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GB@Nite LIVE! Tickets & Details

We're doing this couch thing LIVE and in-person in Los Angeles on June 9th. All the details and ticket info here!

and MORE!
and MORE!

E3 might be dead and gone, but the E3 Couchâ„¢ doesn't die so easily.

We'll be bringing said couch and a myriad of special guests to The Bellwether in downtown Los Angeles and going live at 8:00 PM PDT, which is a few hours after the Xbox presentation ends on Sunday, June 9th. Of course, everyone can watch online as always, but if you're in the LA area, you can be in the audience!

You can GRAB A TICKET HERE for $40.

But, wait! If you're a Giant Bomb Premium Subscriber, you also have the option to get a *VIP* ticket. What's that do? Well...

  • Early entry to the theater!
  • Guaranteed seat in the first 3 rows!
  • Exclusive Q&A panel!

You can learn more about the VIP option in the Giant Bomb Discord. Just look for the "Q-And-A Questions" channel in the Premium section.