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Halo 4 Officially Announced

New sequel marks the dawn of a new trilogy.

It's official: Master Chief is back up in your ass with the resurrection, and he's bringing a whole new trilogy along with him.

Simply titled Halo 4, the game will purportedly launch a new series of sequels developed by 343 Industries.

The new trailer closed out the conference in style, with a sequence involving Master Chief rescuing a glitching Cortana, and working his way through a semi-wrecked ship, all anti-gravity fabulous. The last shot showed the ship working its way into a massive portal. I'm just going to call it a Tannhauser Gate. Feel free to yell at me.

We'll bring you more on Halo 4 as it becomes available, but for now, chew on the slightly nebulous, but nonetheless tantalizing release date: Holiday, 2012.

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