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Double Dragon is Getting Rebooted Again

This time it's Wayforward helming an update on the beat-'em-up classic.

The idea of noted classic game revivalists WayForward rebooting the Double Dragon franchise for a new XBLA/PSN game seems so utterly perfect, that it's actually sort of weird that it hasn't happened yet. Well, now it is.

Why yes, that is quite a bit of Neon, isn't it?
Why yes, that is quite a bit of Neon, isn't it?

Revealing the game to IGN, WayForward and publishing partner Majesco are planning on releasing Double Dragon Neon for the aforementioned platforms this summer.

The Neon of the title refers to the game's aesthetic, which is steeped in '80s visual elements in a way IGN describes as what it would look like "if GTA Vice City threw up on Big Trouble in Little China." That doesn't sound half-bad, actually.

The gameplay evidently doesn't stray too far from the original design, mixing straight-up beat-'em-up combat with weapons-based maneuvers. The plot will once again seeing the perpetually kidnapped Marion kidnapped by yet another thug, whose name is actually Skullmageddon. That's great and everything, but what of Abobo? I expect heavy doses of Abobo early and often in my Double Dragon games, dammit.

This isn't the first time someone's tried to reboot the Double Dragon franchise. Back in 2003, 10 whole years after the previous new game in the series, Atlus put out Double Dragon Advance for the GBA. That game was actually pretty great, but it didn't exactly spark off a franchise revival. Given WayForward's chops with games based on old school concepts, maybe they'll be the team to bring Double Dragon back to mass acclaim. Considering how much time I spent playing the original Double Dragon port for the NES, I certainly wouldn't mind.

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