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    Kraig Kujawa

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    Kraig Kujawa is a lead designer at Iron Galaxy Studios, and occasional guest of the Giant Bombcast at various industry events.

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    Kraig Kujawa is a former game journalist who has worked on games published by EA, Midway, and Capcom.

    Kraig has worked at Midway as a lead designer on the Blitz: The League games. After Midway, Kraig moved out to San Francisco to join Capcom USA as a design director where he worked alongside Adam Boyes on the Bionic Command reboot, Dark Void and several XBLA titles. He then did a brief stint at Microsoft as a Creative Director on NIKE+ Kinect Training, before leaving to join VGMarket, a video game market research firm, as their COO.

    Kraig is now working alongside longtime friend Dave Lang as Creative Director at Iron Galaxy Games.


    • Kraig is the founder of the Seattle Chapter of the Red Shirt Posse (TM) and soon to be of Austin.
    • A member of the fabled "Old Wives Club" during his days at Midway.
    • Kraig Kujawa is close friends with Adam Boyes and John Vignocchi.
    • Was briefly referred to as "The Badge" after turning in a game pitch at Midway by the same name.
    • Worked closely with Adam Boyes to pitch a Nintendo Wii game called 'bar games' which would eventually become known as the "Game Party" series.
    • Never washes his car.
    • Kraig admits to being responsible for the odd numbered Achievement points given on 1942: Joint Strike.
    • During his time as an editor at Electronic Gaming Monthly, Kraig Kujawa placed third in an NFL Blitz tournament held by Midway at E3 in 1998. The tournament was won by a great American named Jeff Gerstmann.


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