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    Donna Troy

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    Donna Troy, younger sister to Wonder Woman, is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. Being the original Wonder Girl, Donna is gifted with all of her sister's powers and more. Donna is a founding member of Teen Titans.

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    • Height: 5' 9"
    • Weight: 140 lbs
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Blue


    Donna Troy was created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani, first appearing in Brave and the Bold#60. (1965) Donna Troy’s publication history is a convoluted one as her background is based in the Wonder Woman titles, but her character development happened almost exclusively in the Teen Titans books. Thus, while the events which occurred in the Teen Titans defined her life she was still anchored to occurrences in the Wonder Woman title if they were changed. This had little effect on her during the Silver Age, as very few changes occurred. However, following Crisis on Infinite Earths her background was completely destroyed with the reboot of the Wonder Woman title. Since this time writers have struggled to find a place for Donna in the DC Universe.

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    Donna Troy also known as Troia was the first Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s adopted little sister, she became a clone of her big sister gaining all her powers and abilities. Donna is a founding member of the Teen Titans and later once served as Wonder Woman in her sister’s absence and is now a member of the JLA.

    First origin story, born in Man’s World Donna was adopted after being saved from an apartment building fire by Wonder Woman when she was a young girl at the time. Wonder Woman took her to her Island and used the purple ray to save Donna’s life and in that act gave Donna all of her powers and abilities.

    Current origin story. Infant Donna Troy was saved from a fire by the Titan Rhea, who brought her to New Chronus, where she was gifted with amazing abilities. To teach humility, The Titan gods sent Donna back to earth at age 13 in the care of the Amazons. Queen Hippolyta adopted Donna as her daughter making her Diana's (Wonder Woman) adopted little sister. So Donna spent half her life with the Titans of Myth, and the other half with the Amazons. After training with the Amazons Donna became the first Wonder Girl, later growing up to become known as Troia now she goes by Donna Troy. Donna died and was resurrected as the Goddess of the Moon. The truth about her past and New Cronus was explained by the Titan of the sun, Hyperion. Donna has been revealed to be a counterpart of Harbinger and the Dark Angel. Donna is now a none Goddess, but is still a Titan of Myth powered Amazon much like her sister Wonder Woman.

    Teen Titans

    Upon meeting Kid Flash, Aqualad, Robin, and Speedy, they joined forces, becoming the Teen Titans. While Donna was the only female member of the team, she proved to be equipped with both battle experience and intelligence, proving she is a natural born leader and was just as good as her sister Wonder Woman.

    Later after Donna had become Troia and returned to Earth, Donna reunited with her old teammates the Titans. The group reformed after discovering that the children of one of their deadliest foes, Trigon, had been systematically hunting down members of the Titans both old and new. New friends Donna makes with rejoining the Titans, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and her old friend now known as Nightwing. Later Donna once again breaks away from the Teen Titans to join the Justice League, passing down her old Wonder Girl custom to Cassandra Sandsmark the new Wonder Girl.

    Wonder Family

    Queen Hippolyta, ruler of Themyscira, Queen of the Amazons and Mother of Wonder Woman.

    Princess Diana, Wonder Woman and the daughter of Queen Hippolyta.

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    Artemis, of Bana-Mighdall, Bana warrior, Artemis is the Best Amazon warrior next to that of Wonder Woman with out the divine gifts granted by the Gods of Olympus.

    Cassandra Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl, daughter of Zeus. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl have the same father that being Zeus, making them both half-sisters.

    Steve Trevor, love interest to Wonder Woman, first man on Themyscira and honorary Amazon.

    Powers and Abilities

    Donna was saved by the Titans of Myth Gods, and they granted Donna powers and abilities. When Donna was revealed to be a magical duplicate of Wonder Woman all her powers and abilities grew to that of Wonder Woman's level of power. Now Donna is said to be just a little less then what her sister is in the form of raw power. Donna's Powers do not come from the Olympian Gods but from the Titans of Myth Gods, Rhea the wife of Cronos.

    • Superhuman Strength: Granted by Titans of Myth, Donna's strength level is closer to that of Diana's (Wonder Woman), and she can lift over 100 tons.
    • Superhuman Speed: Granted by Titans of Myth. Donna can move at supersonic speeds on land, to the point where she is literally too fast for the human eye to follow.
    • Flight: Granted by Titans of Myth, Donna can mystically fly at supersonic speeds while in the atmosphere, and can reach escape-velocity speeds while in space.
    • Super Durable: Granted by Titans of Myth. Donna possesses a high degree of invulnerability to injury and can even survive unharmed in the cold vacuum of space.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Granted by Titans of Myth. Donna's reflexes are quick enough to catch bullets or easily deflect them with her armored bracelets.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Donna can keep fighting until she drops dead.
    • Enhanced Healing: Granted by Titans of Myth, Donna's body heals at a superhuman level. Her normal regenerative abilities allow her to recover from injury within seconds to minutes.
    • Superhuman Agility: Donna's agility is Superhuman.
    • Enhanced Senses: All five are on an superhuman level.
    • Oneness With Fire: Being a magical duplicate of Wonder Woman, Donna would gain the ability granted by Hestia. Apparently making Wonder Woman a focus of truth, Donna is a focus of truth.
    • Empathy: Being a magical duplicate of Wonder Woman, Donna would gain the ability granted by Athena. Donna often detects others' emotions, and most forms of mind control will not work on her either.
    • Tactician: Donna also knows how to act rationally, diplomatically, is an accomplished strategist, and is a natural born leader.
    • Truth Sense: Granted by Titans of Myth. Donna is able to immediately sense whether a subject is telling the truth, and also has the ability to empathically coax the truth out of a subject.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Donna is fully trained as a warrior of the Amazons and excels in many fighting techniques, both unarmed and with weapons.
    • Magic Resistance: Granted by Titans of Myth. Donna is very resistant to magic attacks and is effective against her foes which use magic as their main power.
    • Energy Generation: After becoming Troia, Donna gained the power to generate and manipulate photonic energy, which she employed offensively in the form of power blasts directed through her hands, or defensively by creating force fields.

    Weapons Donna Troy uses

    • Amazon Made Lasso: As Wonder Girl, Donna employed an Amazon-made lasso, which was much stronger than normal rope but lacked the magical properties of Diana's Lasso of Truth.
    • Lasso of Persuasion: This silvery lasso glows blue when its power is used, and anyone trapped within its coils must do as Donna commands as long as her willpower is greater than theirs.
    • Bracelets: These are a pair of steel cuffs that are indestructible because they were created from Amazon magic, Donna's Bracelets work like her sister's Diana's.
    • Amazonian Battle Armour: When faced with a larger threat Donna will wear her Amazonian battle armour for added protection as well as use martial weapons such as swords.
    • Star Costume: Donna wears a costume with the pattern of a star field on it given to her by the Titans of Myth. The field could be used for navigation and pinpointed the exact location of New Cronos.


    Donna is somewhat vulnerable to piercing weapons, such as projectiles.


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