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The Giant Big Giant Bomb Meme List of Lists of History and Stuff

Know your Giant Bomb memes and history, son, or get bopped.

Also, although I've been a member for a stupidly long time, there's no possible way of me knowing or remembering all of these. Please feel free to contribute in the comments. Links to specific videos or Bombcasts would be great, but not necessary. Togetherness!

All Youtube links are temporary and will be replaced or added to as we find the original sources. Cool? Cool.

I'm also interested in community created content that's relevant to Giant Bomb, such as GB music mixes or the like. This is not a call for your YT channel doing Let's Plays. I'm only interested in stuff pertaining directly to Giant Bomb.

I've also explained this in the comments, but I'll put it here - no, I won't be adding the "Brad is leaving" "joke." That shit always leads to more trouble than it's worth, causes a lot of confused questions, and we're cutting out its usage. I also won't be putting in any memes that directly or indirectly jab at staff or users. No "Brad is bad at games" stuff, for example.

List items

  • "Hit that big ass ramp!"

  • "Durgers."

    Probably the first GB meme I can remember. The meme had its origins in a Mega64 podcast, but became a running joke on Giant Bomb and is still mentioned from time to time. Here's an early result of the meme.

  • Usually the one of the three to watch in shocked (but gleeful) horror as John V. and Dave Lang slowly destroy each other.

  • "Get bopped!"

    "Dave Lang is a monster."

    "Lang Zone."


    And roughly a billion others. Just.. just go look up Giant Bomb's extensive video history with one of the site's favorite monsters.

  • Dave Lang's phone's arch-nemesis.

    One third of the unholy triumvirate that is Dave Lang, Johnny Five, and Adam Boyes. Yes, that Adam Boyes. The one who seems so normal.

    "Oh, David, stop!"

  • Smite was a repeatedly featured ad during a livestream not hosted by Giant Bomb. Over the course of a hellish weekend, viewers were subjected to the ad dozens, if not hundreds (depending on how much you love our overlord Smite in all its Smitten glory) of times. The game could be solid fuckin' gold, the greatest game ever made, but say its name and I'll still grit my teeth.

  • ""Have you seen this?" \m/

    Or is it /m\? I can never remember.

    Anyways. The fine folks at Atlas have brainwashed us all into Contradiction fanatics. Seriously, watch the full playthrough by Austin, Vinny, and Alex. It's terrific.

  • "Gaming is a religion, and Haze is the shit."

  • The question immortal - "What is Firewatch?"

    I think I have the right PAX, but as always, feel free to correct me like the raging man-child the Internet truly is!

  • Brad, Vinny, Jeff, and Drew argue about whether or not Brothers could wind up on a top ten list without question... only partly through the year.

  • "Stabbin dudes in the face like uh uh uh uh."

  • Like our man D-Leazy (Dave Lang, mentioned elsewhere), John Drake is a meme tornado. Start here:

    And here:

    And as with all the "celebrities" around Giant Bomb, be sure to check out the forums and wiki for more.

  • "Don't shake the baby!"

  • "Team Brad" stems from this, one of the coolest live moments from one of the best shows we've seen. All the Big Live Live Show Lives are magical, and if you want to be thoroughly entertained, be sure to watch all of them.

  • I "entertained" the thought of putting this under a soda page, but that might be saved for a special little entry a little later on. The Coke chugging challenge is a beloved "WTF" video from the early years of the site, and one of my all time favorites.

  • "Too Human, motherfucker!"

    Really, just watch. Jeff goes full on gangster.

  • Back in the day, Giant Bomb had a big red phone. People could call in. It was a perfectly normal idea, and it led to some great GB moments. This game, featuring anime-ass anime women in full anime non-existent outfits, brought about the start of the creeper cam, which made a resurgence in a video segment on a Friday UPF segment years on. Stick around for the Megan's Law bit.

  • In another great "WTF" moment of Giant Bomb history Alex Navarro tried to interview the Warrior. It's a fantastic trainwreck and well worth a listen.

  • Prolific voice actor Nolan North has been the subject of Giant Bomb adulation for some time, stemming mostly from his multiple roles in the game Mafia 2. Two characters, both voiced by North, could have conversations with each other. Ever since, the GB crew has (occasionally) featured the Northies in their end-of-year awards, presented to the game each year featuring the best performance by the actor.

    You should also definitely watch North's sit-down chat with Giant Bomb.

  • "Hey small businessman!"

    One of the more popular characters of Giant Bomb lore is Small Businessman, whom Jeff spoke to regularly in a great number of podcast advertisements. The character was so popular, it even inspired one of the great Giant Bomb community songs.

  • ":D"

    Brad Muir's never without a giant, infectious smile. He's one of the more beloved guests on Giant Bomb, and has even brought his mini-me to the set. Why he'd allow the filth of the GB aura near his child, we'll never know, but we're sure glad he did.

  • "Batmanbatmanbatman!"

    When Warner Bros. registered a great many domains for a new Batman game, Jeff and Ryan jumped on it with their ideas for Batman domains... and then in true Giant Bomb fashion, it was taken even further. For one of the best podcast moments, listen on!

