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    Bundled with Peripherals

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    Sometimes games come bundled peripherals needed to enhance the games experience.

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    There are some bundles that included a peripheral that other games can take advantage of and other bundles that included a peripheral that was unique and required for the particular game play. Bundles are a great way to introduce a new peripheral into the marketplace and spread the adoption rate of said peripheral. A good example is the N64's Rumble Pak bundled with popular Star Fox 64. Example of a dedicated peripheral for the game is Babysitting Mama which includes a plush baby doll

    Iconic Bundles

    These are the bundles that are iconic to the industry either because they sold alot or because the peripheral was unique.

    Star Fox 64 - Successfully launched the Nintendo peripheral that enables the controller to vibrate in the based on action on the screen known as Contexual Controller Rumble. After this peripheral was introduced, it became standard in majority of future home consoles and built into the controller directly.

    Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - every version of the game came bundled with at least one action figure and a portal device to usher in the near field communication popularity to the video game market. The game required the device and a key game play mechanic. The action figure you place on the portal device you became that character in the game.

    Hey You Pikachu - bundled with a microphone that attached to the expansion port of the controller. This is notable game for being the first game to use microphone for speech recognition. A few years later Sega released

    Seaman for the Dreamcast with similar mechanic and quickly became a cult classic for the system

    Alien Front Online - much like Seamman and Hey You Pikachu it was bundled with a microphone. This bundle is iconic due to being the first game to use voice chat during online play.

    NBA Baller Beats - probably the most useful peripheral of any video game, due to the peripheral was an actual official NBA basketball that can be used outside the video game world. There is nothing special about the basketball that was bundled, the game can track any ball that that you can bounce.

    Common Peripherals

    Every once in a while a genre of games comes along that revolutionizes the market and majority of game publishers try to capture the popularity of the genre by releasing their own game with the same peripheral as the others.


    Most, if not all karaoke/singing games come bundled with a microphone. If you enjoy this genre you most likely have a drawer filled with various microphones that came with each game.

    Musical Instruments

    During the height of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band popularity Music games become the cash cow for game publishers. It seems like every publisher attempted their own version of a music playing game. Every version of a game seemed like it came bundled with their own version of an instrument.

    Fishing Rod
    It seems like every fishing game comes bundled with their own version of a digital fishing rod. Majority of them have a motion sensor to detect casting or piggybacked off the standard controller which is common practice for Wii games. These plastic fishing rods enabled the player to be more involved with the process of catching a fish on the line. Fishing Resort for the Wii and Sega Bass Fishing for the Dreamcast are examples of quality fishing games that came bundled with a rod

    Hunting Guns

    Despite the inability of light guns to operate on current TVs, the thrill of pointing plastic guns at the TV and shooting stuff never lost it's charm. In the 2000's and Wii's popularity of peripherals. Shooting and hunting games started to rise in popularity again. Like most peripherals that are not included with the platform the game developers create their own dedicated gun peripheral. While they all might act the same some guns are not capable with games developed from another company. It is often times cheaper for the game company to bundle a gun then to test the various guns that exist. Cabela's Big Game Hunter is popular franchise that has their fair share of hunting gun bundles.


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