• Arghron posted on rorie’s wall.
    Please tell the East coast to fix the latest beastcast. An old episode was reuploaded
  • tanline posted on rorie’s wall.
  • Polysorbate42 posted on rorie’s wall.
    Think we might be able to get that progress remembering heartbeat thing for podcasts? I frequently listen to podcasts on the site and lose track of where I was and which ones I've listened to. Thanks!
  • deactivated-59df7ffd418b0 posted on rorie’s wall.
    Can I ask why you have decided to add a release date to a game that you are not developing nor know enough about? I am very confused on why you did this...
  • ralegar posted on rorie’s wall.
    I'm seeing some ads on facebook and such about giantbomb premium and buying for a month will give you a year sub free? Is there a premium sub deal going on, or am I reading it wrong?
  • Professionlol posted on rorie’s wall.
    A few weeks ago jeff was saying on stream he wanted to play One Must Fall 2097 but had issues installing. I put an instructional on the game's forum page if you want to pass that along thanks
  • eccentrix posted on rorie’s wall.
    Could you or a mod clean up the spam in the Steam group comments? There's a lot of Islamophobic stuff there. Thanks!
  • Ray_Marden posted on rorie’s wall.
    Any chance of throwing all the Game of the Year items onto a single page? I'll be working the next two weeks and it's always been a bit frustrating trying to find easy access to all the GotY updates.
  • Deyleone posted on rorie’s wall.
    I wanted to say a big thank you for your WOW raidtrospective. As someone who played vanilla but stopped shortly before Burning Crusade these videos really hit the nostalgia buttons. Nice job
  • Nightprowler posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hi Rorie. I'm trying to renew my subscription but whenever I press the "become premium" button I get sent to the homepage, not the premium options one. Don't know what else to do. Thanks!
  • creaturegod posted on rorie’s wall.
    On my pc I cannot click on the play button when I want to watch a premium video or any video which has caused me to download all the videos. It's been an issue for 6 months or more can you help?
  • jocumo89 posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey, Rorie. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work you're doing at GB. I loved Screen back in the day, too. Keep up the great work. All the best!
  • bnkohrn posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey, Rorie! Just a quick question: I want to develop an iOS app that uses the API to let users see a list of upcoming releases and get information about queried games. Am I able to distribute one?
  • apothecarrion posted on rorie’s wall.
    why am i banned from posting? i thought a single video was poorly made and shouldnt have been premium content and now ive been unable to comment or post to videos? seems odd
  • friendlypossum posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey man, I saw on the community spotlight thing from a week or so ago that we should change our passwords? Is this legit? Thanks Bud.
  • Meptron posted on rorie’s wall.
    Maybe this is youtube spam, but trust me it's worth it. Bootleg version of a early concept version of Jurassic World. https://youtu.be/tbwUjiTwVSg
  • MC68 posted on rorie’s wall.
    Didn't wanna use the support email for this - Thanks for hooking me back up Rorie!
  • Ninjak posted on rorie’s wall.
    Can I apologize for my behavior last night?
  • Dancio posted on rorie’s wall.
    How many movie podcast episodes are there? Only 6?
  • SilenceUK posted on rorie’s wall.
    Hey Matt, just wondering during the big live show live who in round 2 of avalon broke the rules? does any one know? and the reason for doing it?