attack on the city, the remaining Order of Dante, Vergil and Kat, set a plan in motion to draw Mundus out one last time. Kat helps Vergil and Dante navigate through Mundus' tower, allowing Dante and Mundus to meet face-to-face. Dante further angers Mundus by taunting him about the slaying of his spawn, and he drives Dante out of his tower. Vergil is successful in closing the gate and then saves Dante from having his heart ripped out, driving Yamato through Mundus' heart. This causes the Mundus to form a gigantic body shell out of environmental debris to protect his human form, and he attacks the brothers.

    After a long fight with Dante outside of Mundus and Vergil trapped within, the brothers finally kill Mundus, fusing both reality and limbo into one. This causes panic as demons suddenly manifest across the entire world. The Order is seen above the destroyed Limbo City, celebrating while Vergil exclaims it is their time to rule over humanity. Dante refuses to hold humanity under him as he believes their success was solely dependent on Kat's navigation and help. The sons of Sparda begin to fight, first verbally, then physically, but Dante is ultimately victorious, achieving his true Nephilim form while almost killing Vergil. Kat begs for Vergil's life, which Dante spares, and Vergil escapes, remarking that the bond between them is over.


    When either trigger is held down Rebellion will transform into either an angelic or demonic form with a whole new set of moves - angel weapons serve as fast, light attacks and demon weapons acting as the slow, hard hitters. Both variations of weapons can be applied to combat at any time as well as mixed and matched. It is important to note that substituting either angelic or demonic weapons in mid-combo will not break any special attacks either. If the player starts a special attack pattern requiring a pause, you can switch weapon types during that pause and granted that you've unlocked the corresponding combo in the weapon you switched to the special attack will come out.


    Rebellion, Dante's signature weapon.
    Rebellion, Dante's signature weapon.


    • Hacker
    • Death Coil
    • Stinger
    • Trillion Stabs
    • Drive
    • Overdrive
    • High Time
    • Aerial Rave
    • Roulette Spin
    • Helm Breaker


    Arbiter, the demonic axe of Sparda.
    Arbiter, the demonic axe of Sparda.


    • Judgement
    • Trinity Smash
    • Tremor
    • Flush
    • Drop
    • Aerial Flush


    Osiris, the angelic scythe of Eva.
    Osiris, the angelic scythe of Eva.


    • Karma
    • Cleaver
    • Raze
    • Prop
    • Shredder
    • Streak
    • Hanger
    • Double Up
    • Rake
    • Feed


    Aquila, a pair of angelic throwing blades.
    Aquila, a pair of angelic throwing blades.


    • Killer
    • Buy In
    • Big Slick
    • Round Trip
    • Tornado
    • Skirmish
    • Aerial Buy In
    • Calibur




    • Brawler
    • Slam
    • Beast Uppercut
    • Rising Dragon
    • Showdown
    • Stomp
    • Snake Eyes

    Ebony and Ivory

    Ebony (bottom) and Ivory (top), Dante's favourite handguns.
    Ebony (bottom) and Ivory (top), Dante's favourite handguns.


    • Normal Shot
    • Ricoshot
    • Inverse Rain Storm
    • Rain Storm


    Revenant, a sawed-off shotgun.
    Revenant, a sawed-off shotgun.


    • Shoot
    • Charged Shot
    • Fireworks


    Kablooey, which fires exploding needles that are remotely detonated.
    Kablooey, which fires exploding needles that are remotely detonated.


    • Shoot
    • Detonate


    The Ophion whip, a non-combat tool that helps Dante get around Limbo.
    The Ophion whip, a non-combat tool that helps Dante get around Limbo.


    • Angel Lift
    • Payoff
    • Demon Pull
    • Kicker


    There are 3 types of collectibles to be found. All of them are marked on the in game pause menu and at the mission select. By unlocking the Secret Doors gives access to secret missions that reward Dante with one piece of four towards a health or demon trigger upgrade.

    • Lost Souls
    • Keys
    • Secret Doors

    Unlockable Costumes

    • White Haired Dante - unlocked after completing the campaign on any difficulty
    • Coatless Dante - unlocked after completing the campaign on Son of Sparda difficulty
    • Super Dante - unlocked after completing the campaign on Dante Must Die difficulty

    Downloadable Content

    Vergil's Downfall

    No Caption Provided

    Released on 03/06/2013, Vergil's Downfall chronicles the aftermath of the main game and continues the journey after separating with his brother Dante.

