The Giant Big Giant Bomb Meme List of Lists of History and Stuff

Know your Giant Bomb memes and history, son, or get bopped.

Also, although I've been a member for a stupidly long time, there's no possible way of me knowing or remembering all of these. Please feel free to contribute in the comments. Links to specific videos or Bombcasts would be great, but not necessary. Togetherness!

All Youtube links are temporary and will be replaced or added to as we find the original sources. Cool? Cool.

I'm also interested in community created content that's relevant to Giant Bomb, such as GB music mixes or the like. This is not a call for your YT channel doing Let's Plays. I'm only interested in stuff pertaining directly to Giant Bomb.

I've also explained this in the comments, but I'll put it here - no, I won't be adding the "Brad is leaving" "joke." That shit always leads to more trouble than it's worth, causes a lot of confused questions, and we're cutting out its usage. I also won't be putting in any memes that directly or indirectly jab at staff or users. No "Brad is bad at games" stuff, for example.

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