Bowser Pinball

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    A minigame in Mario Super Sluggers where pinball is played, Bowser style!

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    Bowser Pinball is a special minigame that appeared in Mario Super Sluggers and it took place in Bowser's Castle. In this minigame, players have a set amount of time to score points while using your bat. More combos mean more points. If a player reaches a set amount of points within 60 seconds, then he/she will move on to the next stage and try for a higher score in single player mode. Once a player reaches the fourth difficulty level, then it becomes a high-score challenge. In this special mode, players can rack up points while using the spiked ball. If you can create combos while in this special mode, then you'll earn more points and the multiplier will increase. The player gets 2 balls in this special mode. In multiplayer mode, each player has 1,000 points to start and then they will earn more during 30 seconds. Whoever has the most points after 2 rounds is declared the winner.

    Points Needed to Clear 

    • Easy: 1,000
    • Normal: 1,500
    • Hard: 2,000
    • Special: Beat the high score within 2 balls
    • Multiplayer: Have the most points at the end of the game

    Time Limit 

    • Single Player (Easy, Normal, and Hard): 60 Seconds
    • Single Player (Special): No Time Limit
    • Multiplayer: 30 Seconds per player in each round

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