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DJ Hero 2: If It Locks Up, Ditch A Friend

Weird bug plagues DJ Hero 2, here's a workaround.

Hey there, by now you may have seen our DJ Hero 2 Quick Look, where Brad and I "eff it up old-school" on a turntable and a microphone. That was our first experience with the final retail version of the game, and it locked up like three times while we were playing it, usually right at the end of the song. 


It sounds like this was already corrected on the PlayStation 3, but over on the Xbox 360, if you're experiencing lockups at the end of every single song, it's probably because your friends list is full. Apparently there's some sort of issue related to the way the game pulls scores from your friends list and displays them in-game, and if you've got a full list, the whole game explodes! Cool, right?

Anyway, G4 bugged Activision about it and heard that a patch for the 360 version should be available by the end of the week. Until then, if you're looking to get busy on the decks and stuff, you need to either play offline or cut someone from your friends list. Consider yourself warned!
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