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Halo: Reach Beta Starts May 3

Microsoft and Bungie confirm a start date for the Reach beta.

Microsoft is currently holding a press event in San Francisco, and the company is in the process of releasing new assets and other details on some of its upcoming games. One of those bits of info is the start date of the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta.

That beta will begin on May 3.

Access to the Reach beta is governed via Halo 3: ODST. Owners of ODST will be able to pop the disc in and use it to download the beta, much like Crackdown owners were granted access to a Halo 3 multiplayer beta.

We'll have more from Microsoft's event soon.    
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This is good. 

 Halo Reach is Going to be The best Halo Of all time
 Halo Reach is Going to be The best Halo Of all time
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Posted By Carlos1408

ODST is in my possession, if i have gold membership during that period of time I will play :D

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Posted By Shadow

Sweet!  I'll graduate college just in time to not play this beta

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Posted By Cerza

I might check this out.

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Posted By mano521

meh i still dont think odst is worth 60 bucks. ill get it when its like 30. the beta for a game which we have no gameplay of is not incentive enough 

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Posted By ImperiousRix

I have ODST. 
I will play this beta.

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Posted By MasterChiefLopez

Hopefully its not gonna be a mess like when you used the Crackdown disc.  I got on ok.  But I heard there were tons of peepz that couldn't get on the beta because of some mess up.  I'm sure Bungie and Microsoft learned from their mistakes though.   Good to hear that its coming soon! 

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Posted By Godlyawesomeguy

I might get ODST for 20$.
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Posted By letfly
@TimesHero said:
" inb4 i came "
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Posted By letfly

So now i can feel i little better about purchasing ODST, seing as i never finished it... Probably should though. Too many other good games in 2009.

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Posted By Grilledcheez

Guess I won't be playing it then...I don't think I'll be missing much.

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Posted By Jack_Daniels

Well.. I felt like ODST was a waste of my money, ATLEAST I get this damn thing.

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Posted By jmrwacko

What a cheap way to sell extra copies of Halo 3: ODST, by restricting the beta to ODST owners. I like the preorder model better.

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Posted By Bionicicide

Need to see gameplay videos before I care.

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Posted By Maxism

Well, it is time for me to pick up ODST. ODST was the second Halo game I haven't picked up on release day (the first being Halo Wars) because of its ridiculous price-point. I still stand by the fact that it was overpriced; it should have been $40 max.
Hell, I might as well buy it used since I don't want to support those practices. 
And no, I'm not going to get it at Gamestop.

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Posted By S0ndor

Or maybe they are just informing you about an announcement that requires no further analysis.

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Posted By MarkWahlberg

I like how this is such a small article. Almost like they're specifically avoiding hyping it up in anyway. Which makes sense, because it kind of hypes itself up.

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Posted By AgileNate

Ahh, just what I wanted to hear!

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Posted By RobbieMac

So I am going to have to get ODST eh.... Damn I didn't really enjoy that game when I played my roommates copy.

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Posted By Djeffers03


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Posted By TwoOneFive
@LincoIn said:
" More Halo = Never a bad thing. "
unless its halo wars. 
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Posted By TimesHero

inb4 i came

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Posted By Zeouterlimits

My college exam grades ;_;

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Posted By RoboticSpacePenguin

They released 3 new screenshots as well.  I think they look great (a bit better than the last batch).  They also say that they are demoing a flythrough of one of the levels (maps?) at X10.  I can't wait to see more!    

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Edited By ez123
@WinterSnowblind: Thanks! It looks so awesome. So is the event over? There is no chance of them announcing a release date?
Oh weak, the orange armor is a preorder incentive confirmed by kotaku.  Awesome level decreasing.
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Posted By Hosstile17

Sounds like I have something to distract me from going outside this Spring. Stupid sun and its damn tanning rays.

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Posted By crunchUK
@Milkman said:
" Is there going to be any other way to get in besides ODST? "
And... sounds interesting... Considering what happened from halo 2 to 3 i'm properly excited.
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Posted By Fosssil
Nothing has been announced yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft paired the beta with some new game release in the same way that they tied the Halo 3 Beta to Crackdown. Not much potential profit to be had by restricting it to ODST-only, since people can get their hands on a heavily discounted retail copy or a used copy at this point.
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Posted By WinterSnowblind
@ez123 said:

" Yeah, great, great w/e. But speaking of Crackdown... What's the news on that? "

There's some new pictures up.
Unforunately this X10 event is mainly geared for the press/developers and much of it is very hush hush.
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Edited By Jeffsekai


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Posted By masterpaperlink

yay time to fail all my exams

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Posted By Milkman

Is there going to be any other way to get in besides ODST?

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Posted By bigsmoke77
you would think that it would be 7 since bungie gets hard off the number 7
Avatar image for immike
Posted By immike

Kinda far off, but I can wait.

Avatar image for druminator
Posted By Druminator

Ah, don't have 360 anymore... dang.

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Posted By RoboticSpacePenguin
@CitizenKane: I'm almost certain that there is no "coupon" for the Reach beta.  As long as you have the ODST campaign/firefight disc, you're good.  When the beta is released there will likely be an option to download and play it in the "extras" menu on the main startup screen.
Avatar image for horace
Posted By Horace

I'm still hoping the single player is Republic Commando-esque.   With wristblade preferably.

Avatar image for hector
Posted By Hector

Can't wait to start playing. Time to take out ODST out of the basement.
Avatar image for hitchenson
Posted By Hitchenson

Dude, yes. I'm actually going to be so sad and book that week off from college. 

Avatar image for aaox
Posted By Aaox

I will be the first to admit that I'm pretty stoked for this. Wasn't the Halo 3 beta out on May 3rd as well?

Avatar image for big_jon
Posted By big_jon

Shall be a good day.
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Posted By mrfluke


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Posted By citizenkane

Sweet!  Now I'll have to make 100% sure that my "coupon" for it is still in my Halo 3: ODST box.

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Edited By ProfessorEss
@Baillie said:

" You mean the 6th Halo game? 4 in the main story and 2 spin-offs?  That's a lot over 2 generations and 9 years.  Stop trolling. "

Yeah I'm always a little confused about those kinda comments.
Especially when they come from fans of other franchises that have been milked so much harder.
You don't have to be a fanboy to be hungry for the still very rare 4 player co-op full campaign.
Avatar image for ez123
Posted By ez123

Yeah, great, great w/e. But speaking of Crackdown... What's the news on that?

Avatar image for zyn
Posted By zyn

YEAH!  Looking forward to it.

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Posted By Terjay


Avatar image for baillie
Posted By Baillie

You mean the 6th Halo game? 4 in the main story and 2 spin-offs? 
That's a lot over 2 generations and 9 years. 
Stop trolling.

Avatar image for th3dz
Posted By Th3dz

coolio, hope it will be good.

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Posted By InfiniteGeass

I can't wait to get my hands on it. Then I'll be able to judge if I really want to buy another Halo game.

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