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    Wii Remote

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    The Wii Remote, most commonly referred to as the Wiimote, is what controls the Nintendo Wii, bringing interactive fun to all ages.

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    The Nintendo Wii Remote is the controller for the Nintendo Wii console (also compatible with the Nintendo Wii U system). Used by itself or with attachments (i.e. the Wii Nunchuk) it lets players control the games with motion controls.

    The Technology

    The Wiimote is able to recognize where it is in 3-D space; this is achieved by the use of accelerometers to tell when the remote is being moved, and IR sensors which are picked up by the LEDs in the Wii sensor bar. The remote is connected to the console via Bluetooth and features vibration feedback in the form of rumble and a built-in speaker capable of delivering specified in-game sounds. Up to four Wiimotes can be active on the same console at a time; the player number assigned to the Wiimote is indicated by one of four LEDs on the tail end of the controller.

    The remote also contains flash memory that can be used to store Miis for transfer onto another console.


    The Wiimote model number is RVL-003. "RVL" refers to "Revolution," the codename of the Nintendo Wii console during development of the hardware, which ended up being superior to the actual commercial name of the product.


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