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Film Director Makes Red Dead Redemption Into TV Movie

Machinima. On television. Humanity is doomed.

 All the cinematic excitement, none of the gameplay!
 All the cinematic excitement, none of the gameplay!
OK, the path of this story is a little bumpy, so saddle up. Rockstar has teamed up with film director John Hillcoat to create a short film set in the world of Red Dead Redemption. Hillcoat, which already sounds like the name of a man who makes westerns, previously directed 2005's The Proposition (a western set in the outback of Australia) and last year's The Road (based on the Cormac McCarthy novel and set in a post-apocalyptic landscape that sure felt like a western), so the man has experience making nontraditional films about men in wide-open/desolate landscapes. Hillcoat's film still focuses on John Marston and his quest to track down Bill Williamson, but rather than cram 20 hours of gameplay into a 30 minute movie, the movie will cover just a single event in that story. 
The film was made inside Red Dead Redemption. So, yeah. It's machinima. Sorry. I couldn't do anything to stop them.
But the story doesn't end there; instead of posting the video online or on the consoles the game is out on, the RDR short film will be debuting on Fox this Saturday at midnight. That's right: it's a damn television premiere. Not since The History Channel used Rome: Total War to recreate historical battles has a movie filmed inside a video game gotten its televised due. 
Rockstar also sent out a teaser trailer for the film, once again reminding you that those Rockstar guys make some good trailers.
 ...OK, machinima. You're off the hook for being totally dumb. But only this once! I still got my eye on you.
Are you guys interested in turning on your television at midnight and watching a western made out of a video game western that there's a good chance you're already playing?