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Double Fine Bringing Mars, Bears, Loot to Trenched

And by Trenched, of course, we mean Iron Brigade, the new worldwide name for Trenched.

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If you’ve already pushed back the technological menace in Iron Brigade (er, Trenched), Double Fine Productions is preparing the first set of downloadable content, Rise of the Martian Bear.

The studio revealed the first details on the content at a small event in San Francisco last Friday.

Rise of the Martian Bear will include four new missions set on Mars, and presumably an explanation for why we’ve left Earth’s atmosphere. If it don't want to provide one, I'm cool with that, too. And, yes, there will be bears.

There’s no release date for Rise of the Martian Bear, but Double Fine said it wouldn’t be far off.

Before that happens, however, Trenched has to become Iron Brigade. Alongside the title update that makes the name change official (the result of a copyright dispute), players will gain access to new loot and a survival game mode.

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Avatar image for xxizzypop
Posted By xxizzypop

@golguin said:

I wonder if the characters will still refer to "Trenches" because I sure as hell will keep calling my beast a trench.

They do. They've made a point of declaring that the mechanical behemoths are still trenches and addressed thusly, just that the game is now titled Iron Brigade.

Avatar image for white_silhouette
Posted By White_Silhouette

@Longevitous said:

how many Total Recall references will this have?

according to the bombcast DF made a point to not make any Total Recall references. They said that was a twisted pixel thing

Avatar image for longevitous
Posted By longevitous

how many Total Recall references will this have?

Avatar image for boopie
Posted By Boopie

rise of the martian bears? lmao

Avatar image for golguin
Posted By golguin

I wonder if the characters will still refer to "Trenches" because I sure as hell will keep calling my beast a trench.

Avatar image for desktopman
Posted By DesktopMan

@BlueOysters: Unfortunately Trenched/Iron Brigade was/is published by Microsoft, so seeing it on PC seems unlikely at this point. It's a pity, because I think this game would play very well with a mouse and keyboard.

Avatar image for slightconfuse
Posted By SlightConfuse

have not played this or stacking yet but this looks awesome

Avatar image for krystal_sackful
Posted By Krystal_Sackful

Double Fine is killing it this month.

Avatar image for gunslingerpanda
Posted By GunslingerPanda

So I'm assuming this will be free to make up for the delay in Europe and to act as a kind of "re-launch" for the title?

Avatar image for haskeer
Posted By Haskeer

This is out of nowhere. Can't wait!

Avatar image for cikame
Posted By cikame

In the UK, still waiting.

Avatar image for airickson
Posted By Airickson

Good time to be a bear -- first Kinectimals and now Trenched/Iron Brigade. What's next? A Yogi Bear game?

Avatar image for ronald
Posted By Ronald

So, this was the event B-Rad came back from.

Avatar image for wintersnowblind
Posted By WinterSnowblind

@FlipperDesert said:

Great! Now if they actually got around to releasing this game in Europe I would care. Fuck, I used to be so excited for this game but now I'm just in a bad mood when I hear about it.

You're not alone.

Avatar image for ryanwho
Posted By ryanwho

Iron Brigade sounds like some obscure PC strategy game about World War 1 that's been going on for 3 decades.

Avatar image for brodehouse
Posted By Brodehouse

Forever Trenched.

Avatar image for chernobylcow
Posted By ChernobylCow

@Castiel said:

Nice Costume Quest reference in the last picture.


Avatar image for wuddel
Posted By Wuddel

Now that even costume quest is on Steam, give us Trenched for the PC already. I even go to a GFWL marketplace or something.

Avatar image for castiel
Posted By Castiel

Nice Costume Quest reference in the last picture.

Avatar image for flipperdesert
Posted By FlipperDesert

Great! Now if they actually got around to releasing this game in Europe I would care. Fuck, I used to be so excited for this game but now I'm just in a bad mood when I hear about it.

Avatar image for razielcuts
Posted By RazielCuts

I thought it was dubbed 'Iron Brigade' everywhere now?

Trenched is still a better name tho. Trenched to Iron Brigade seemed like weird leap, from cool to generic.

