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Extra Life 2016 Is Upon Us, So Hey, Have A Streaming Schedule

Join the Giant Bomb team this weekend to raise money for the kids!

Thanks to Hamster for the video above!

It's November and that means it's time to raise a bunch of money for kids! As we do every year, Giant Bomb is participating in the Extra Life charity marathon scheduled for this weekend. Please join us as we try to raise a bit of cash for the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital of Oakland.

The Giant Bomb team has already raised over $43,000 thanks to the efforts of dozens of contributors, which you can verify for yourself by hitting up the Extra Life website. Let's all give a big thanks to everyone who's already streamed or solicited donations on behalf of the Giant Bomb team as well as Matt Pascual for setting it up! Our individual member page is located here if you'd like to donate to us now or this weekend. Or later! Donations will run until the end of the year, so if you'd like to donate later, you can do that! Or you can even join our team and stream anytime in the next two months if you're feeling puckish!

Here's the current schedule for your perusal:

[All times are Pacific Standard Time]

Start TimeHost
6 AM - 6 PM FridayAlex
3 PM - 5 PM FridayUPF
6 PM - Midnight FridayVinny
9 AM Sat - 9 AM SunDrew and Alexis
9 AM Sun - 5 PM SunJason
9 AM Sun - 9 AM MonDave Lang

You may notice that there are a couple of overlaps here! Alex will continue streaming while we do UPF, but UPF will be free for everyone this week, so we'll try to get both streams in the same chatroom. The same will apply when both Jason and Dave Lang are streaming on Sunday! It's an embarrassment of riches! There's also a gap from midnight Friday to 9 AM Saturday. I may try and pop in there for some late-night WoW raiding if I can get my streaming setup working at home, or we might just have a bit of downtime there. We'll figure it out!

Thanks as always to everyone who helps us reach our frankly crazy monetary goals every year!