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    Night in the Woods

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Feb 21, 2017

    A story-focused platforming adventure/exploration game with a striking and colorful art style. Taking place in a small town of anthropomorphic animals, the game revolves around college dropout Mae as she tries to get reacquainted with her hometown.

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    Night in the Woods is a 2D platforming adventure game developed by Infinite Fall and published digitally by Finji for the PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux on February 21, 2017. It was later digitally released for the Xbox One on December 13, 2017 and for the Nintendo Switch on February 1, 2018. It will be released on both iOS and Android devices sometime in 2018.

    Set in the small town of Possum Springs, players control unstable 20-year-old college dropout Margaret "Mae" Borowski as she returns to her hometown (which is suffering from a stagnant economy) to get reacquainted with her friends and family.

    Developed in the Unity engine and funded on Kickstarter, the game features a flat and colorful art style by indie animator Scott Benson, where the characters are depicted as anthropomorphic animals and communicate through speech bubbles. The game is designed and composed by Alec Holowka, previously known for Aquaria.


    Mae Borowski

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    The protagonist of Night in the Woods. Mae is the only child of the Borowskis, and the first in the family to go to college. She unfortunately drops out of college midway through her second year, to go back home without any further plans.

    Beatrice "Bea" Santello

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    Best friend of Mae until 7th Grade. Bea was valedictorian of her graduating class. Instead of going to college, she stayed home to help out her father with the family business after her mother passed away. Bea is presented as a crocodile, usually smoking a cigarette.

    Gregg & Angus

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    Gregg is Mae's wacky best friend, while Angus was "that kid in school who wore ties and fedoras for no good reason." They are a couple and live together. Gregg is depicted as a fox, and Angus a bear.

    Germ Warfare

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    His real name is Jeremy Warton, but he is usually referred to as Germ Warfare. Germ is an enigma. He seems friendly, but nobody knows who he is or where he came from. Nobody knows "what his deal is".


    Night In The Woods is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, with a heavy emphasis on exploration and character interactions. There are light puzzle-platformer elements in some parts of the game.


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