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    Adam Boyes

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    Adam Boyes is the founder of Beefy Media and the former director of Production at Capcom USA, as well as Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations at SCEA. He is currently CEO at Iron Galaxy Studios.

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    Adam Boyes is a video game developer that is good friends with Kraig Kujawa, John Vignocchi and Dave Lang to name a few.

    Midway Games

    While at Midway, Adam worked as an executive producer on the MLB Slugfest: Loaded and the NHL Hitz: Pro titles. Adam would eventually go on to work on Blitz: The League which proved to be a successful title for the company with over 1.5 million units sold.

    At Midway, Adam met longtime friends Kraig Kujawa and John Vignocchi who he still parties with to this day.


    Adam started off in the industry as a tester for Electronic Arts. Besides contributing to the testing efforts for a number of exciting projects, he also participated in the many infamous EA-testing social rituals, such as drinking two gallons of milk in 20 minutes, eating an entire jar of mayo in under an hour and other ridiculous events. Many of the people that Adam worked with at Electronic Arts would go on to production positions in the industry.

    Beefy Media

    Adam founded Beefy Media in 2010 to help developers find their way in an industry increasingly controlled by a small group of powerful producers. Beefy Media helped bring the game Pid to fruition.


    Adam joined Sony as head of publisher relations in April of 2012. On June 10th, 2013 Adam was announced by Jack Tretton, the president and CEO of SCEA, to present a lineup of independently developed games for the PlayStation 4.

    Adam added to his long list of Giant Bomb appearances on the night of June 13th, 2013. Displaying the PlayStation 4 console, controller, and base up close to professionals and viewers at large, Adam continued his unabashed commitment to video games.

    On July 7th 2016 Adam announced his departure from SCEA via Twitter.

    Iron Galaxy

    On July 26th 2016 Adam was announced as the CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios taking over the role from friend Dave Lang who founded the company.


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