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    Shoot your way across the solar system to level up and collect new loot in this multiplayer-focused first-person shooter from Bungie and Activision.

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    The Traveler floats above the last human city.
    The Traveler floats above the last human city.

    Destiny is a sci-fi open-world first-person shooter developed by Bungie and published by Activision for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on September 9, 2014.

    Set over 700 years into the future (after a period of technological advancement known as the Golden Age, thanks to a mysterious orb known as the "Traveler"), a cataclysmic event (known as the "Collapse") has decimated human colonies throughout the galaxy. With the last surviving civilian city on Earth defended by "Guardians" (including humans, robotic Exos, and mysterious Awoken) bearing the power (or "Light") of the Traveler, it's up to the playable (and customizable) Guardian to repel a variety of alien threats before humanity is wiped out completely.

    Not only does this game mark Bungie's first foray away from the Halo series since its creation, it is their first game for eighth-generation consoles, their last game for the Xbox 360, their first game with Activision, and their first developed title for Sony consoles. Similar in playstyle to their Halo series, Destiny includes a variety of MMORPG elements, including gaining experience points, leveling up, and maintaining an inventory gained by acquiring random/purchased loot. Along with the game's main campaign, players can form "fireteams" with other players and take on free-roaming bounties (known as "Patrols"), quick three-man co-operative missions (known as "Strikes"), long six-man co-operative missions (known as "Raids"), and numerous player-vs-player playlists (known as the "Crucible").

    Over the years, the game received numerous updates, timed events, and paid downloadable content (including microtransactions and three full-fledged expansion packs). It later received a direct sequel on September 6, 2017, streamlining most of the game's interface while adding new abilities, modes, and other content. From 2019 onward, the game is published by Bungie themselves.


    A fireteam of three players out in the world
    A fireteam of three players out in the world

    Unlike Bungie's past work, Destiny is built around custom characters. The game has a class-based system, and three classes--Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. In addition to firing rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, and sniper rifles, players will also have access to magic-like abilities, granted by the Traveler.

    Three weapons can be equipped at a time, and more can be carried in the inventory. The three slots are called "primary", "special", and "heavy". Every player also has a small speeder bike vehicle currently called the Sparrow and can be used to traverse larger areas. Characters have access to a space ship to traverse between planets in the solar system. Glimmer, small blue bits that drop from killed enemies, is a currency needed to buy new weapons, pieces of armor, vehicles, and other cosmetic items as well as upgrade some weapons and armor.

    Destiny is an online only game, so features separate, third-person social spaces where players can collect, group up, and prepare for the missions ahead. Planets can be patrolled outside of any set mission parameters, where other players, public events and materials for upgrading items or quests to earn new ones can be found. Bungie has stated that the goal is to not show lobbies, matchmaking, or connection screens, instead delivering a more seamless experience. Player-versus-player combat will not be a factor out in the general world, but instead the game features The Crucible, a special location that is traveled to by players in order to participate in PVP gametypes. Player counts for public spaces are not known at this time and will likely vary depending on the platform and network connection of the player.


    Exotic Hunter cloaks
    Exotic Hunter cloaks

    Destiny is a loot driven game. Weapons, armor, and wearable items can be found in the world when players are on a mission or just exploring, bought from various vendors at The Tower, gained as rewards for completing challenges, or randomly received for competing in The Crucible. When loot is collected from a killed enemy only one player needs to run over the glowing orb representing the loot and it will automatically be distributed among the group if the player isn't alone. All armor and clothing items will have properties that effect gameplay. Exotic gear is the name Bungie has given to rare items within the world of Destiny. These items will have a unique look to them and special names.


    Some time ago, there was once a Golden Age of human spacefaring. A mysterious orb called The Traveler made its way to Earth, jumpstarting human technology and allowing them to colonize the worlds of the Solar System. But humanity was eventually pushed back by some unknown force, only surviving by the intervention and "sacrifice" of The Traveler, below which now sits humankind's last remaining settlement, a lone city.

    Now, in the present time, humans have managed to recover their technology to the point of being able to travel into space again, but they discover that their former colonies have now become occupied by several alien races, who are pushing towards conquering the last human city. Warriors known as Guardians are tasked with protecting the city and fighting against the aliens to order to restore humanity to its former glory.

