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I Know, Another Kickstarter Project, But...Tex Murphy

Who can complain about a brand-new FMV game?

Please don't tell my parents how many times I dialed a hot line for Tex Murphy hints.
Please don't tell my parents how many times I dialed a hot line for Tex Murphy hints.

Kickstarter is giving designers some ideas. Specifically, that idea appears to involve reviving game projects and concepts that fell to the wayside of gaming's past. The latest? Tex Murphy.

Sometime soon, it will stop being news that an ancient franchise is aiming for a comeback through Kickstarter, but some games just tug at your heart strings, and Tex Murphy does that for me.

Dubbed Project Fedora, the latest attempt to bring the FMV-laden Tex Murphy back comes via Big Finish Games, co-founded by Tex Murphy’s creative masters, Chris Jones and Aaron Conners.

The Kickstarter won’t begin until May 15, but following some Internet scuttlebutt, Big Finish Games has announced that it’s actually happening. The studio is looking for backer reward ideas, which you can submit through its website.

Big Finish Games claims plans were already in motion to bring Tex Murphy back, but Kickstarter prompted it to contemplate making something much bigger than had originally been scoped out.

“With the recent Kickstarter success stories for other Adventure Games--Double Fine Adventure & Wasteland 2--we saw an opportunity to create a game of a larger scale,” reads the announcement. “So, with that in mind, we hope to bring the next Tex Murphy game to an a much bigger, dare I say, epic level--more actors, locations, broader stories and yes, even meaningful, varied story paths.”

Look, as long as there’s a ton of FMV, I don't care what you do. Oh, but seriously, make it more like Under a Killing Moon than Overseer. See? They’ve already got me.

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