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    Babysitting Mama

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 01, 2010

    A minigame collection where players can simulate infant care, using a plush doll that houses the Wii Remote. Don't even think about shaking the baby.

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    Babysitting Mama is a is a baby simulator where you must take care of a baby to score points and become a better person. The game comes with a plush baby doll. To play the game you must insert the wii remote into a pouch on the baby's back. Once you've done that, you must insert the nunchuck into the wii remote which you will use to circle through the game's menus.

    Once you've set up your baby you'll be ready to embark on the adventure that is parenting! The game has you playing as Mama from the Cooking Mama franchise. You can select from over 40 mini games that have you taking care of your virtual baby. These video games involve you feeding the baby, rocking the baby to sleep (but you must be careful to not shake the baby!), and making the baby burp after meals. The baby's sounds comes out of the wii remote speaker while Mama gives you tips on screen. There are 6 different babies to choose from (see below) each with their different personalities.

    The Babies

    The game features 6 different babies for Mama to take care of. The next baby is only available after watching over the current one you had and unlocking the next one.

    The first baby is Yuto. He is the baby that the doll/Wii-device is packaged with.

    The second baby is a girl named Emma. Emma is typically always very grumpy and difficult to deal with.

    Daniel is the third bouncing-bundle of joy with the tufts of blond hair.

    Baby William is the fourth and darkest baby of the bunch and has enough hair to almost resemble an "eraser-top" haircut.

    Lucy has dark hair and wears a daisy in her hair.

    The last baby to unlock is a little girl named Moyuki.

    Once all the babies have been unlocked and completed, the player gets to experience surprise bonus events that allow you to see Ichigo, one of Mama's other two children, cleaning up messes or trying to get her hat from out of a tree.


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