• damonkey64 posted on alex’s wall.
    Hey man, just wanted to say your extra life 2017 stream was legendary, and that you have grown to be one of my absolute favorites on the site over the years. Keep up the good work. *Wolf Howl*
  • digital_sin posted on alex’s wall.
    trivia that I thought you & Jeff might enjoy, since you never mentioned this while watching the movie. The old man watching Han teach Sean how to drift is the real life drift King http://goo.gl/7dq5JU
  • Capstan posted on alex’s wall.
    Just to put you out of your voice identity misery, Alex, Agent Reyes from Thimbleweed Park is played by the same guy who did Farengar, the Whiterun court wizard in Skyrim.
  • CornRPeople2 posted on alex’s wall.
    Alex just fell into a dark hole on YouTube where drummers are playing MegaMan songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi0qzlAFtME
  • mezmero posted on alex’s wall.
    Dude, has Broken Matt Hardy just been doing Nic Cage's accent from Vampire Kiss this whole time?
  • Isnagov posted on alex’s wall.
    Nice review of Mafia III. Those first two paragraphs were tight and dense which is a hard thing to accomplish as a writer. Thanks.
  • bryngylf posted on alex’s wall.
    Very good review on NMS! I liked the small diary inserts =)
  • dallen33 posted on alex’s wall.
    Great No Man's Sky review.
  • bybeach posted on alex’s wall.
    Rocket from the Crypt vs. Rocket from the Tomb...lol I'm an idiot! Something wuz bothering me...
  • ryleknuckles posted on alex’s wall.
    Alex, you should do a stream playing thru a game of Civ V before the new release.
  • Coreus posted on alex’s wall.
    Hey Alex, you should see this one: http://www.unilad.co.uk/tv/nicolas-cage-as-every-game-of-thrones-character-kills-me/
  • brads_beard posted on alex’s wall.
    try watching PWG
  • Naoiko posted on alex’s wall.
    If possible could you do a 'Drew went to North Korea' style video thing about your trip to Japan when you get back? Your twitter posts make it seem super awesome.
  • RomeoInc posted on alex’s wall.
    Hey Alex, If you'd like to hang out with a Scot in Japan, just hit me up! Know of a great small little authentic whiskey bar near Shinjuku. Hope you have an awesome time here!
  • Moron9000 posted on alex’s wall.
    I have the exact opposite to what you asked. My wife and I want to go for our first anniversary and we are sure what would be the best tactic. We were thinking one of the tour companies. What did do?
  • Nikopotamus posted on alex’s wall.
    Skip Akihabara for games; Super Potato, Trader et al are really bare bones right now (TGS I guess?) instead, check out Nakano Broadway which is just west of Shinjuku on the Chuo Line.
  • sammyfreak posted on alex’s wall.
    http://akiba2960.com/ Is an awesome Owl Cafe in Akihabara. You have to book a time beforehand, but you can sit and pet owls for an hour!
  • Naoiko posted on alex’s wall.
    In Akihabara there is a gachapon store that has TONS of gachapon machine. It's funner than it sounds. Also, look for any petstores you can find as it is legal to have all sorts of pets in japan.
  • mosespippy posted a message in the forum topic Steam Machines?. on the PC board

    I think these are for console gamers who want to take advantage of steam sales. It's not for everyone, but guess what? Big powerful desktop rigs aren't for everyone either. To each their own.

  • Devil240Z posted a message in the forum topic Is it really worth it for GB to go to PAX?. on the General Discussion board

    @ejc93 said:I think people tend to look at TNT with rose-tinted glasses. It could be really boring a lot of the time.As for PAX, I don't mind it. I've never loved the official panels, but some of the ...