    Could use some help tracking down the original podcast, if anyone has it.

    And also, the classic signoff, Good Luck, Have Batman - often abbreviated to GLHB.


  • A lot of magic is made in the E3 nightly podcasts. I mean, a lot. It's a magical time of year, when everyone's tired and raw, and everyone seems to be full-on loopy. In other words, it makes for Giant Bomb historical gold.

    The <> thing stemmed from the following E3 moment, which in itself stemmed from a bizarre EA PR idea. One of their little E3 moments had people coming out of their booth/presentation area with the classic Sims diamonds over their head, an obnoxiously stupid idea that the GIant Bomb crew capitalized on. Why or how they picked this moment, we're not sure of. But it happened, it's funny, and it's worth a watch.

    <> has since become the symbol for "bye" at the end of livestreams.

  • Luchadeer is/was a stuffed deer that hung on the Giant Bomb walls. A luchador mask covered its face. It's the mascot of Giant Bomb and you WILL acknowledge its power, lest you be removed from the face of the planet.

  • "Lincoln Force" was a game pitched by Ryan Davis on the Bombcast. It led to lots of community based artwork and jokes. Here's the source here.

  • "I'm a wizard, and that looks fucked up."

    When Vinny starts comparing the dialogue options from Dragon Age to DA 2, he drops this line.

  • "Anime is for jerks!"

    When hosting the Hotspot on Gamespot, Jeff Gerstmann dropped this bombshell - and the quote lives on today.

  • "China don't care!"

    Ryan Davis makes the off-handed comment talking about merchandise and what not and the guys briefly move on before circling back to the joke and absolutely killing it. The line became a GB shirt and a running joke for years.

  • "Never!"

    Again, a link to the start of this one would be great. Here's a Youtube clip of the Bombcast in question, which I'm sure was a recap from 2008-2009.

  • "Call Zobek."

    Vinny's attempts at justifying how good Lords of Shadow are fall apart in an episode of UPF. Skip ahead to about the 24:00 mark.

  • Oh, so so many memes came from the Endurance Run of this game. New users owe it to themselves to check out all the various incarnations of ERs on the site (both official and by other names), such as Persona 4, Deadly Premonition, Chrono Trigger, Metal Gear Scanlon, Spelunkin' with Scoops, VinnyVania, Phantasmagoria, and Contradiction (someone pleae remind me if I'm missing any).

    From Persona 4, we've got:

    "Don't Use Bufu" - Ep. 68, linked here

    "Aha! Is this our chance?" - Various. It's a repeated quote in battle, when a critical hit is available.

  • Rumor has it Big Jeffrey, Dr. Tracksuit, podcast advertiser extroardinaire Brett, and Jeff Gerstmann are all one and the same. I leave that to you to decide, but you might want to start in on the many faces of Jeff with this Quick Look featuring Big Jeffrey's first known appearance.

  • "Rider meet horse, horse meet rider."

    There are many, many reasons the Kinect was a failure, but the biggest? It was a piece of shit technology that might be neat in fifteen years when motion controls aren't largely useless. No video quite proves this like Jeff and Ryan's 2010 QL of Motion Sports.

  • The NDX train was a constant supply of joy and happiness the world 'round, until one day the bullies carpet bombed the tracks and stopped the good times for everyone. OK, so the NDX train kinda fizzled out on its own, but while it lasted, it was a hell of a lot of fun. Check out the madness in the link below, and listen to some podcasts from around that period of time to hear more from Conductor Jeff.

  • You might think with the release of Rare Replay that the Big Three really nail their retro releases. Wrong. Dead fuckin' wrong. Game Room was a horrible attempt at monetizing these retro re-releases, done in an interesting fashion but charging astoundingly stupid prices for lots of games no one actually cared about. Except Jeff. Always Jeff.

  • "...wanna ride the roller coaster?"

    Creeper Jeff invites people into his bedroom for a little peek into his rift. Give it a listen here.

  • "Barkerville"

    Brad's off-the-cuff mention of a random childhood thought about the music of Simon's Quest led to some great memes out of the GB community and friends of the site. Give the original video a watch here:

    Chase that magic down with a little John Drake magic:

  • Former intern, friend to the site, and one of "those" Dota players you occasionally see on the site from time to time (when we aren't all howling at Brad to please shut it off), Kessler has been a part of a lot of memorable moments from GB history. Here are some:

    And one of my favorite moments from the E3 2014 stuff:

  • "Nobody wins."

    After every Mario Party Party, there is a clear, distinct winner. No one.

  • DMX Goomba is a classic, recurring gag brought to great levels of insanity in a UPF.

    Here's a great look at the history of DMX Goomba.

  • This one was new to me, so thanks to the comments, now I've learned about a pretty great Bombcast moment. While describing the DSiware game the Faraway Tree, the Bombcasters take on the personas of some of the more interestingly named characters. Give it a listen.

  • "Mom's dead, parkour!"

    Watch the 2018 GB East/West Extra Life streams of this game. They're full of great moments, and the GB West stream is where this particular chat quote came from.