    The Ghost, previously voiced by Peter Dinklage and as of the taken king expansion by Nolan North, is a customizable AI companion issued to every Guardian in The City. It/He assists the player in different ways, like unlocking doors, turning on a building's lights, or warning of incoming enemies.

    The Tower

    A selectable destination by players, the Tower is the home of the guardians. It's here players are able to buy new gear and loot, take on Bounties, and socialize with other players.


    The Vanguard are the advisers of each class. From them you can purchase class specific gear and emblems. The higher your Vanguard reputation, the better the gear will be available. Players can increase their Vanguard reputation by completing Vanguard Bounties, and Vanguard Marks can also be used, and may even be required, to buy some gear.

    • Hunter Vanguard: Cayde-6, Exo male. Voiced by Nathan Fillion.
    • Titan Vanguard: Commander Zavala, Awoken male. Voiced by Lance Reddick.
    • Warlock Vanguard: Ikora Rey, Human female. Voiced by Gina Torres

    Crucible Personnel

    The Crucible personnel oversee the crucible, which is where Guardians test their skills against each other to improve and refine themselves.

    • Crucible Quartermaster: Arcite 99-40, Frame. Arcite will sell you Legendary weapons and rare sparrows in exchange for legendary marks. All sparrows currently cost 175 legendary marks, whilst all weapons cost 150 legendary marks
    • Crucible Handler: Lord Shaxx, Titan. Lord Shaxx currently sells one of each armour piece, (Leg, Glove, Chest, Helm, Class item). He also sells 3 ghost shells and 3 legendary swords. Finally he has a Crucible bounty that can be completed weekly, and will yield a high level reward when completed. The arms, legs and class item armour requires rank 1 in The Crucible, the chest and 3 ghost shells require rank 2 in The Crucible. Finally the helm amour piece requires rank 3 in The Crucible. The arms, legs, chest, class item and ghost shell all cost 75 legendary marks, whilst the helm requires 120 legendary marks


    Xûr is a vendor of exotic weapons and armor who arrives in a different location each week for a limited time. He carries one exotic weapon and one type of armor per class, which also vary each time. He sells various accessories, as well, which do not change. He accepts Strange Coins for most of his wares and Motes of Light for others.

    Tower Watch Personnel

    • Cryptarch: Master Rahool, Awoken male. Rahool is the vendor that will decrypt any engrams you find in Destiny. Also, he sells four legendary engrams per week for a varying amount of legendary marks.
    • Gunsmith: Banshee-44, Exo. Banshee inventory is extremely extensive. He will sell you uncommon weapons for 2400 Glimmer. He also sells miscellaneous items: primary telemetries, special telemetries, heavy telemetries, special ammo synthesis, heavy ammo synthesis, weapon parts and armour materials. All of these items can be brought for varying amounts of Glimmer, the telemetries also require 5 weapon parts. Banshee also has Foundry Orders; these can be purchased for 2500 Glimmer and can be obtained the Wednesday after purchase. These orders will give you a weapon based off of one of three weapon foundries: Omolon, Häkke and Suros, with a random perk roll. The final items in his inventory are Field Test Weapons; these weapons contain small challenges, that when completed will increase your reputation with the Gunsmith.
    • Bounties: Xander 99-40, robot. Here players can take on Vanguard and Crucible bounties. Completing these bounties will reward players will Reputation and Experience.
    • Postmaster: Kadi 55-30, robot. In game mail will be delivered through Kadi.
    • Special Orders: Tess Everis, Awoken.
    • Vaults: Players are able to store Armor, Weapons, and General items either for safe keeping or in order to transfer loot to another character.

    Tower North Personnel

    • Outfitter: Eva Levante, Human female. Eva sells Emblems and Shaders that are used to customize players' Guardians.
    • New Monarchy: Executor Hideo, Human male. One of the various Factions in the game, if players have enough New Monarchy Reputation they can buy Emblems and Crucible Armor that represents them.
    • The Speaker: One of the main characters in Destiny's story, players can use items called Mote of Light to acquire Exotic Armor and Emblems from The Speaker.

    Tower Hanger Personnel

    • Quartermaster: Roni 55-30, robot. A generic Vanguard Quartermaster, players can purchase rare weapons, vehicles, and exchange materials with Roni.
    • Shipwright: Amanda Hollida, Human female. When players go to Amanda they can buy new vehicles and ship blueprints.
    • Dead Orbit: Arach Jalaal, Awoken male. One of the various Factions in the game, if players have enough Dead Orbit Reputation they can buy Emblems, Crucible Weapons, and Crucible Armor that represents them.
    • Future War Cult: Lakshmi-2, Exo female. Voiced by Shohreh Aghdashloo. One of the various Factions in the game, if players have enough FWC Reputation they can buy Emblems and Crucible Weapons that represents them.


