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Here Are Some Diablo III Issues You Ought to Watch Out For

A few significant errors have popped up in the hours since the game's launch, including one particularly nasty one.

Since undoubtedly many of you out there in Giant Bomb land are either busy already plundering the depths of Sanctuary, or eagerly counting the hours until work/school's end so that you can go home and play already, I figured it might be a good idea to wave a quick caution flag regarding a few bugs and issues that have been reported since Diablo III's launch last night.

Error 37 is the least of anyone's worries now.
Error 37 is the least of anyone's worries now.

The biggest and most terrifying of the bugs is a genuine game-breaker, according to various threads in the Blizzard forums. In this case, it appears that anyone who equips a Templar follower with a different shield will suddenly encounter a synchronization error and be dropped from the game's servers. Users are additionally reporting that even upon restarting the client and attempting to log back in, a dreaded "Error 3006" message appears and prevents them from doing so.

This error may be limited to the Demon Hunter class, but regardless of class, it's probably best if you hold off on doing any shield switching with your Templar buddy until Blizzard posts a fix (which Eurogamer reports is on the way), just to be safe.

Blizzard has also addressed a couple of other issues, including a character creation error that somehow maxes your character list, as well as the more nebulous errors 14009 and 315300. For the character creation bug, Blizzard suggests that simply logging out and then logging back in may fix the problem. For the other errors, the current workaround involves creating a new Windows user account with admin permissions, and try again from there. Not exactly an ideal solution, but it's what they've got right now.

Between these errors and some of the more innocuous login errors related to high server traffic, Diablo III's launch certainly has a few landmines to navigate. While it's possible (probable, even) that many players won't run into many, if any of these issues, that's probably not going to be much comfort to those that have.

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