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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Apr 07, 2009

    What the Flock...?! Farmers beware! Sheep-stealing UFO's are reported in the area of this funny (almost cute) looking game.

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    Flock is a downloadable game for PSN, XBLA, and Windows in which players control a UFO named "The Flocker". The objective is to herd sheep, chickens, pigs and cows to their mothership, the "Mother Flocker", to be abducted in typical alien fashion. Players must guide, push, steer, and carve paths for their flock of barnyard animals through a multitude of different environments. Each type of animal reacts differently to your space ship, providing varying levels of difficulty in herding them back to your mother-ship. As well as hazardous pits and obstacles to be navigated around, the levels are riddled with hungry predators just waiting to gobble up your helpless flock. 


    In the game there are 55 unique levels spanning three seasons, summer, august and winter. Along with the single player levels, cooperative play is included for up to two players, allowing you to abduct helpless critters with a friend. If the included levels are not enough a full level editor - the same the developers used to make the included levels - is included along with full sharing capabilities. The PS3 version and the PC version are also capable of trading levels between them, but not with he Xbox 360 version of the game.


    Flock costs $15 across all platforms.

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