• Polysorbate42 posted on rorie’s wall.
    Think we might be able to get that progress remembering heartbeat thing for podcasts? I frequently listen to podcasts on the site and lose track of where I was and which ones I've listened to. Thanks!
  • deactivated-59df7ffd418b0 posted on rorie’s wall.
    Can I ask why you have decided to add a release date to a game that you are not developing nor know enough about? I am very confused on why you did this...
  • ralegar posted on rorie’s wall.
    I'm seeing some ads on facebook and such about giantbomb premium and buying for a month will give you a year sub free? Is there a premium sub deal going on, or am I reading it wrong?
  • Professionlol posted on rorie’s wall.
    A few weeks ago jeff was saying on stream he wanted to play One Must Fall 2097 but had issues installing. I put an instructional on the game's forum page if you want to pass that along thanks
  • eccentrix posted on rorie’s wall.
    Could you or a mod clean up the spam in the Steam group comments? There's a lot of Islamophobic stuff there. Thanks!
  • Ray_Marden posted on rorie’s wall.
    Any chance of throwing all the Game of the Year items onto a single page? I'll be working the next two weeks and it's always been a bit frustrating trying to find easy access to all the GotY updates.
  • Deyleone posted on rorie’s wall.
    I wanted to say a big thank you for your WOW raidtrospective. As someone who played vanilla but stopped shortly before Burning Crusade these videos really hit the nostalgia buttons. Nice job
  • Nightprowler posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hi Rorie. I'm trying to renew my subscription but whenever I press the "become premium" button I get sent to the homepage, not the premium options one. Don't know what else to do. Thanks!
  • creaturegod posted on rorie’s wall.
    On my pc I cannot click on the play button when I want to watch a premium video or any video which has caused me to download all the videos. It's been an issue for 6 months or more can you help?
  • jocumo89 posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey, Rorie. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work you're doing at GB. I loved Screen back in the day, too. Keep up the great work. All the best!
  • bnkohrn posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey, Rorie! Just a quick question: I want to develop an iOS app that uses the API to let users see a list of upcoming releases and get information about queried games. Am I able to distribute one?
  • apothecarrion posted on rorie’s wall.
    why am i banned from posting? i thought a single video was poorly made and shouldnt have been premium content and now ive been unable to comment or post to videos? seems odd
  • friendlypossum posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey man, I saw on the community spotlight thing from a week or so ago that we should change our passwords? Is this legit? Thanks Bud.
  • Meptron posted on rorie’s wall.
    Maybe this is youtube spam, but trust me it's worth it. Bootleg version of a early concept version of Jurassic World. https://youtu.be/tbwUjiTwVSg
  • MC68 posted on rorie’s wall.
    Didn't wanna use the support email for this - Thanks for hooking me back up Rorie!
  • Ninjak posted on rorie’s wall.
    Can I apologize for my behavior last night?
  • Dancio posted on rorie’s wall.
    How many movie podcast episodes are there? Only 6?
  • SilenceUK posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey Matt, just wondering during the big live show live who in round 2 of avalon broke the rules? does any one know? and the reason for doing it?
  • JamesDane posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey Rorie, I recently became a premium member and was able to watch premium content for about a day. I'm currently unable to view premium content at the moment nor does it show me as a premium member.
  • css_switchfoot posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey Rorie, I just recently found out about Baldurs Gate Reloaded and would love to see you bring it to UPF one of these weeks. The team is also remaking BG2 in the DA:O engine.