    There are several alien species fighting against The Light in the Destiny universe, all vying for control of the solar system.


    No Caption Provided

    Also known as the "Eliksni", the Fallen are a four-armed insectoid species who were once graced by the Traveler before their collective of noble Houses were destroyed by a cataclysmic event. As nomads, they arrived in the solar system shortly after the Collapse, where they began pillaging humanity's former worlds and seeing the Guardians as an obstacle to reclaiming the Traveler.

    They are the first enemy race encountered in the game and are known for their rapid movement, Arc weaponry, and their use of robotic drones.

    • Dreg - The low-ranking Fallen warrior, notable for having two arms instead of four (cut off and blocked off from regrowing as part of obedience). Undisciplined and lightly-armored, they are usually outfitted with a simple short-ranged Shock Pistol for ranged combat and a Shock Dagger for melee combat. Unlike other Fallen warriors, Dregs can make use of Shock Grenades to stun Guardians.
    • Vandal - The rank-and-file class of Fallen infantry. Tougher than Dregs, they carry Shock Rifles for powerful mid-ranged combat (with the downside that they need to charge their weapons prior to firing). At times, they instead either wield Wire Rifles (for long-ranged combat) or dual-wield Shock Blades (for melee combat).
    • Captain - The leading and most ferocious member of a Fallen squad, Captains are very durable (equipped with heavy armor, Arc shields, and special close-ranged teleportation technology) and usually carry heavy-duty Shrapnel Launchers (firing Solar shrapnel at close range). At times, they instead either dual-wield Shock Blades or wield Shock Rifles.
    • Shank - Small aerial drones used as scouts and fragile distractions. While they have no direct weak point, their fragility and short-ranged Arc turret makes them easy to dispatch.
    • Servitor - Large aerial drones used for processing Ether (which the Fallen depend on to survive) and as supportive units. Each Servitor has a large Eye, which is both their weak point and their form of attack (which launches powerful slow-moving Void blasts). In addition to close-ranged teleportation, they can emit an aura that buffs accompanying units.


    No Caption Provided

    Space zombies. They are designed to evoke the idea of "undead royalty".

    • Thrall -
    • Acolyte -
    • Knight -
    • Wizard -
    • Ogre -


    No Caption Provided

    Time-traveling robots.

    • Goblin -
    • Hobgoblin -
    • Harpy -
    • Minotaur -
    • Hydra -
    • Cyclops -


    No Caption Provided

    Big, hulking bipeds that wear heavy armor and wield heavy weapons.

    • Legionary -
    • Psion -
    • Phalanx -
    • Centurion -
    • Colossus -


    Added in the Taken King expansion.

    Player Classes

    There are three classes in Destiny: the Hunter, the Warlock, and the Titan. All classes can use "space magic", and all classes can use all weapon types. A class is described by Bungie as a choice to "fine tune" your Guardian so that there will be little regret in a player's choice. Each class is customized within three subclasses, able to be changed on the fly. Once locked in a duplicate subclass will unlock, to encourage experimentation. Further players are able to have multiple characters.


    No Caption Provided

    A combination of speed and strength, their signature weapons appear to be sniper rifles and revolvers. Hunters can be recognized by their hooded capes and relatively light armor. Before becoming Guardians, Hunters were once outlaws who roamed the wastelands.

    They were designed to invoke the image of a Wild West outlaw and the classic bounty hunter. Some of their inspirations were Han Solo and Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name.

    Gunslinger: Golden Gun - "Summon a flaming pistol which disintegrates enemies with Solar Light."

    Bladedancer: Arc Blade - "Charge your blade with Arc Light and consume your foes with lightning."

    Nightstalker: Shadowshot - "Tether foes to a Void Anchor, slowing, weakening and suppressing them for you and your allies."


    No Caption Provided

    Guardians who have long studied the Traveler and are able to wield its gifts of "magic", alongside modern weaponry. Warlocks can be recognized by their long coats and rounded helmets.

    They were designed to invoke the image of a "space wizard". Some of their inspirations were Jedi Knights, Gandalf, and Morpheus.