    Bloody Palace

    No Caption Provided

    Released on 02/20/2013 the Bloody Palace contains 100 stages that allow players to use various character and weapon skins to set high scores.

    Extra Costumes

    Released on 01/30/2013

    • Classic Dante
    • Dark Dante
    • Neo Dante

    Bundle Pack

    Released on 02/20/2013

    • Samurai Weapon skin (can be purchased separately)
    • Gold Weapon skin (can be purchased separately)
    • Bone Weapon skin (can be purchased separately)
    • Orb Harvester
    • Item Finder
    • Extra Upgrades


    Since the release of the DmC teaser trailer at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, many fans had expressed their concern over the direction of the game. When asked about the Ninja Theory reboot, Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya replied, "Whatever", on Twitter, in English. One user then said he missed the old Dante, and Kamiya said, "I miss him, too." He later added, "I've been sad since Dante left me." Kamiya was never asked to participate in any of the sequels and has since left CloverStudio at Capcom to develop Bayonetta at Platinum Games.

    According to Ninja Theory, Capcom had told them to change Dante's look. However, Capcom actually rejected Ninja Theory's original redesign, which supposedly resembled the more iconic appearance of Dante. Ninja Theory's Nina Kristensen was quoted in saying:

    "The first time we sent our initial concepts to Capcom Japan, they said no, no you need to push it way further. Because, obviously, Dante is a big character for Capcom, we stuck fairly close to the original design template. But Japan said we needed to go much further, go crazy with it, and so we did."

    On the day of DmC's release, Kamiya tweeted this message on Twitter in English:

    "I've been getting a lot of DmC tweets lately. DmC is a very unique title, and I honestly hope that people enjoy it. I am also happy to see all of your messages, even though the first Devil May Cry came out 12 years ago. That being said, DMC has been on its own path for a long time now and asking my opinion of things is pointless. My only opinion is that people continue to love the Devil May Cry series, both fans and its creators alike. It’s yours now. Thank you. :)"

    Responding to this, Ninja Theory tweeted to Kamiya:

    "Thank you for your kind words. We are of course huge fans of your work and can’t wait to play Metal Gear Rising."

    Kamiya retweeted the message with a '':)'' out of politeness he did not mention that he had nothing to do with the development of Kenji Saito's Metal Gear Rising.


    The music for the game was composed by Noisia and featured original songs by industrial band Combichrist. It was sent complimentary to those who pre-ordered the game before release from Capcom Store Europe.

    • Track 1 - Bob Barbas Fight (Noisia)
    • Track 2 - Devil's Dalliance (Noisia)
    • Track 3 - Hunter (Noisia)
    • Track 4 - Lilith Fight (Noisia)
    • Track 5 - Mundus Fight (Noisia)
    • Track 6 - Succubus Fight (Noisia)
    • Track 7 - The Trade (Noisia)
    • Track 8 - Sequential One (Combichrist)
    • Track 9 - Clouds of War (Combichrist)
    • Track 10 - No Redemption (Combichrist)
    • Track 11 - Media Riot (Combichrist)
    • Track 12 - Pull the Pin (Combichrist)
    • Track 13 - How Old is Your Soul? (Combichrist)
    • Track 14 - Zombie Fistfight (Combichrist)
    • Track 15 - Buried Alive (Combichrist)

    The two tracks not listed on the soundtrack featured in the intro sequence of the game, the club and subsequently in the sequence where Dante dresses in mid-air are respectively "Throat Full of Glass" and "Never Surrender" by Combichrist.

    PC System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
    • CPU: AMD Athlon™ X2 2.8 Ghz or Intel® Core™2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or better
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • HDD: 8 GB free disk space
    • Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
    • CPU: AMD Phenom™ II X4 3 Ghz or Intel® Core™2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • HDD: 9 GB free disk space
    • Graphics: 1 GB Graphics Memory
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9

    Supported Graphics Cards

    • Minimum – ATI Radeon™ HD 3850 or NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better
    • Recommended – AMD Radeon™ HD 6950 or better

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