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    Alex Navarro

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    Senior Editor at Giant Bomb from 2010 - 2021. Formerly GameSpot editor and PR specialist for Harmonix. He previously worked for Whiskey Media on their movie site Screened. Drum God. Ask him about Big Rigs.

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    Navarro in the Desert
    Navarro in the Desert

    Alexis Alexander Navarro aka "The Wolf" aka "Alex", is a former GameSpot editor, former Visual Concepts/ 2K Sports tester, and former community moderator for Harmonix Music Systems. His personal blog used to live at, but no longer exists.

    As a GameSpot employee, Alex Navarro started a column called "Burning Questions" on March 4, 2005. This column was a reader mail section of GameSpot where people would write in and Alex would look into the question then give a detailed answer with his own thoughts or spin on the subject after laying out the facts which had come up in his investigation. There was also a section titled "Rant of the Week" — this was a section for people writing in and sounding off on a pressing issue in the gaming industry. These rants varied from prime examples of well thought-out arguments to prime targets for humiliation. This section ran for approximately 64 weeks almost consecutively until September 29, 2006 when the column was discontinued because Alex lost his mind trying to answer the incessant, repetitive questions week after week.

    Alex's video reviews often had humorous comparisons and well timed edits. For example, his review of 24: The Game took place in a fictionalized situation where a terrorist had forced him to do the review by the time a timer on an explosive detonated. Similarly, the video review of the RoboCop game for the Xbox featured no gameplay footage of the game whatsoever, and instead consisted of Alex making suggestions on what to buy instead with the money it would cost to buy the game (His suggestions included the special edition of RoboCop the movie on DVD, a replica of RoboCop's signature pistol, and a sandwich).

    He is the co-founder of the now defunct Whiskey Media movie and TV website, Screened.

    Alex Navarro has recently taken up reviewing games again on Giant Bomb. His first review on the website was Backbreaker. After the breakup of Whiskey Media, Alex parted ways with Screened and is now working full-time at Giant Bomb as part of their East Coast office alongside Vinny Caravella


    • Wrote 733 reviews at GameSpot.
    • Has claimed that the review that got him the most hate mail was his 5.7/10 score for Advent Rising.
    • Claims that he has broken seven controllers.
    • Has experienced five console launches (seven in total when also counting the Gizmondo and N-Gage).
    • Has covered five E3s.
    • Has spent two weekend birthdays in the GameSpot office because of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 launch and also for the Rock Band launch.
    • His biggest regret at GameSpot is not giving the Burning Questions feature a proper closure.
    • His favorite review he has written was of Super Mario Galaxy.
    • Has never been to Tokyo Game Show.
    • His first console he ever saved up for was an NES.
    • Had worked at GameSpot for 5 years.
    • He gained about 45 pounds when working at GameSpot.
    • Claims to have lost 280 hours of sleep because of E3s.
    • Has been an instrument salesman and claims that he hated that job.
    • The highest score he ever gave was a perfect 10 to Rock Band 2.
    • The highest score he ever gave in an official capacity was 9.5 to Super Mario Galaxy because that game is "totally tits".
    • The lowest score he ever gave was a 1.0 to Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, which is the lowest possible score on GameSpot's scale. This review is infamous.
    • Likes to watch Japanese Wrestling tapes.
    • His most guilty pleasure game is Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 for the Nintendo 64.
    • As a child, has dressed as a Ghostbuster for Halloween four years in a row. He was Peter Venkman. As a result, Jeff Gerstmann believes that he is not very imaginative.
    • Frequently uses the Game Genie cheat device.
    • Was a fan of the New England Patriots. Not so much these days.
    • His first video review at GameSpot was of Def Jam: Vendetta. He gave it an 8.4 out of 10.
    • His full name is Alexis Alexander Navarro.
    • Has a cat named Thelma.
    • Moved to the east coast after he quit GameSpot.
    • Moved back to the west coast after he quit Harmonix.
    • Moved back to the east coast to become Whiskey Media's east coast correspondent and move in with his girlfriend. Now makes up 'Giant Bomb East' in an official capacity alongside Vinny Caravella.
    • Quit GameSpot largely because of "Gerstmanngate".
    • Thinks "Gerstmanngate" is a pretty stupid and lazy nickname for a scandal.
    • Was a guest on episode 47 of the podcast and includes his thoughts on gaming journalism.
    • Appeared on QVC, playing the drums and wearing short pants, to promote The Beatles: Rock Band.
    • Is horribly allergic to bees.
    • Is notoriously cheap. He lived in an apartment with very slanted floors for years solely because the rent was low.
    • His grandfather was briefly Alfred Hitchcock's limo driver.
    • Formerly practiced Kung-Fu.
    • He's a drummer. According to Jeff Gerstmann, Alex has the most consistent timing of any drummer he's ever worked with.
    • He thinks Daniel Craig is an "ugly ass man".
    • Can do a Sylvester Stallone impression.
    • The game The Gunstringer features fake review quotes written by him. He was asked to contribute the quotes by Dan Teasdale, who he used to work with at Harmonix and Twisted Pixel. Dan formed No Goblin in July, 2013.
    • Has stated on the Screened podcast that he hates living.
    • His rap name is JPEG.
    • Esteemed indie game developer Scott Benson once said he was "glad" Alex is alive.
    • Has taken it upon himself to review every Nicolas Cage movie. You can find his reviews at his Year of the Cage Tumblr blog.
    • Successfully smuggled an Xbox 360 out of the GameSpot office for Jeff Gerstmann after "Gerstmanngate".
    • During the drive to E3 2014, He revealed he smoked pot when he was 18 years old.
    • For a small period of time, Alex's phone suddenly stopped working so he was forced to use a N-Gage as a substitute.
    • Has been called "the Dolph Ziggler of games journalism."
    • Wants to see Dan Ryckert "eat a fucking starter cap"
    • Intends for his remains to be cremated and "scattered to the wind."
    • His old band once opened for Pop-Punk band Sum 41 before they became famous.
    • Creator of the term "shlooter" to describe the popular genre of Destiny-a-likes.

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