    Voidwalker: Nova Bomb - "Hurl an explosive bolt of Void Light at the enemy, disintegrating those caught within it's blast."

    Sunsinger: Radiance - "Fill yourself with Solar light, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of all your abilities."

    Stormcaller: Stormtrance - "Chain Arc Lightning from your hands."


    No Caption Provided

    Guardians who specialize in heavy armor and powerful weaponry. The first Titans built The Wall which protects the last city. Titans can be recognized by their full body armor and swept-back helmets.

    They were designed to invoke the image of the classic future soldier. Some of their inspirations include Halo's Master Chief, Stormtroopers from Star Wars, and other space marines from sci-fi.

    Striker: Fist of Havoc - "Smash the ground and dissolve nearby enemies in a maelstrom of Arc Light."

    Defender: Ward of Dawn - "Shape Void Light into an indestructible shield to protect you and your allies from harm. Replenishes grenade and melee energy on activation."

    Sunbreaker: Hammer of Sol - "Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction down upon your enemies."



    The Last City

    Map of The Tower
    Map of The Tower

    The vast majority of the human race now resides in the City, built beneath the Traveler after its sacrifice to save Earth's inhabitants. The Guardians are tasked with protecting this walled city.

    • The Tower - A place of residence for the Guardians.

    Old Russia

    • The Blast
    • Devils' Lair
    • The Divide
    • Forgotten Shore
    • Gateway
    • King's Watch
    • Mothyards
    • Rocketyard
    • Skywatch

    The Reef

    A debris field in orbit including a space station, and is home to the Queen of the Reef whom the player can receive bounty missions from.

    • Mumbai Push


    • Anchor of Light
    • Archer's Line
    • Hellmouth - A man-made complex that goes into the moon's surface.
    • Temple of Crota


    • Shores of Time


    Mars City

    Like the Last City on Earth, this Martian city has multiple districts within it. However, it is also partially occupied by the Cabal, a race of large humanoid beasts

    • Dust Palace - A social district for players similar to that of Overwatch back on Earth.
    • Exclusion Zone - Ruins beneath the Dust Palace and crawling with Cabal. It also houses Charlemagne's Vault which is filled with gold an loot for players to retrieve, and a bounty location for missions given by the Queen of the Reef.


    Players can align themselves at anytime with any faction by wearing a piece of gear that represents a faction. When a player is aligned with a faction they can buy special armor and weapons from them, as well as get Bounties from them.

    Dead Orbit

    Dead Orbit is dedicated to aggressively pursuing expansion of the Allied Races territory and taking back everything lost to the Fallen and other enemy factions through any means necessary.

    Future War Cult

    The Future War Cult are technomancers whose goal is the study of lost and old technology such as Golden Age relics to advance the war efforts against the alien aggressors.

    New Monarchy

    The New Monarchy are agents of social good who dedicate themselves to protection of the people and making sure everyone lives a safe and healthy life on the Tower while being protected from outside threats.

    Disciples of Osiris

    The disciples follow a disgraced warlock, Osiris, banished by the vanguard for his obsession with the Vex and their inscrutable ways. The only tace of Osiris' cult in the solar system is Brother Vance in The Reef, who seeks to find the most powerfull gurdians via the punishing Trials of Osiris; but to what end no one is sure.

    Vanguard Strikes

    Strike List

    Dust Palace, The Undying Mind, and Echo Chamber were originally time-exclusive to the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game and became available one year after their release.


    • Cerberus Vae III (Mars) - Valus Ta'aurc (Cabal Colossus)
    • The Devil's Lair (Earth) - Sepiks Prime (Fallen Servitor)
    • Dust Palace (Mars) - Psion Flayers Kolar, Numoc, and Vatch (Cabal Psions)
    • The Nexus (Venus) - Sekrion, Nexus Mind (Vex Hydra)
    • The Summoning Pits (Moon) - Phogoth, the Untamed (Hive Ogre)
    • Winter's Run (Venus) - Aksor, Archon Priest (Fallen Archon)

    The Dark Below

    • The Undying Mind (Mars) - The Undying Mind (Vex Hydra)
    • Will of Crota (Earth) - Omnigul, Will of Crota (Hive Wizard). Unlike other Strikes, this one requires completion of the Disciples of Crota quest in order to activate.

