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Early NXE For Everybody (Who Signed Up For It)

If you signed up for a shot at the early preview of the new Xbox 360 dashboard, get ready, because you're getting in tonight.

Turn on the street theme to keep it
Turn on the street theme to keep it "mad gully" in "tha hood!" "Word!"
Quick update tonight from Major "The Maj" Nelson, also known as Microsoft's Larry Hryb. If you signed up for that New Xbox Experience preview awhile back but didn't get selected in any of the previous waves, get ready. They're adding everyone to the cool kids list tonight, so if you properly filled out your entry with the correct console ID and serial number, you should be receiving the update sometime within the next few hours.

For everyone else, the updated dash will hit on Wednesday. At this point, I'm most looking forward to the rollout so we can stop talking about the "New Xbox Experience" and get on with our lives via the "Current Xbox Experience."
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