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Extra Life 2015 Is Upon Us, And We Have A Stream Schedule To Prove It

Tune in for 50+ hours of game streams this weekend. You know, for kids!

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November is shaping up to be a great month. High-profile games are dropping left and right, Emma Stone is single, goofy gifs of Drake dancing are still delighting millions, and it actually rained the other night. What a time to be alive!

We're taking that joy and channeling it straight into your monitor this weekend! Please join us as we embark on our annual Extra Life marathon starting this Thursday as we try and raise a bunch of money for the good folks at the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Our team, under the tender care and leadership of one Matt Pascual, has already raised almost $20,000 thanks to the efforts of community members just like you! A number of people from our team have already streamed, including our intrepid moderator Trace, and plenty more people will be streaming in the future, so if you feel like kicking them some cash, you can check out our current team roster right over here. Or you can give directly to us via this link. Donations made to us directly will benefit UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital of Oakland.

Austin will be kicking off the festivities at around 3 PM PST on Thursday and we plan on streaming straight through to Monday morning! Here's a schedule for your perusal:

[All times are Pacific Standard Time]

Start TimeHost
3 PM ThursdayAustin
7 AM FridayGiant Bomb SF
7 PM FridayVinny
3 AM SaturdayJason
9 AM SaturdayDrew and Alexis
8 AM SundayDave Lang
8 AM MondayThe End!

We'll have more details coming up soon. If you want to review the sleep-deprived goings-on from last year, you can find all of those videos here. Here is that donation link one more time!


[Vinny Added This Part]

Again, thanks to everyone who has helped, is helping, and plans to help in the future. And while we're thanking folks, thanks again to Hamst3r for this year's Extra Life video!