    House of Wolves

    • The Shadow Thief (Moon) - Taniks, the Scarred (Fallen Captain)

    The Taken King

    • Blighted Chalice (Moon, added on April 12, 2016) - Malok, Pride of Oryx (Taken Prince)
    • Echo Chamber (Venus) - Theosyion, the Restorative Mind (Vex Harpy)
    • Fallen S.A.B.E.R. (Earth) - S.A.B.E.R.-2 (Fallen Shank)
    • Shield Brothers (Saturn) - Valus Mau'ual and Valus Tlu'urn (Cabal Centurions)
    • The Sunless Cell (Saturn) - Alak-Hul, the Darkblade (Hive Knight)

    Rise of Iron

    • The Wretched Eye (Earth) - Kovik, Splicer Priest (Fallen Splicer Priest)

    Alternate Versions

    • The Abomination Heist (Moon, added on September 20, 2016, alt. of The Summoning Pits) - The Abomination (Hive Ogre)
    • The Nexus (Venus, added on December 13, 2016) - Sekrion, Subverted Mind (Taken Hydra)
    • Sepiks Perfected (Earth, added on September 20, 2016, alt. of The Devils' Lair) - Sepiks Perfected (Fallen Splicer Servitor)
    • The Shadow Thief (Moon, added on December 13, 2016) - Taniks Perfected (Fallen Splicer Captain)
    • Will of Crota (Earth, added on December 13, 2016) - Omnigul, Will of Crota (Hive Wizard).
    • Winter's Run (Venus, added on April 12, 2016) - Nixis, Hunger of Oryx (Taken Captain)


    Unique endgame PvE events that pit a fireteam of up to six Guardians against a series of challenging stages in unique locations. Each stage has unique objectives and constraints that require heavy use of teamwork, strategy, puzzle-solving, and communication. While players do not have to finish the entire raid in one sitting, raid progress is reset on every weekly reset. Completing through these stages unlock unique and powerful loot.

    Each raid has two difficulties: Normal and Hard. Hard raids give additional (and exclusive) rewards while increasing the difficulty of all enemies and adding new challenges to each mission.

    In Normal raids, players need to wait 30 seconds before a teammate can revive them. In Hard raids, players cannot be revived at all (and can only respawn at the next checkpoint or on team-wipe).

    • Vault of Glass - Set on Venus, players must enter the titular virtual realm and stop the Vex's reality-bending operations (while destroying the plan's overseer: Atheon).
    • Crota's End - Added with the Dark Below expansion. Set on the Moon, players must enter the deepest pit of an underground fortress known as the "Hellmouth", infiltrate the ascendant realm of the Hive Prince Crota, and kill Crota himself.
    • King's Fall - Added with the Taken King expansion. Set on a large Hive spaceship (the Dreadnaught) orbiting Saturn, players must infiltrate the ship and kill the Taken King Oryx.
    • Wrath of the Machine - Added with the Rise of Iron expansion. Set in the quarantined outskirts of Old Russia, players must infiltrate the lair of the Devil Splicers and kill their leader: the Archon Prime Aksis.


    Along with PvE modes, the game includes PvP arena multiplayer that takes place in-universe as the "Crucible": a series of live-fire training exercises that doubles as gladiatorial competition.

    Each Crucible match takes place in dedicated arenas (most of which use environmental assets from areas used for PvE), with Lord Shaxx as the mode's primary announcer. In basic matches, Light level advantages are disabled.

    Game Modes

    Unless otherwise specified, players and teams earn points in each game mode by eliminating enemy combatants (with certain types of kills, such as headshots, granting bonus points).

