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    Pit is the protagonist of Nintendo's Kid Icarus series.

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    Pit is the protagonist of the Kid Icarus series. He is an angel and the captain of the goddess Palutena's army. Although he has wings, he cannot fly without assistance.

    When originally designed, Pit was given a youthful, cherubic appearance and was adorned in a toga and sandals. When the developers of Super Smash Bros. Brawl chose to include him on the game's roster, the team saw it fit to update his character design by combining elements of his previous designs with new ideas. Pit now appears several years older, with more detail added to both his physical appearance and clothing.

    Pit began showing personality in Super Smash Bros. Brawl; his first appearance with spoken dialogue. His personality was given much greater definition and depth in Kid Icarus: Uprising; an angel with an innocent, naive, and somewhat gullible mindset, he is nonetheless filled with boundless devotion to Palutena and to any cause that's righteous. He fights to protect Skyworld and the humans from the encroaching threats of antagonistic gods and other forces. However, to his embarrassment, he is unable to fly on his own. Instead, he must rely on the power of flight granted to him by Palutena, but this power only lasts for five minutes at most. Should he fly for any longer than that, his wings will burn up and he'll fall, just like the Icarus of legend that flew too close to the sun.


    Kid Icarus

    Pit's design in the original NES Kid Icarus title.
    Pit's design in the original NES Kid Icarus title.

    In Kid Icarus, Pit is a young angel imprisoned in the underworld following the goddess of darkness Medusa's invasion of Angel Land. Palutena sends him a message asking him to rescue her by defeating Medusa. Armed with his bow, Pit sets out to retrieve the three sacred treasures; the Wings of Pegasus, Mirror Shield, and Arrow of Light. Only with those treasures can he stop Medusa and return peace to Angel Land.

    Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

    In Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Palutena has a dream where she sees Angel Land is under attack, but a soothsayer warns her that this was not just a dream. Palutena had seen a vision of a demon called Orcos that would soon set out to destroy Angel Land. Palutena calls upon Pit to embark on a training mission to grow stronger, collect the three sacred treasures once more, and vanquish Orcos.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pit once again fights Medusa when she is mysteriously resurrected after her defeat twenty-five years earlier. He receives direct assistance and guidance from Palutena along the way as he defends both Skyworld and the human world from the encroaching threat of the Underworld Army and other antagonistic forces.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    As a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pit is capable of using his bow to fire arrows at his opponents and can also separate it into two blades for melee strikes. His special moves are based on the three sacred treasures of the Kid Icarus series. Pit's stage in the game is Skyworld.

    Special Moves

    Palutena's Arrow

    A charged attack that allows players to send an arrow at their enemy with the chance to change it's trajectory up or down during flight. The arrow itself is made out of pure light.

    Angel Ring

    An attack that blocks projectiles and allows for multiple hits. Pit spins his bow extremely fast as he performs this attack, creating a ring of light.

    Wings of Icarus

    A recovery move that allows temporary flight.

    Mirror Shield

    A defensive move that allows the player to make Pit immune to and reflect damage. As the name suggests, Pit uses his mirror shield in order to do this.

    Palutena's Army

    Pit's Final Smash attack. He calls upon Palutena to lend him aid, and she appears as her soldiers descend on the battlefield to attack Pit's opponents.

    Other Media

    Pit as he appears in the three-part short
    Pit as he appears in the three-part short "Thanatos Rising."

    Pit has made a few appearances in other media. In the American animated cartoon Captain N: The Game Master, he is among the protagonist Kevin's allies, just as the Eggplant Wizard assists the show's primary villain, Mother Brain. However, the series refers to the character as Kid Icarus rather than Pit, and he tends to end his sentences and certain words with the "-icus" suffix.

    A series of animated shorts produced to market Kid Icarus: Uprising offer a portrayal much more accurate to the source material. He appears in all three shorts; Thanatos Rising, Medusa's Revenge, and Palutena's Revolting Dinner.


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