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    Reinhardt Schneider

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    Reinhardt Schneider is a male descendant of the whip-wielding Belmont clan- he must trek to Dracula's castle and the outlying regions in order to slay the notorious Count Dracula.

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    Reinhardt Schneider, whom derives from the series' infamous Belmont clan, is one of two main protagonists in Castlevania for the Nintendo 64. Reinhardt is equipped with both a whip for primary attacks and a sword for close combat. Both Reinhardt and Carrie Fernandez share the common goal of stopping Lord Dracula, who has returned to his throne and revived the forces of darkness after a century of dormancy. The characters have to explore Dracula's castle and the surrounding areas in their mission to defeat the count and his hoard of undead minions.

    Reinhardt Schneider is one of the lesser known descendants of the Belmont family, mainly due to the meager cult following of the N64 Castlevania game.

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