    • Control - Objective-based "conquest" mode, where teams fight over three neutral Points throughout the battlefield. Neutral and enemy Points can be captured for the team by standing on them uncontested for a short amount of time. Teams earn bonus points for each kill based on how many Points they hold, and earn bonus points for capturing Points themselves.
    • Skirmish - Team deathmatch with a twist: players can now revive teammates (which grant bonus points).
    • Salvage - Objective-based "domination" mode (reminiscent of Headquarters in the Call of Duty series), where teams fight over "Relics" scattered throughout the battlefield. Only one Relic is active at a time, and teams must deploy their "Probe" on the active Relic to earn bonus points over time. Probes are active for either one minute or until a member of the opposing team neutralizes it (by holding "Use" on it), both of which activates a new Relic.
    • Combined Arms - Similar to Control. However, players have access to Sparrows, Pikes, Heavy Pikes, Interceptors, and Heavy Turrets.
    • Elimination - Team deathmatch with a twist: games are played in rounds and players cannot respawn naturally (but can be revived by teammates). Teams can only earn points by winning rounds. Added in House of Wolves.
    • Rift - Objective-based "assault" mode (reminiscent of Neutral Bomb Assault in the Halo series), where teams fight over a single "Spark" of Light in order for a single player to take control of it and deliver it to the enemy "Rift" to score a large amount of bonus points. Bonus points are also earned by getting the Spark close to the enemy Rift (in the case of a contested back-and-forth match). Spark carriers have a limited amount of time to deliver before they are killed automatically. Added in The Taken King.
    • Zone Control - Similar to Control. However, teams can only earn points over time based on how many Points they control. Added in The Taken King.
    • Supremacy - Team deathmatch with a twist: killed players drop colored "Crests" (blue for teammates, red for enemies) that can be collected. Teams can only earn points by picking up enemy Crests, and picking up a teammate's Crest denies the opportunity for the enemy team to score with it. Added in Rise of Iron.

    Game Mode Variants

    • Inferno - Designed for more "hardcore" players. Bonus points disabled (with the exception of certain objective bonuses). Radar disabled. Added in The Dark Below.
    • Mayhem - Designed for more "casual" players. All Guardian abilities and ammunition crates recharge faster. Added in The Taken King.


    The base game included 11 playable arenas. With new expansions, the game received new arenas, bringing the total to 31.

    Exodus Blue, Timekeeper, Sector 618, and Icarus were originally time-exclusive to the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game and became available one year after their release.

    Base Release

    • The Anomaly (Mare Cognitum, Moon)
    • Asylum (Ishtar Sink, Venus)
    • Bastion (Meridian Bay, Mars)
    • Blind Watch (Meridian Bay, Mars)
    • The Burning Shrine (Fields of Glass, Mercury)
    • Exodus Blue (Cosmodrome, Earth)
    • Firebase Delphi (Eos Chasma, Mars)
    • First Light (Mare Cognitum, Moon)
    • Rusted Lands (Eastern Flood Zone, Earth)
    • Shores of Time (Maat Mons, Venus)
    • Twilight Gap (City Perimeter, Earth)


    The following were added on December 9, 2014 with the Dark Below expansion:

    • The Cauldron (Ocean of Storms, Moon)
    • Pantheon (Black Garden, Mars)
    • Skyshock (Old Russia, Earth)

    The following were added on May 19, 2015 with the House of Wolves expansion:

    • Black Shield (Firebase Thuria, Phobos)
    • Thieves' Den (Ishtar Sink, Venus)
    • Timekeeper (Meridian Bay, Mars)
    • Widow's Court (European Dead Zone, Earth)

    The following were added on September 15, 2015 with the Taken King expansion:

    • Bannerfall (The Last City, Earth)
    • Cathedral of Dusk (Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn)
    • Crossroads (The Lost Oasis, Mars)
    • The Drifter (Foundling's Gyre, The Reef)
    • The Dungeons (Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn)
    • Frontier (City Perimeter, Earth)
    • Memento (European Dead Zone, Earth)
    • Sector 618 (Cosmodrome Wall, Earth)
    • Vertigo (Caloris Basin, Mercury)

    The following were added on September 20, 2016 with the Rise of Iron expansion:

    • Floating Gardens (Pomona Mons, Venus)
    • Icarus (Languid Sea, Mercury)
    • The Last Exit (Ishtar Sink, Venus)
    • Skyline (Meridian Bay, Mars)

    Iron Banner

    Iron Banner was a special monthly endgame event where, for one week a month, players can participate in matches where Light level advantages are enabled (with higher-leveled players having increased damage and resistance). This mode was discontinued with the release of Destiny 2.

    By gaining Iron Banner reputation, players earned unique Iron Banner themed gear. Reputation was earned by winning matches and completing bounties. As a consolation for multiple consecutive match losses, players received Iron Medallion tokens that were used to boost the reputation earned on their next victory.

    Prior to the Rise of Iron expansion, players earned additional reputation by wearing themed shaders, emblems, and gear, as well as by applying a temporary "Tempered" buff.

    Trials of Osiris

    Introduced with the House of Wolves expansion, Trials of Osiris was a special weekly endgame event where players participate in a series of highly-competitive 3v3 Elimination matches on a specific map that cycles each week. This mode was discontinued with the release of Destiny 2.