Avatar image for qualus
Posted By qualus

Ahh, love the randomness. Double Fine FTW

Avatar image for burnin_squirrrl
Posted By burnin_squirrrl
And, yes, there will be bears.

There will be bears is the name of my Judas Priest cover band...

Avatar image for deactivated-57a1372cc3e61
Posted By deactivated-57a1372cc3e61

"players will gain access to new loot and a survival game mode."

SOLD! Give me 50!

Avatar image for kalmis
Posted By kalmis

I might be blind, but I still can't see the EU release

Avatar image for bybeach
Posted By bybeach

I may buy this game!

Avatar image for harkinnecro
Posted By HarkinNecro

Where is the Welsh Release where you get to spear your opponent?

too soon?

UK Release pls

Avatar image for hiimmikecruz
Posted By HiImMikeCruz

@avidwriter: I keep pestering Brad Muir on twitter about a pc version. He said the ip is in the hands of Microsoft so it's their call.

Avatar image for vexxan
Posted By Vexxan
@HandsomeDevil said:


Avatar image for sayntofsynners


I have played the heck out of the USA demo, and I want to get this game so much.

I also want to support D.F. I buy everything they do , I even bought BRUTAL LEGEND, despite my hate for JACK BLACK.

TIM SHAFFER is one of the great video game producer personalities, up there with PETER MOORE (when he faced XBOX) and CLIFF BLESZINSKI, SID MEIER, GABE NEWELL to name a few

Avatar image for qodot
Posted By Qodot

@Brackynews said:

But are they Russian Martian Bears?

Inquiring Batmen want to know.


Avatar image for kayrack
Posted By Kayrack

I wonder if we will ever see a pc release, I am just curious on it.

Avatar image for scotto
Posted By Scotto

I loved Trenched, and salivated for a couple of months at the idea of having more of it to play, but at this point? I don't know, it seems kind of "too little, too late". I haven't turned the gamer on in months, and once you move on from a game, it's harder to come back.

That said, we will see. I loved the hell out of this game, and it's one of the few arcade titles I've gotten 200/200 on, so perhaps I will end up playing this too, haha.

- Scott

Avatar image for thefakepsychic
Posted By TheFakePsychic

Oh my god that guy driving the Mars Trench is in the Robot Costume from Costume Quest. That is the best thing ever. Ever.

This is/has/will be one of the few games that make me genuinely wish I had a 360 to play it on.

Avatar image for darkherozark
Posted By DarkHeroZark

You say "space bears", I say "How much?"

Avatar image for grilledcheez
Posted By Grilledcheez

Finally some DLC...I'm ready

Avatar image for gigamunch
Posted By GigaMunch

There better be a drenched reference .......jus sayin

Avatar image for morkaithewolf
Posted By morkaithewolf

More Trenched? More fun.

Avatar image for locolukah
Posted By locolukah

How can we dine on coconuts on Mars???

Ooooooh, Martian coconuts!

Avatar image for autobzooty
Posted By autobzooty


Avatar image for jethuty
Posted By Jethuty

whats the release date? tba?

Avatar image for ht101
Posted By ht101

I just wonder if this takes place in the same timeline as Red Alert 3. There are Russian bears, so why shouldn't it be in the same timeline? Someone prove me wrong on this line of thought.

Avatar image for defenestr8ed
Posted By defenestr8ed

Russian martian mech-men?

Avatar image for rirse
Posted By Rirse

Still a terrible name change, but otherwise I like the look of this DLC.

Avatar image for meatball

This news is too awesome.

Avatar image for lingxor
Posted By Lingxor


Avatar image for tesla
Posted By Tesla

I'm down for more Iron Trenchgade.

Avatar image for david3cm
Posted By david3cm

hrmmmm..... I loved playing trenched, I dont know if I really feel like going back to it though, maybe I'll be more excited closer to it's release.

Avatar image for lukeweizer
Posted By Lukeweizer

So excited for a new reason to play!

Avatar image for whytepanther
Posted By WhytePanther
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