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Dress You Up With My Points (All Over, All Over)

360 games will eventually give you clothes for your avatar.

Yeah, these guys.
Yeah, these guys.
In case you forgot, the fun-lovers over at Rare are responsible for the Xbox 360's avatar system. So that's why they can speak to sites like videogaming247 about upcoming plans for the little dudes.

Specifically, they've confirmed that games will eventually be able to bestow specific pieces of avatar clothes or accessories as you complete things, sort of like achievements work today. Rare goes on to tell the site that they're working with "multiple partners" who are interested in incorporating that sort of functionality.

Well hey, good! The whole point of achievements is so that you have something you can show off to other players, and rewarding players with specific items is a handy way to make the players who started recently (and thus don't have tens of thousands of achievement points already) still feel like they have something to compete for and show off with. Off the top of my head, here are a handful of clothing-type items we'd want to unlock by playing games:

What sort of stuff do you want to see on your avatars? Or, hey, what about your PlayStation Home dude?
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