    Unlike standard playlists, players must form their full three-player fireteam before entering matchmaking. Like Iron Banner, Light level advantages were enabled (with higher-leveled players having increased damage and resistance).

    Each event duration started on Friday and ended at the weekly reset. Once the player's character reaches either 9 wins or 3 losses, that character can no longer participate in the event for that week. If a player managed to complete 9 wins without losing a single match, they were able to visit a secret social space (The Lighthouse) and earn unique themed gear.

    Sparrow Racing League

    Added in The Taken King.


    • Campus Martius (Meridian Bay, Mars)
    • Haakon Precipice (Plaguelands, Earth)
    • Infinite Descent (Maat Mons, Venus)
    • Shining Sands (Mercury)


    A beta test for Destiny launched on PS4 and PS3 on July 17, 2014 then went offline the 21st for maintenance. On July 23, 2014 the Beta returned on PS4/PS3 and began on Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well. Access was first given to those who pre-ordered the game, but Bungie later began allowing anyone to download the beta and play.

    Anyone that played on the Saturday, July 26th earned and exclusive emblem for the final game. The beta ended on the Sunday, July 27th.

    Over 4.5 million people participated in the Destiny Beta. Over 850,000 people were playing simultaneously on the night of Saturday, July 26th, which set a record for concurrent players in the history of all games developed by Bungie.


    Destiny's original soundtrack was composed by Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, C Paul Johnson, Skye Lewin, and Stan LePard, with contributions and an original song by Paul McCartney. This marked O'Donnell's final composition for Bungie before he was terminated in April 2014.

    Track Listing

    1. The Traveler – 2:30
    2. The Fallen - 4:37
    3. Excerpt from the Hope - 2:16
    4. Excerpt from the Ecstasy - 2:10
    5. The Warmind - 2:09
    6. Guardian - 2:08
    7. The Tower - 1:20
    8. The Last Array - 6:57
    9. The Collapse - 1:33
    10. The Journey Home - 3:09
    11. First Challenge - 3:46
    12. Prey - 2:13
    13. Tranquility - 5:09
    14. The Great Unknown - 1:35
    15. Excerpt 1 from the Rose - 1:23
    16. Excerpt from the Tribulation - 2:15
    17. Guardians Lost - 3:50
    18. Relic of Hope - 2:14
    19. Departure - 2:01
    20. Lost Horizons - 1:09
    21. Reborn - 3:35
    22. Sepkis Prime - 4:14
    23. Traveler's Promise - 1:56
    24. Deconstruction - 1:42
    25. Excerpt from the Ruin - 1:36
    26. Untold Legends - 3:34
    27. Cabal Stomp - 3:41
    28. Dust Giants - 4:28
    29. Ishtar Sink - 4:43
    30. The World's Grave - 5:36
    31. Exclusion Zone - 3:48
    32. The Stranger - 1:11
    33. Temple of Crota - 5:17
    34. Eye of the Gate Lord - 4:02
    35. The Hive - 5:47
    36. The Collective - 4:11
    37. End of the Line - 3:32
    38. The Vex - 5:13
    39. Siege Dancers - 3:17
    40. Chronologies - 3:33
    41. Passage - 3:22
    42. Excerpt 2 from the Rose - 2:47
    43. Excerpt from the Union - 1:45
    44. All Ends Are Beginnings - 1:34

    Collectors Editions

    There are three special editions of Destiny, all of which include access to the "Destiny Expansion Pass". This DLC pass includes The Dark Below and House of Wolves, both of which will include new story missions, co-op activities, multiplayer maps, and loot. Bungie is saying it is a $34.99 value.

    Limited Edition

    No Caption Provided
    • Limited Edition Steelbook
    • Guardian Folio: Arms and Armaments Field Guide, Postcards from the Golden Age, and Antique Star Chart.
    • Digital content: Unique Ghost skin, exclusive player emblem, exclusive ship skin
    • Destiny expansion pass
    • $99.99

    Ghost Edition

    No Caption Provided
    • The Limited Edition
    • Ghost Replica
    • Letter of Introduction
    • Golden Age Relics: patch, sticker, and slides
    • $149.99

    Digital Guardian Edition

    • Vanguard Armor and Player Emblem pre-order bonuses
    • Collectors Edition digital content
    • $89.99

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