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Gleam the Cube With This New Giant Bomb Skateboard Deck

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to skate...or die.

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Hey everyone, we have a new item in the store for pre-order, starting...NOW. This Giant Bomb skateboard deck is perfect for sick bails, sketchy kickflips, or grinding the rail down to the skatepark conservancy. Here's the full description:

Whether you're a thrasher, a grinder, a freestyler, or a gruncher, you've never seen anything like this sick Giant Bomb skateboard deck! Bails will be a thing of the past when you're bombing a gnarly hill or just cruising around skate park on this sweet piece of Canadian Maple.

Have you ever flipkick ollied into a 360 Beni-hana? With this board (and years of practice), you just might! This board is sold as-is; you'll need to add your favorite wheels before you go checking out the stoke-worthy spots in your hood. It measures 32" x 8" with a medium concave!

Happy skating, and be safe!

Whether you want to ride this thing or nail it over your fireplace and claim that you hunted it to exhaustion in the Yukon, the Giant Bomb skateboard deck will serve you well. This is a PREORDER item. Preorders will end on September 1st and orders will ship in early October. Get yours now! Thanks to Alex Alcantar for the art!